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  1. Raf!!! Well how was it??? do ya feel cleaner wetter what??? please give details!!!
  2. It is in the doing of the word we see results we learn about who God and what His will is. be ye Doer's of the word. It is written. Mary and Jo where very Godly people, look at how Jesus was born! they knew God and believed His will for them. they knew when God spoke to them as did the whole family, Elizabeth was an outstanding believer in what God promised her and in spite of her rather doubting hubby. I believe they spoke and LIVED who God was to them as a family as a culture as a lifestyle. Who has made the most impact about God in your life? Was it the preacher who says Romans is the answer to life or was it those that you have seen walk and talk with a power you want and need in life? Jesus was raised in a very Godly household. they knew the word and they believed God spoke and talked to them. GEEZ mary knew she had not had sex with Jo even if no one eles believed what God told her , Jo believed in Mary and God to marry her . they didnt doubt God's vioce in their life from the day Jesus was concieved and most probably way before that as she was a chosen mother of Jesus, that took generations to find. Why would they need a bible or scrolls? Im sure they taught from the scrolls they had what they had to learn but really it was God with them that taught them the "truth". t he was not a bastard,YET the whole freaking town thought he was...what does a scroll or two do in a case like that? they walked and talked with God almighty and taught their son to do the same. it is a spiritual life with the father.
  3. I think our culture endores marriage and ma,pa buddy and sis alot more than being a single woman . If your a window it is legit something bad happend to ya. if your divorced with kids your flawed unable to keep the marriage together. or looking for a new man. I cant buy either role in life. a sinlge man who has never had kids ormarried ends up in a wisper of "do ya thinkhemight be gay?" I have heard itin my own life after a number of years of being single and I have children! today a woman can own property can do alot of things without a man. but men and woman still have a mindset we probably shouldnt . Im sorry but look at Martha! cough well maybe her saving grace is she is in the business of homemaking and housewiving . if she was a top notch lawyer and single people would talk even worse. what is the problem well she has not quite made it if she does not have a family ie a man and kids to care for. not a full life. I think it is tough being single but from my view point it is worse to be married. you know I try bloom where IM planted A man has never asked me, I had the priveldge of children and never wanted a grown one to take care of. still do not. crap after being married for a chunk of life how does one go on and be single and happy? and after being single how does one adapt to life of compromising and sharing? I suppose it can be done. maybe it should.
  4. this is an interesting exchange, I never took momentous. But I have been a victim. It took me decades to stop blaming my own self . the what if the why me etc, can and will follow through an entire life time. I father NEVER recovered from my mothers death and no one really knew why. if I had entered a program like momentous in my early years of dealing with a life long struggle to over come "being a victim" I would have probably gone nuts. or killed someone. the brain can only acept so much reality, some more than others and it has alot to do with timing and what Eles is stressor your life to deal with the reality to "let go" and let God. It is a nice thing to empower oneself to be a protected bunny in this world full of scorpians. how powerful is That? well I could walk around my whole life in a shield from humanity and all its hurt and pain it offered. I found it to be far to lonely. people hurt people, it is what WE do. amoung other much more joyful and happy and loving things in life. I aint going to spend my life building protections in my mind to safe guard against the next bad guy. I really do not think that bunny knew trusting is such a bad thing. Im sorry he died. But living a life with the thought I had BETTER know what is a possible very evil NATURE in every person or beast or bad car or bee sting sounds a bit lonely and paranoid and unnormal and self CONDEMING if something does go wrong. I believe we are all victims, that is why we need a God. I do not want to play in an arena where it is but they didnt get me cause IM so darn sharp. or they got me but it doesnt hurt me oh no not me IM wise and good and LEARNED from it. Screw that it hurts like hell. to be any kind of victim. learned or not. the best I can hope for is to be around to say to someone eles ouch I know that hurts how can I help. Does it really matter who the hell is responsible ? does it help anyone? I do believe victims can rise above alot of pain. but honestly I do not think the pain goes away, ever, it never gets understood, or explained away most of the time .. Pain is a human condition. it is where the great songs , poems, art, and expression of humainty at its richest live. being in pain means being a victim. or we can all walk around with this invisable armour of God and pretend nothing bad or evil ever could or did or would happen in life and forget about living. How many lesson can one learn in life? Lord I must be on the high end spectrum of what the hell can go wrong now for all the lessons I have learned and Yes become victims of. No more scorpians because my friend the bunny taught us all that one as we still cry for his death. But how now do I seek a new friend bunny with the pain of losing him in such a frightening scary way? what did I do to be responsible for this? Im a victim. oh no maybe not Im a smart bunny I Learned not to allow those bugs on my back on the stream!!!!! haha good for me . but I still miss him , how about that? better not be a victim, of life.
  5. mj412

    Out of Debt

    21000 is ALOT of money for me. what was the interest? I pay about 11% at HSBC I am offered lower or zero but I'm araid of incurring late feesor thaey will up the interest or something, so I stay with my local bank and try to keep it under the amount of a paycheck. to me this is a burden. next to 21 it sounds like nothing but still I am paying them money every month . I get how people get into debt. it would beso eay to spend on my grand kids etc. or go out to dinner everynight. with the bankrupt business and laws changing people are going to be very sorry . before these new laws many went into debt and just said OH my bad cant pay and went bankrupt. my sister did and bought a house three years later. that is changing and these college loans are going to kill people into middle age. I think it is stressful for anyone to live under. congrats Oak.
  6. I do believe God supplies. But I also believe we should not TEMPT God. What does that mean? one of the commandments. this was my issue with twi really, how can the bible say one who does not provide for his household is worse than an infidel, yet a true "believer" can just quit his job when he has a family, because God will provide? so he can go to the class ya know, or run it in is house...then when the landlord says your done because you didnt pay the rent, and they are homeless, they say it is an attack of the devil. no common sense. and that is how I saw alot of hate grow believers living very poorly sick, unhappy getting divorced and those pesky unbelievers living the good life! it makes people bitter and full of anger and thinking the whole world outside of who they may be is out to get them. hence the birth of a cult. I learned to go to God, through twi, because they did me in one to many times with their idea's and then shame when it didnt quite work out . twi is NOT God.
  7. mj412

