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  1. It's probably too late to way in on this discussion, but what Joey said hit the mark with me, not the Malley Mark.LOL. I too am fascinated in what people believe, and why they believe it. If I found one person on this earth who shared the same beliefs I have, I would be amazed. I mean all of them. The RC's had their Marcion,{I think he translated some of the Epistles for them}. They threw him out of the fold only to have him rival their church in numbers. He threw out everything except Paul's letters. It's been a long time on that read. and no I am not Marcionite. I believe people who belong to denominations share beliefs, but not all the beliefs. Even you Mark could get a good argument from a fellow Catholic.
  2. Not the blow-out as with game One. One more to go. No Yankee hats in my house. Go Tribe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Evan Truly said. The scriptures are clear regarding the faith principle.
  4. revvel Col 2:16 Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days: Col 2:17 Which are a shadow {outline} of things to come; but the body is of Christ. In a twinkling of an eye, we will see.
  5. CWF


    Update............. I never did reformat. I just sent for the Lightscribe DVD RW so they can be switched out....... Will let you know how it turns out.
  6. CWF


    HP techs are very polite, but hard to understand, and for sure visa versa. The credit card thing is only if I don't restore to factory settings. I wanted around this loophole because it takes so long to get the PC the way ya like it. So I'll restore, get the drive, and install. I bought it at Sams Club in a bundle deal. Can't build one as cheep. Also I bought an extended warranty from Sams for 3 years, which will allow my kids to have it under warranty. I trade up every 3 years, and give one to my kids. So I have 2 years left on this PC, and maybe by then they'll have all the bugs worked out of Vista. Thanks all for you help and support, God Bless, CWF
  7. CWF


    Called HP again today and ran over everything once again. I tried to boot into Bigdaddy Linux this morning and the drive ignored it and booted into Windows. It's safe to say the drive is a gone. I asked them why I should do a factory restore, since the drive is plug and play. and they said it's policy, otherwise they can send me a new drive without the restore if I give them my credit card #. Still under warrenty. Strange goin on's at HP.
  8. CWF


    Reinstalled the drivers many time to no avail. Here's the drives symptoms. Insert DVD or CD. The light that I can see in the bay comes on for 3-4 seconds. No auto play though it's turned on, and all other drives respond. Say, I use NeroShowtime or Media Player. Click to open movie. Click appropriate drive letter. 2-3 seconds, Nero or Media Player says drive not ready. All other programs respond in this manner, drive not ready. I checked my BIOS and it's there. Checked Device Manager and it's there with no issues. It's recognized by Windows. Click drive icon in My Computer. Folder opens saying there's nothing there, even though I inserted a DVD or a CD. Did scan disc, defragmenter, PC doctor, and the like. PC Doctor says the same thing, drive is not ready. Ready for what? To Work? Sheeesh............ I think the virus was coincidental. If it's a corrupted system, Norton, Adware, Spybot, and Spyware Blaster has no knowledge of it, even in Safe Mode. Even reinstalled Prevxl, another Norton type program that caught something awhile back. So it's off to full system restore. HP won't look at the PC until I restore it to factory. Thank God I have another SCSI hard drive to copy files to. I'm going to see if the drive works from a bootable disc. I have a copy of pclinux -bigdaddy that boots and operates from a CD. If the drive doesn't work from a boot, I think I'm safe to say the drive is dysfunctional. What say ye?
  9. CWF


    Thank you all. I followed all the instructions from Norton, and still can't run the DVD R/W. So I must restore before HP will look at the drive. I'll give NOD32 a try after the restore.
  10. CWF


    cman Thanks for the input. I have run all diagnostics and can't find the problem, so I'm just about done saving eveything of the hard drive. If restoring back to factory doesn't do the trick, it's of to HP. One question I have. Can I save all the Sevice Patches, and where would I find them. I think they are all in the Windows folder. Or should I just let the Microsoft Sight upgrade them? Thanks
  11. CWF


    It infected system restore, so I couldn't restore it to an earlier registry. Talked to the guys at HP in New Deli Sandwich and it was as if they were reading a fix from a card prompt. Man they are hard to understand. Anyway in order to fix my problem I may have to save everything for a year, and reformat. If that doesn't fix the problem, HP will install a new R/W drive. It's still under warranty.
  12. CWF


    I don't know how this stuff gets by Norton Security but it does. Sometimes I think they invent the stuff just so I have to keep upgrading. Anyway I got infected by 2. One Called td.exe and the other tdd.exe. Norton slammed the door on them only after they did something. Now my R/W drive doesn't work, says it's not ready, yet everything says it's working properly, and when I click some program icons, Windows installer wants me to reinstall Office. The icon isn't related to Office Is there anyway of getting around a full recovery? CWF
  13. What is sin to a Mormon? Is sin based on the 10 commandments, and are there more amendments to what sin is? Who judges and condemns sins? If the truth where to be known about all LDSers {sin free}, would any be allowed in the Temple? Where is the reference to becoming Gods of other planets written? Why didn't the Apostle Paul know this, and if he did, where is it written? Not that I would want to wrap my head around another telephone pole of thought, but it's sounds as though LDS have many incentives in becoming and staying LDS without all the hangups other works based denom's have, especially for the males. Maybe a little fear, but just a little. More of a Ronco Religion, but wait there's more! I mean you know disrespect. I, like Danny, had only the first installment of "show 'n tell".
  14. When I copy MP3's MP4's and the like, sometimes the track number is missing, alblum, or the year and date of the song is missing. How do I edit and add in the nessessary info? Thanks
  15. CWF

    Forgot my DOS

    Thanks, worked like a charm.
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