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  1. Thank you! I'm proud of the work we put in. The time, and remember - "it was on your dime", as I like to say. As it grew and continued it was financed by the ABS of the Way's members. It honored the music that so many great souls were a part of it. The product itself was a work in progress. I used to wince that people were or felt forced to listen to music they didn't like sometimes, namely ours. I've studied, played and enjoyed music all my life and although I've listened to a lot I don't prefer I would never in my life insist anyone be immersed in music they flat out didn't like. I tri
  2. Did you ever get this answered? The copyright.gov site covers it pretty well. I dealt with this a lot over the years for employers and online content and their lawyers always promoted permission, citation and full crediting for any use of material that was used, when it was being quoted verbatim and specifically if it was in the format of the creator on even the most benign and innocuous material and circumstance. But it also depends a little on 1. your moral and ethical values and 2. how deep those ethical pockets are. In a worst case scenario the worst that can happen to most of us is a cea
  3. That's a cool verse in Deut Twinky, thanks! Your church sounds like it's got the "right stuff".
  4. Thanks! I'm glad you brought this book into the forefront. It can probably be summed up in one of the review quotes, the one you started out with that said "develop a thoroughly biblical imagination that takes in the comprehensive and eternal work of Christ in all people and all circumstances in love and for salvation. Rob Bell goes a long way in helping us acquire just such an imagination." A lot of theology takes an exclusionary view of salvation - working from a platform that keeps the sinner out. Yet if we're sinners we're already "out" and we aren't even born knowing it. We don
  5. So - I finished re reading the book, Mr Rocky and figure to close the loop on this discussion. I can't think of anything Bell says logically or scripturally that makes me want to adopt his position, to be honest. Saying that, I think the emotion, the charis, of his message is closer to the truth than the hell and damnation stuff. As I understand and teach salvation, "hell" isn't really a topic. Jesus did talk about it but not in a way that I think me spreading His message now, needs to deeply consider. In the big context, it's another topic. Jesus Christ revealed God to mankind,
  6. How does that include posts being deleted? because you had a poster who said “fuck off” or whatever it was? and then all related posts are gone. It’s just weird to me. That’s posturing at Posturepedic best. “As you were” simply meant - return to your normal activity. I guess this is it, hey? Good job!
  7. Really??? damn you can’t say anything around here anymore. how weird. It’s like say ing it cant happen because it wasn’t appropriate and offended someone, so it didn’t. Tight ship? GS is an odd bunch these days I’ll give you that, but that’s the wrong way to go imo. put another way - reality’s a bitch but it’s one we know. as you were, all. As you were.
  8. I'm gonna go with "yes he did mean to pull his leg".
  9. We will. All this posturing and BS'ing will be over, we won't have to try and be something we really don't want to be and just allow ourselves to be the lovable lives God has made us. I just don't believe he was a "drug runner" of any type. Sorry, I think he was pulling your leg to appear like he had a deep dark pasta and was some sort of a player. Hey - if you're out there Chris, prove me wrong. We can compare notes. Meanwhile I wish you and your wife health - settle down beavis! We're not kids anymore. PEACE!
  10. Thanks! Yes, it does. I've tried to kinda fold over a starter into whole wheat. I've got a batch of 1/4 whole wheat and 3/4 white rising now. I've been able to get a 3/4 ww to 1/4 white with results, but I'm still working at it. I had to restart after I had a batch in the fridge for too long without a feeding and it didn't come back - well, there's a very small part of it in the current one so I guess it did sort of. When you get a nice batch of starter, dry some out on a sheet and then freeze it. I do that every few months and use that to refresh the starter after a period of inact
  11. So I’ve been dinking with my starter which had gotten pretty blah. For about 3 days I added a 1/4 cup of flour and water and gave it 12 hours or so, so I fed it about 5-6 times before it got lively last night, almost doubled in size and visible bubbles on top. I’m making a loaf today, so we’ll see what happens.... ....I put a photo of how it looks a few times I removed about a 1/4 cup of the ongoing starter before feeding, which I’ve read can help it along. I made a roll out of one instead of tossing and it was surprisingly edible, considering the starter was still in waking up mode. I pu
  12. Thanks. I brush lightly with butter or oil, and sprinkle kosher salt, pepper, and a spray of sesame and flax seeds.
  13. Hi - just saw this. I'm into my second year of making sourdough bread at home. I have been humbled more times than I want to say, so take this with a grain of alkalinity seltzer. Still learning and re learning things I've learned, and I'm a complete novice/amateur/beginner, but getting more consistent results as time goes on. I think. Maybe. i've encountered exactly what you're describing, mostly in whole grain but occasionally with white flours. I've tried adding yeast - self defeating and doesn't help much. Baking powder or soda, not great results. I've used carbonated water and it bas
  14. Agreed, it's a well beaten horse at this point. Dialectical thinking moves many of the discussions on GS forward. It can be assumed that if there's interest it will generate questions, inquiry. In fact I think dialectics is one of the stronger methodologies exhibited in online discussion groups like GS. Because it's inherently arbitrary and can allow for resident skepticism it's not always a satisfying way to come to a conclusion, however it is a very useful way for normal and reasonable discussions to take place.
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