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  1. I loved my sea monkies - they were actually my daughter's. Had them going real nice until my husband put them on the window sill one day. He thought they should have more light. Well,... the built in magnifying glasses in the tank caught the light and boiled the little critters..... bad dreams to this day.
  2. PFAL in 1976 and WOW in San Antonio the same year. W Corps 12 grad. Left with John Lynn ousting in DC 1987 (was it?). Still miss a lot of folk, though memories are fading. Keeping the faith tho..
  3. A 12th corps guy. Ahoot, a rebel... kinda did things his own way and had a ball. Trevor Ballintine. Will never forget him. And David Grimsditch... was Irish but Chilean as well. Anyone ever here of these fellows?
  4. Dozer


    Two people come to mind... Fern, an elderly woman who kept a motherly eye on us WOW's. I remember going to her apartment and feeling like I was in a real home .. instead of a quick mock up wow home. And Greg Bernardini.. he was our Corps leader .. 6th. Do you remeber them or their whereabouts?
  5. The physical validations are not necessary, however they sure are blessing to hear about. It's our heritage! Besides, wasn't it cool to hear that they found the chariots and weapons in the red sea from the Exodus of Israel from Egypt! That was good news out of the Mid-East for once.
  6. Dozer


    Was in San Antonio 1976-77 as a WOW. Names have faded. But I remember Fern, Nan Neil, Mary Dogherty, Pat Patterson. Um it hurts to think... but there were a lot of real decent people. Thats when I first got "in" - and Way World was calm.
  7. Is this the John Goforth from San Antonio TX 1976? If it is - we (my WOW family) may be the ones who lead him astray to the way.
  8. Might as well get us together again. Could be unfinished relationships, words if wisdom... who knows? I personally liked you all as a group. (though there was a strata of pushy lawful grumpy people hopfully you're over it). I know that when we weren't too exhausted we really enjoyed ourselves & did our best to please God rather than "Man". Question: I'm sure you've "moved on", but what still lingers?
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