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  1. I was in TWI-Oregon form 90'-99' under Rev. P** and C** Miller, then Rev. E** and S** E***, then the aweful "rev." J** and P*** M***...
  2. Although Darrel never did anything to me, I don't have much respect for him for some of the things he did to Tony Pickens. I was driving in traffic and saw him sitting on a bench at a bus stop in Portland a couple years ago. I think he's a Tri-Met bus driver to this day, and he was run out on a rail (more or less). You wouldn't be Steve Vilco(sp?) by any chance would you? Tony Krewson
  3. Dan & Cindy were TERRIFIC!! I enjoyed it when Dan would do Way Productions, playing his guitar and singing. Cindy was always so damned cheerful and funny! I was in TWI-Oregon from 90'-99' Tony Krewson
  4. My best days in TWI were under Ed and Sandi Oeding in Oregon! It went downhill so fast after they left it was amazing. I'm sorry to hear they are still in. I really loved them... still do. Tony Krewson
  5. I remember Terry and Debbie!! They used to work for that "really big shoe company" for a time. They were a couple of really nice folks and Terry didn't appear to have a mean bone in his body. Tony Krewson
  6. Jim and Paula were the Limb Coordinators of Oregon during the time me and my family decided to leave. That A-hole (Jim) is responsible for MANY fine believers leaving in DROVES. I have absolutely no use for that spineless putz, or Paula for that matter. (apologies to those who like her) I'm glad to hear that they're at least not in my state anymore, there's enough liars in Oregon as it is. I'm glad Paula has left TWI, and I'm not surprised Jim is still in. Tony Krewson
  7. Donnie(SC15)& Kathy(WC15) Smith They were awesome and I think of them often, anybody know how they are doing and what they are up too? Tony Krewson
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