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  1. Socks: something of a treasure to have stumbled upon :)
  2. MizMarple

    mel gibson

    Amazed that I venture a response to this, but... We are a fat and sassy culture -wonderful, awesome, compassionate, and myriad other greatness by design - but fat and sassy, wallowing in the blessings of liberty (that was the Hayes Gahagen class btw). spoon-fed eloi, often. I love us (U.S.), make no mistake, and I appreciate the inherent potential for greatness we (generally) harbor, so no yadda yadda on that count, please...but yikes! We love our drama lol. Me? My specialty is righteous indignation...lol. Sheesh...what an intro... The fact is, Mel Gibson got his tit in a wringer and hollered. Never mind the content, or right or wrong of it. He was busted for infracting the law we are all subject to, and his celebrity hung him. That he had harsh words, ugly, wrong, prejudiced, biased, or whatever should never have been at issue for the public to gobble and choke on...altho we do...me do too...I hate me...lol. I don't think MG's intent was to snag that DUI opportunity to make his sotted opionion public. I think he was a drunk guy who let blathered fermented sentiments booze out and win the day. A shame on all counts. No one knows that better than him, I dare say. His own personal Gallipoli revisited. The ticket buying public loves to catapult people to icon status...loves to...and it also loves to kick the slats out from underneath them...cuz then, somehow, someway, we (they, the public) feel in control...ceptin' our platform to rage, verbate, or intelligently, lovingly conversate doesn't usually rock the world or make international news status. We are relegated to websites, blogs, kitchen table convo, or I come to the garden alone discourse with our god(s) or loved ones...oh yes, and bars...lol...bars are great platforms for world crisis resolutions or blanket blames :) I have no opinions...lol...maybe caffeine is in order. X M
  3. be sure to compare and contrast, don't peek at your neighbor's paper, and no talking... :)
  4. (Indian tom-toms play intro) (Cartoon bear doing some something) Jingle: "From the land of sky blue waters (echo "waters"), Hamms, the beer refreshing...." (Cartoon bear finishes doing whatever) "Hammmmmmmms..." LINGO - a sweetie then, a sweetie now.... Pass me a Drewry's, please....lol.
  5. Often, the internet's assets are its liabilities also. It is so accessible, at the ready, on any searchable level. A person feels they are in control when they are doing the keyboard thing; that they have the say-so for give and take, what they will divulge, share, or fabricate...and to some extent they do...but there are those that are not of the same frame and do soften, manipulate, prey, and exploit others...that's why some are so incredulous, devastated even, when they are taken advantage of on some level. Some of the most unscrupulous manipulators and hurtful rollabouts were resident in Waydale and GS and perhaps even here now...under (yet another) new cover. Likewise, some of the loveliest lifesavers and savourers of life have been here when I needed them...and when I needed them I trusted them...and those I "trusted" with electronic conversation and relationship (of sorts) never disappointed me, and often were a kind of healing balm thru some fretful times and some absolutely okay times. The netscape is a very Matrix world...to navigate it is to walk smart, and stay aware...same way up front, in person stuff should/could/would be. I guess the watchword is wisdom.
  6. plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is....
  7. Button, button, whose got the button? Who the heck was Kelsey, and why should anyone care about the condition of his withered baggage? Where is the FDR pardon for Gus? Did you know I saw you sprinkle my first born son with water at that old baptismal fount when you thought it was your secret? Do you know you were often wrong when convinced otherwise, but that the countless times you were right are still glorious and life lasting marks and guideposts in my life? Did you know how much impact you had on me and that I have no regrets? Do you know that the thought of hanging around in your general vicinity for eternity is a welcome thought? Did you know that I knew that I was your favorite...and did you know that I knew that all the others were your favorites too? Do you know that I miss you and Mom every single day, sometimes with a sudden smile or a tear, but always with a happy heart?
  8. MizMarple

