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  1. I listened to and spot checked some of his recording of 3-12-22. I don't know who his audience is or who he thinks he's talking to but apparently he's going to continue lecturing to his own navel if that's what it comes to. He still spends most of his time criticizing everyone else, others "distortions" and skewed logic. By the time he gets to talking about how "twisted" it is I can hear him snarling. I wonder if he still has 2 or 3 women on the side he screws, and if they think they're doing some great service to God when they bend over? What a sad sorry bag of gas. I pray for him but I wouldn't walk across the street to hear his personal regurgitations of PFAL. Steer clear! PEACE homies!
  2. No offense, but we're not taking about the same thing. I don't have the energy to sort it out. I'm sure your life will continue to go well, so no worries, mine will too. Thanks for the time.
  3. Hmmmm, that's a yes and no for me. I get that, sort of, in a way. It would be true in the process of learning, but not in knowing. There are things I want to be right about and entertaining alternatives won't serve my need. Once I know something and what I know is right as best I can see, that's good enough for me. In religion it gets kicked around because there's an assumption that no one knows "for sure" and even since we have so many people that believe differently but swear they know for sure it all goes to prove that no one knows for sure, so there's a perceived value to staying open minded, and willing to change - "after all", etc. Even within one's own beliefs there can be a means by which their source material can correct them when they get off target. But the process of learning has an end goal which is to know something. I might say I'll never know it all or will always be learning and willing to consider alternatives, but I would never do that without serious consideration, as far as the basic things "I know". I find in my experience, those who feel that way, even if they differ, allow for that rigidity - BECAUSE they themselves know what they know and learn to honor that state of being in others, as much as they allow it for themselves. There's only conflict when it comes to societal concerns, where it crosses over into others lives. Otherwise, outside of the impetus to help others if I can, why would I care what someone else "believes" if it has no affect on me or if the affect is in any way a good one, for me....? I don't want to correct others "on principle", just for the fun of it. Put it this way - My God tells me to help others in active, individual ways and part of that is to tell them about Jesus Christ. I want others to share what I have and have the future I believe I have, because I believe it's a good one that allows them to find their own space and shape their own lives with the Creator, like I have, and maybe even in ways they can in turn share with me, to my own benefit...so hey! it's a win win. Or not, if someone doesn't I have to accept that. In America today we have trouble living that way, I know it can be a challenge for me at times and others too it seems, but I do think the earliest conception of our governance was trying to avoid a social system that won't allow you to rise up or out of your "place", but to create a new opportunity to carve out a space for individual freedoms. Course that didn't apply to slaves but - yeah, it was a start. I am thankful to God for the lives of those upon whom this great vision of a country was built yet who were not allowed to participate in it's promise, who died in a foreign land and under a different sky than they'd been born to - I can't imagine what despair must have filled their hearts in the acceptance they lived in that allowed them to survive another day - for what? Talk about having hope. Here I am today, I can only be the me I am and do what I can. And there are some things I am very rigid about, and that I don't believe I'm wrong about and that I won't change my mind about, barring a big smack on the head I can't miss. If I stand before a God someday who tells me I was wrong, what will I have to say other than hey, I thought that's what You meant, I'm glad to change my mind if I can still get on the boat going out. If that somehow condemns me for eternity, so be it. I can't help but think there will be a level of satisfaction just knowing - finally, for sure - the truth. In the meantime, I'm pretty tenacious about my beliefs. If not sooner, see you there!
  4. Some of them were pretty good at hiding it too and lying about it. Not Kris, specifically but there are others who today want to holler back to the hooting' an' tootin' they did then and act as if they didn't get anything in return - I'm not one to name names of people that could be harmed by it and I don't act where I don't have or want permission to - but - the fact is there were both men and women who were as opportunistic as VPW - and if you got caught in their web of bull sh it they were good at hanging you out to dry behind their curtain of deceit. But some of those that came and went and some who stayed got exactly what they wanted out of it. I came into the Way Corps and working there with a past I was trying to put behind me and grow out of. People often mistook that for innocence. I won't pretend I was some kind of a bad bad man in my day but I'd been around the block already more than once. I had met people like Del D before any of us were ever exposed to PFAL, and I was happy to give a start over to anyone who wanted it - and after a few years post PFAL I wanted to put certain things behind me - I was far from being perfect but I just wanted to build on certain things and it didn't include extra marital sex and the use of drugs, like pot and heavy drinking. Which made me a "square" to some people, and not to be trusted. Fukk them. In their graves or wherever they're swilling their bs today - just fukk that and them, twice over. Manipulators who lied and hid what they were doing. No wonder VPW liked them, he knew kindred souls when he saw them. You can use people to your own advantage that are that stupid.
