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  1. It's not a tirade, Tom. It's just a mention. If I'm "gone," this is why it is. Big frog in a little pond. Answering to "power" is not allowed. Whatever.
  2. Modgellan has decided that it's his-or-her business to edit my posts. Believe me, they're not that evil. See my "AnotherDan might be banned" topic.
  3. Now I'm getting a PM from a mod to watch my step because Belle PM'ed me and I mentioned it on a thread. I told him if he doesn't like it to ban me, like they've banned Bumpy. Whatever. Really, this is bull s h i t. Life is too short to shrink from "big" frogs in little ponds. If my POV is unacceptable in GSC, then by all means, prevent me from participating. I'm thinking about taking a little trip up to Hap's for the clambake, but whatever. It will be hard to get the guitar on board, considering the means of transport. DWBH.... would hate to miss fellowshipping with you, especially since I could have both lobster and clams for only ten bucks!
  4. WW, you play the games well, but I do not know your author!
  5. Got the email, (Edited out a reference to an off-the-board contact from another poster) (signed) Troublemaker bulwinkle, you're going to be fine.
  6. anotherDan

    Way Corps Site

    Hey, I haven't been able to access the John and Hope's Ning site.... tried last night and now tonight. Anyone know what's going on?
  7. Lots of perspective on this thread.... Socks, thanks for starting and tending it. I'll be looking for that book-like thing!
  8. Good topic, and (I agree with Ron) good response, Geisha! There is coming a day, as I see it, when the Wisdom of God and the Purposes of God will be fully made known. Now, we see "through a glass, darkly," but then, "face to face." The Lord Jesus, central to Life, perfect Representative of both man and God, has been given all power and authority. He will judge as God would judge. And we'll all say, "amen!"
  9. wordwooooolf! where aaaaaaare you? lucky guess, I guess
  10. P-mosh, yeah, do post those recipes! As for the frijoles, forget it! Yeah, you can make them with vegetable oil, but they are never as "good" (tasting), IMO.
  11. Rascal said, Rascal, your experiences, that have caused you so much distress, may be one of the very things that will cause you to "actually know him." Hang in there, sister!
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