    Happy Birthday Rascal

    Is that baby driving yet...or just kicking and riding? Hoppy Burpday to you! Aunty M
  9. Very nice sentiments, Kit...thanks... This is the first year in over 60 that the world has not celebrated the momminess of Marie Fey McCarthy. What a dread loss. My heart is very frozen with the loss, but very glad the journey is ended. Her impact is so far above known price that words could never paint nor numbers calculate her worth. I will miss her all the days of my life, and I will be glad all the stuff of me that is good is her gift to me for the rest of my journey. Moms are lovely. I is one of dem, and when I'm not wallowing in selfullness, I sometimes remember how blessed I am to have my kidknits. God is gracious to give us such happy extenders. Viva la Mom!
  10. Congrats to You, WW...your hard work will most certainly pay off, for it is a good field (and marketable) that you have chosen. Well done!
  11. Now I have to correct myself to say Sheh-lon (Shelbert). SHELLBERT?!?
  12. MizMarple

    first hand bilge

    all very interesting input/remembrances...I remember the video tape in the auditorium being shown...VPW and the choir singing...celebrated the hope of the Hope. BUT more of what prompted me to post was not so much about VPW's memorial, per se, BUT rather, how things get so blown out of proportion or told and retold (often by people who don't have a clue in the first place)until it is all so much bilge, more or less. I met with a friend (many years ago already) who told me that my former sister-in-law (with whom I spoke about stuff from the Bible) delighted in telling people that I cast spells on people by wishing and twirling on my holy spirit ring...that's crazy...I'm way too big to twirl on my ring...but it does give me pause to wonder how many angels can dance on the head of a pin...lol.
  13. so, Z...I'm curious...did the little nibblers prefer cab, merlot, or spritzers? leggo my leggos lolol...wait a sec...just reread this...YOUR friends, not the little guys...lol...altho, the other way may have been fun, too. Gives a broader sense to making play dates for the kids! :)
  14. MizMarple

    first hand bilge

    I am a little surprised that more people here were not there for the service, or heard about the proceedings thru their respective tree spriglettes - but then some 21 years later is a long time ago already. When VPW died, or just before, a phone call came thru and that info was desseminated among the peopullatude...it was a request from Mrs. W for prayer, that VPW was tired. Soon after, he did pass away and hmmmm....I remember being sad and even crying, alone, without much fanfare, kinda knowing something noteworthy had transpired, but not sure how much impact it would have on "the ministry." By that time, I was already relatively disassociated with the whole HQ setup, and even the organizational sap that trickled down the tree was not a major influence in my life. Alot of the bible stuff was, tho, and many people I loved were very integral to my spiritual well being. Boy, has that garden gone untended. But foo, I digress...lol.
  15. MizMarple

    first hand bilge

    So there I was...the nice ladies were having a swell swill time and mentioned they were from a little town no one knew about...New Knoxville, Ohio. Giggle chortle snarf. Had they ever heard of TWI? Most assuredly, so. Why they even knew someone who knew someone AND they had a TWI fellow work for them once. He was "very nice. We loved him cuz he was honest and worked for a ridiculously little amount of money." He had issues tho, they contended. They giggled when they said they called them "wayfers." They were the ones who coined the term, doncha know. It was one of those moments where the internal chuckle-meter was spazzing. What issues? Weeelllll....when VP died, they didn't bury him, you know. He was stood up against a tree where some were made to guard his earthly coil. They expected, "fully expected," him to come alive again and someone needed to be there when he did. He was not embalmed because they believe he is like God who got up from the dead. That is their way. They knowed that they knowed that becuz her "(my) sister has a friend who saw the whole thing." He was left out on a hill for three days. Oh yes, oh yes, they did. No jerk fest here...just wondering what did occur when VPW's memorial transpired...I can no longer remember, if ever I knew. Ding (change of subject...) Here's the gist of what I heard myself respond. That the man was not, is not, God, that he died, and was ultimately buried with ceremony and care. That the comfort most afforded one another of the mourners was the stuff from Thessalonians, and that one day, Christ the King would return for all of His. Chances are good no one would have a Town Car in the great beyond. I restrained myself from all else...lol...it would have been so unsightly to smack a patron in the head, especially when they knew the real truth, since the person has a sister who has a friend who saw the whole thing oh yes uh-huh uh-huh. :)
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