  5. Where do "euphemisms" come into this, not clear on what you mean by that. If it was when I wrote "I hear news of what they're doing and as kindly as I can put it - it sounds about right. I just don't expect much from them, and can't see why I would."... I meant what I said. I think the factual truth is communicated completely in that phrase of "it sounds about right". It does, to me. There are a vast number of people who over the years have come through the Way and who deserve a civil engagement if possible. That's the way I live. I do talk to people about those years and events - (like most of the stuff you don't think the "young bucks" of an earlier era knew, I knew because VPW talked about many of those things, he talked quite a bit about those things when he came out to California the first couple times. I was close to Jim Doop who I spoke with a lot about what he was doing with the Way) - and when I do I inform my discussions today with that kind of information and insight. Others may disagree. Fine. I speak first for what I know first hand and try to be careful about what I sift through of everything else. Now, while I do care about the people, I don't have a dog in the game there, no relatives or associates still involved in the Way in any capacity and if anyone there thinks badly of me, fine, I don't care about that - it just proves their lack of intelligence, far as I'm concerned. Anyone still there or involved with them counters and negates the weight and value of their opinion by that very involvement so it's kind of a wash - why would I get too concerned about the opinion of people I don't think highly of? Doesn't make sense. I know some people who are, they're happy and I respect their decision in certain cases because I think for them it provides a level of support they benefit from. And they know that while my resources are limited, they're only a call away from help if they needed it - something I don't extend to everyone or lightly when I do because I mean it. Anyway, luceat lux tua!
  6. No idea, far as answers. It's been pete and repeat there since Day One, with some occasional bright lights surfacing. A lot of what the Way did with VPW's direction was to adopt and re label and re design existing programs and systems. He'd been exposed to the liberal Protestant meta physical teachings and efforts by Glen Clark, Mosley, Daily and others, the "Ashrams", all of that. He talked a lot about that in the 60's and early 70's that I heard from him. He didn't really connect the "Jesus People" movement on the West Coast to that, in a practical way though, he never spoke of the doctrinal or theological underpinnings, at least that I heard. Despite wanting to be a Big Thinker he lacked a methodology to synthesize ideas, he was a tad clumsy in that regard and more inclined to assemble, copy and rename. So where there were Glenn Clark and his "Camp Farthest Out" and retreats, VPW called his getaways "Advances" which I think was a name already getting used, I forget who else might have been using it - "renewal" was a favored term too, nothing wrong with any of them I guess but my point is that VPW tended to do pretty much what others had or were doing and he just renamed them and made them out to be his own ideas. The sense of ownership that comes with things we come up with and work to accomplish that may not be actually "new" aside, it seemed he knew exactly what he was doing in that regard. So - what the Way is doing by building loosely on their own past and using that is probably a combination of a sense of pursuing a thread of godliness in their past and doing what they know how to do. Even at my kindest I'd have to say the Way was never led by the brightest bulbs. Anyone with education, talent and motivation was expected to put on the nametag and move the program he wanted to put in place. Anyone with education, talent and motivation either didn't stay or was booted out at some point, leaving the Most Average of the Average to mind the store. Others had the mindset of survival so they kept on for the 3 hots and the cot. I hear news of what they're doing and as kindly as I can put it - it sounds about right. I just don't expect much from them, and can't see why I would.
  7. Speaking of which - 9 years ago Pericarditis got me into Emergency, where I then had a "cardiac event" on the table where they were testing me. At the time I just knew I had an increasing feeling like a knife was being churned in my chest and it was during them trying to diagnose the pain when the heart attack occurred and they discovered I had 3 badly clogged arteries including one that was pretty much shut down to a trickle I guess. Par for the course - a triple bypass was planned. Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle, Peri-c is inflammation of the outer lining of the heart. Both have been seen in children, more young males that others, after the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines. Symptoms can occur a few days after the vaccination and with treatment recovery is full and within a few days. Add "mileage may vary" to that, I'm sure. This is of course a huge issue but it doesn't appear to be widespread at all. Now - I'm not a young male but even at my age and history, there's a concern - fortunately I didn't get any actual heart muscle damage when I had my infection and "event", and my heart even at 62 held up very well. The advice to me for Moderna's 2 dose and boosters has been I'm still in a very low risk group so the vaccine is worth it. Close monitoring of health after is important though, and I've done fine and nothing like heart-chest pain symptoms occurred. (and once you've been through it you know the difference between it and "heartburn". I wouldn't advise a child to NOT get the vaccinations due to that risk specifically. Both my grandchildren have tested positive after exposures and had no demonstrable symptoms. They haven't been vaccinated yet, but likely will be at some point, if all these mandates continue. (for the record I'm "pro choice", and have exercised my choice to be vaccinated and get the booster - but I'm not in a user group that is as active in public circles as a lot of the population but I can understand the concerns there on all sides, I think) On average as previously stated, I suggest humans currently residing on the planet Earth consider vaccinations. A bigger issue in all this comes to mind too - overall health care and access to it. I have immediate access to a health care system, doctors, nurses, medical advice, pharmacies, etc. I may not "get in" immediately or faster than anyone else but I have coverage that I can use and it covers what I need. I also have had access to a low impacted supply chain so scheduling vac's and getting in has been easy compared to some places. Millions aren't and don't though - the so called "free" vaccinations aren't really, and there's little "free" wrap around health care to monitor and take care of adverse side affects or issues in case someone DOES have an issue and doesn't have any health plan....We like to describe ourselves as the wealthiest, most industrious and creative nation in history. There is a basic level of health care that we can extend to citizens here and I'd be willing to extend that in emergency services to those who are here illegally, and being processed through our system of citizenship whether going in or out. Simply put, the severely ill and injured are going to end up in our emergency room/clinic system anyway - some provision of preventive and general health care and education would seem to be in everyone's interests. (I know there are a lot of exceptions, open holes to abuse and costs to doing any of that, I just don't want to lead with exceptions, I'd rather plan for a majority)
  8. Sounds good. I go in spurts. It's fun to play with, I may end up doing mostly muffins and biscuits and not so much loaves, with the occasional pancake or waffle mix.