    A Fat Cat

    Look at the show Segfried and Roy. He got tore up really bad by a tiger that had slept in his bed from a kitten. I do not know about how the cat tried to "protect" him when he fell. carried him to the back room causing a bit of damage. all we can say is maybe. have you seen the guy? it isnt pretty now. good kitty indeed. not his problem . come on. I think it is dangerous. do ya think this stops being a beast? people are nuts. in control untill something happens. big scratch . Im sure. and if they took out his nails I have heard that makes an animal even more insecure and unpredictable. I wouldnt want this guy to be frightened , did they take out his teeth? he is drinking from a baby bottle. I think we should leave them alone and vice versa.
  8. mj412

    A Fat Cat

    I hope they use the scoopable stuff with a big shovel.
  9. I was talking about working mostly. More compassionate? maybe. That would be good. but sometimes if not recoving well from heartbreak or struggles and if your not able to change a routine or habit of being a victim , it becomes draining and exhuasting. I work with a woman who does poor work because she cant get over her bad marriage or kids. She thinks everyone has to pick up the slack . Well we cant meaning in life we cant fix another issues. We can care but if a person can not get their act together it is personal. I have seen married woman not have to becausethey are working to get out of the house or away from their children and their problems. it is draining. I have seen single people driven to the point of surviving life that it very well not be worth living. God led Ruth to her husband and her husband obeyed the lord this is a record of obediance that was rewarded. We need to slay our personal "stuff" to reach His level of commintment. .
  10. I have been defensive . I hope it is in the past as my own are growing up and haivng theirs and my daughters fear is she might have to end up being single with kids. I hope not. I really do but I do not always get what being married is for the good part anyway. I worked with a lady who worked part time. husband and kids always taking time off always leaving early. that I feel left me also a mom and new grandma "picking up the slack" I am wrong. I think ladies who have never had to survive do not know what it is like. to be the only one. I thinksurvivers are indifferent. we survive. Im really hope IM done. I would not have traded my life for anything. I never wanted to see the other type of life. I am not a single looking for a partner , I was and am determined . my boss was going to get a divorce , after she met me, i live in alot of freedom. compared to a stale old marrige with kids and bills. etc. I tried to tell her I do not get it. at times I even laughed at her issues because I really do not get, (no more than they get me) so I said Look after twenty you cant be single anymore than I could probably make a marriage work as well as you have. She just got this position the family is changing she is no longer the house wife and mom ,,,, tough change I guess I really do not know the transition as I never had that. in fact those around (the family) do not like losing mom and woman of the house if it is a famous role for you and will not help much. single people know how to pace the world in a different manner I believe it is a learned skill. that is on the good side they may have alot more endurance but less tolerance for emotional issues.
  11. chatty Kathy this is an amazing thing you just said. I guess I always considered my self as a front runner you know self reliant able to support the family. do it all. I have looked at stay at home moms and good wifes as woman with a "less than" life. Honestly I still do not get alot of what they think are troubles in life, When a woman says "I cant". "because my husband said so" it always grates me like a knife in my stomach. I honestly do not get it. I often thought well she is being controlled or using her husband name in this situation. I recently got over this arrogant attitude and reading your post is right on. a woman has a right to form and be in a relationship with her husband anyway she choses. I know it must be alot of work to kep a marriage stable and happy, although I never succeeded at it. i think at times I may have attacked the whole concept as wrong with an arrogant attitude. I have grown up. I try to understand now or at least not judge into what it must be like when truly I have no idea. It is still a very threateningthing to be a single or widowed although you do get more respect if theydie instead of just leaving ya , in America today. I never wanted pity I chose to be single and what got me to that attitude was thinking I was less than what we are suppose to be as woman of God and america's ideals as well. I have changed. I think woman in general should leave one another alone in how we do decide to live out our life. no right no wrong. your post helped me alot and was very clear to me as written by a lady who is very wise and sure of who she is.
  12. I do not have to dismiss science to believe in God. I think science proves God. over and over science has shown bible accounts to be possible. I believe cause and effect happens, but I think the greater Laws such as Love has been tapped into only slightly and we could learn more. In its a wonderful life the christmas story. We learn that Jimmy stewart character makes a difference even when he can not see how or why. well ya know it is a movie but we all do make a difference some bad some good. I really do not think God sits in heaven with puppet strings and plays with our life. I think a good chink of it we make happen or not and spend the rest of our time figuring out why.
  13. mj412

    Katrina the Tsunami

    irisheyes What of the people who do not know God? I saw many missionaries in Miss, and N.O. trying to help . God will do His best and He is able to help anyone who wants it .
  14. mj412

    Katrina the Tsunami

    60 Minutes just did an interview with the Mayor of N.O. He was very crtical of president Bush but has since apolgized and said in the show He was not himself and didntmean it and is now happy to have 80 % of the refugee's out of the city. When asked about the # of deaths this is how he explained it. they counted the ones who left before the storm. he counted the refugee's left IN N. O. and the ones who have leftin the buses they accounted for many who decided to stay the ones they have spoken to . most have been contacted. IT leaves 50 thousand missing souls. The number was 50 THOUSAND missing. He then said pick a number 5% 10 % he asked the interviewer to take a guess. he didnt. Im shocked. I do believe it will in the thousands .
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