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  1. There is the crux of the matter and not only from TWI but other churches also. The logic goes ---if you are really hungry for the truth you will find--in this case TWI-- If you push the question such as "But if they have never heard of Jesus Christ in the wilds of Borneo (an example ) how can they go looking for him" The response is "God would show them about Christ if they really wanted to know the truth" The illogic of this staggers the mind All it is intended to do, for any denomination of religion of this mindset, is to absolve the members and leadership for being responsible to prea
  2. It has been wonderful... I don't get here as often as I would like but know that each one of you is in my thoughts may you enjoy the rest of the winter and I can hardly wait for spring And thank you for the birthday wishes
  3. Reality is that TWI made us all "hurters" even the lowliest leaflet in the twig hurt someone else. Think of those that were shunned for not ABSing enough, not believing enough, not being meek enough. How many times did we not do a kindness to someone else because leadership told you that they "needed to rely on their own believing"? ? I long ago stopped looking for apologies from others no matter how deep the wrong-- Those who know my story know the "Cost of TWI" in my life. I can ultimately do 2 things I can apologize to those I've wronged and become a better person I can ask God not
  4. There was Limit on Sausage? ? ? ---HMMM remind me next time to send more-- So glad everyone had a wonderful time missed you all-- missed Dooj's cooking, the laughter , the getting to know everyone-- next year ..........the good Lord willing and the creeks don't rise................. plan to be there
  5. It's a no here Family is getting together for Cristmas on the Washington Coast then on to Spokane for that side of the family Same tickets I Bought two years ago have TRIPLED in price
  6. templelady

    easy gift

    I'm making a throw for my daughter in law for Christmas -- And I got to thinking what a ridiculously easy pattern this is so I thought I'd share. By picking four different weights and textures of yarn it makes the throw look very high end You'll need one circular size 11 knitting needle 470 yds color A a standard 4 ply or light weight home spun 470 yds color B a bulky yarn 240 yds color C a thin yarn, or ribbon, or cord 240 yds color D mohair , fake mohair or fun fur Cast on four stitches- knit each row as follows ( no purl) At the beginning of each of the following rows increase on
  7. Was definite a few weeks back --but now I am waiting on the rest of my siblings to decide if we are all getting together for Christmas-- something that we weren't going to do but now looks like we might I simply don't have the money to fly outside twice in two months So It's still a maybe, However-- If you send me the correct address I will see that there is some Alaska Reindeer sausage there for all to enjoy.
  8. I shall miss my buddy from Juneau-- Godspeed my friend
  9. Dove, Can I have your permission to copy the body of your post and send it out to some friends and family? Please
  10. The housework/yardwork thing seems to be kind of universal. Beautiful lakeside home every convenience you could think of and us leafy little twiglets were expected to "bless" leadership by cleaning their home while they were gone. It was apparent that other than vacuuming and dusting the public areas ie. the guest bath and meeting areas, these people did next to nothing for themselves.
  11. templelady

    disaster plan

    All across the web and at LDS.org you can find disaster plans To my way of thinking these are the rock bottom essentials WATER WATER WATER Wal-mart sells these 14 liter plastic jugs figure one per family member refresh every six months also a smaller container and water purification tablets in case you have to use the local water Two changes clothes per family member ( including socks and shoes ) don't forget jackets etc. heavy duty Sleeping bags-- if you are too warm you can unzip or throw back parts-- better warm than cold. Waterproof tarps-- the blue auto tarps are great Wet wipes--
  12. I have quoted Rascal here That is a wonderful example-- of course VPW left the key point out--(I am so surprised!!!!) What VPW failed to mention was the fact that these men followed Christ and Continued to follow Christ because DAILY they saw how Christ lived his life, how he treated his fellow man, how his actions were in line with scripture, And the miracles he performed. So when Christ called to Peter--Peter listened because he knew from his OWN FIVE SENSES observations the Christ was the real deal. Compare that with VPW-- anyone ever see VPW perform a miracle? He talked about the mira
  13. Happiest of B-Days to you May you go through the day with no raveling tops and through life with No holes in the toes Happiest of B-Days to you May you go through the day with no raveling tops and through life with No holes in the toes
  14. templelady


    Called ex this am (she lives in The Woodlands just north of Houston) The storm has really wrecked havoc They are all alive and well But they have no power and have been told it will be at east two weeks and maybe even a month before they will have power All the food in the freezer and refrigerator has spoiled There is no gas because the stations can't pump without power Any fuel brought in from outside the storm area is for emergency vehicles only. The large oak by the hottub in the back yard fell on the house but from what they can see the roof is undamaged. the other large tree is l
  15. In the case of a minor (under 18) who ran away from home.{ For the sake of this point I am assumng that the child was not fleeing a truly abusive family life. Just the normal "I don't like the rules I'm splitting" "no one loves me" of the teenage angst.} That child needs to returned by law enforceement to their parents IF the member of any group is married the spouse has every right to pursue legal means to prevent assents etc being given away to said group in order to insure their, and any children's, financial stability etc. But the individual, if an adult of sound mental abilities, h
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