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  1. As someone who committed his life to studying the scriptures and teaching others, he was definitely a prime target for the adversary. It is obvious the adversary "took him out" and succeeded in shutting down a ministry of believers who were doing great things for God. I will always be thankful that God heard my prayer---"God, please show me how to speak in tongues!" A few days later I happened to meet a Way person--twig leader---who took me to his home and led me into tongues. All a result of the ministry of Victor Paul Wierwelle. I think we underestimate God's grace in people's lives. Rascal, why dont you stay away from this website and get on with your life?
  2. Jonny---I hope that phone call to him was a long time ago. I hope that by now we are all mature enough and wise enough to know better than to treat each other like that. I would really like to talk to him if he is not "waybrained" anymore. Just to say hello and see how he is doing. Probably the best friend I ever had.
  3. check out the amino acid "Lysine" tabs for internal use and cream for external.
  4. Hey!!!!!!!!!! I know that dude!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Any ifo on EPH320.com? It's gone! :( Chwester
  6. Terry was my best friend in high school. I introduced him to The Way. Wonderful man. Please email me if any new news or info of whereabouts. Thanks- chw777@hotmail.com
  7. I attend North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Ga and my heart often burns within me as God's Word is taught by Andy Stanley. Check out http://www.northpoint.org and give it a listen if you feel so inclined.
  8. Nowhere does God say we should forgive only after a confession. He simply says forgive.
  9. To fogive means "to cancel the debt". Just like God cancelled our debt. It is very clear in God's Word that our response to God forgiving us--that we are to forgive others. People who refuse to forgive others have still not come to understand that they themselves have been forgiven. In other words--they dont understand the most basic message of the gospel. It is a perfect example of "walking in the flesh". People who cannot forgive others have no understanding of what God has forgiven "them" for.
  10. I still believe all of them, but dont think any of them are important. Knowing how many times Peter denied Christ does not make a difference. Neither does knowing how many were crucified with Christ. Neither one impacts my love for God and others or my relationships in general.
  11. Arent the ten commandments already engraved in the room where the supreme court meets?
  12. I believe God "did" intend for us to give up our wills. The whole idea of living for God and others demands that we give up our wills-which are based on selfishness. We are to turn from our wills and conform them to His will. When Christ was praying just before his capture He prayed,"not my will, but thy will be done". We should pray the same thing.
  13. Abigail stated it seems wrong to say you cant learn because you cant afford to. Education is a service rendered by people who need to be recompenced for their service. "Being alive" gives no one the right to an education. "Being alive" gives no one the "right" to ANYTHING! If you want something, one must EARN it. But I forgot you believe you were entitled to take hard earned money from those who earned it, in order to pay for your college education. The philosophy of "ENTITLEMENT" - WHAT A CONCEPT. Or is that "socialism"?
  14. I would be extremely disappointed if I had a son who made a "game" his "god". Geesh!
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