  9. I dont care what you do, on a certain level. On another I care a lot. Either way I’d prefer to make my own decisions. If I get to, so do you. So when I’m King Dog of the Universe and running things we’ll get along great. Ive managed to live as I see fit without having any issues. The week California closed down last year I drove an RV for 10 hours on a major freeway, got gas, food, used rest rooms, and visited family for a week in another city in another county. No problems at all. I slipped the stupid little mask on when I was in public places gassing up, and sanitized as I went. Easy. 99% of the trip I didn’t wear a mask but in those few situations where I knew someone would have a shit fit if I didn’t I did. The whole thing is such a minor concern to me, either way, I refuse to get in a twist, I just try to do the sensible thing snd get on with what I’m really trying to do.
  10. It came out light, airy, thin crust. Still working on the rise but this tastes really good.
  11. My wif' and I both have gotten the Moderna Vax, both doses. No real side effects, kind of a hit of floozy feelings for a few hours after the second one, but that was it. We both got the Booster for it, same thing, no biggie. I get flu shots every year for years now, I've always been pretty susceptible to colds and flu and those vaccinations helped a lot since I started. I had a serious round of Pneumonia in the 90's, I got within 48 hours of making hand puppets with Jim Hanson, I waited so long to drag my ass into Emergency. I've been careful since. All of those things aren't the same kinds of things but in my lifestyle they're related and connected, so I treat them seriously as part of the same health concerns. For years I've used a disinfectant when I go in and out of public shopping stores, the big box ones, "Wal Mart", all those. I'm careful about sneezing into a kleenex and avoiding people when they're snorting and sneezing all over the place in public, using doors, handles, knobs, picking thing up in public places, etc. It's all gross, seeing how many people treat personal hygiene. So I was in this whole clean thing long before this virus stuff started and frankly I don't mind the world being a little cleaner out there. People that want to tell me I don' need to do that, don't get vaxed, I shouldn't do that, am wrong for doing that, can - how does it go in the original greek...? they can get fukked. Seriously, if I had a buck for every self proclaimed expert telling me what to do I'd have a barrel of bucks. I have no lack of expert sure fire opinion either way I want to go. I've read up on what's going on as much as I feel the need to, I see the different sides to the issues, blah blah blah. I prefer to treat all of this as an individual's choice. That's how I treat it. I don't have all the answers and I don't expect others to either. I'm not going to hate someone because they don't want to get a vaccine or because they get one or because they're not sure. If I can help with my own incredibly insightful expert opinion I'd suggest - see a doctor, make sure of any exceptional conditions you might have that would make a difference and then go with the best you know and sure, get vaccinated. But if you don't, that's fine too, in my world. I know that's not how the government is handling it across the country and it sucks and is difficult for everyone whether we're for this or against that or whatever. But I try to take the high road as much as possible and do what I can to help others with what they need and this is the best I know to do now. PEACE!
  12. Just pulled this out of the oven tonight. I started with my usual proofing period but at about 7 hours it had risen some but not a lot. So I did a second knead, about 6 -7 folds and reshaped it and then let it proof in the baking pan for about 4 1/2 hours - and it really rose that second time. EVOO across the top, sprinkled some salt, and put it in a preheated oven at 350 degrees, 30 minutes. At 20 minutes I checked it and it had risen up into a nice round top. I sprinkled some cheese across the top. It came out feeling really light and airy, it's cooling, so we'll see when I cut it.
  13. So here we are a year or so later.... I stopped for the summer, this year, too hot. And I'm finding sourdough does a lot better for me in the winter. I just got a new batch of starter going, the old was in the back of the fridge and probably would have worked eventually ("c'mon! it's a strong starter, it wants to bake!...3 -2 - 1...CLEAR!!! again! charging.....!!!") but I just started over. 2 tblspoons white flour, squirt of water, stir, wait, repeat, build it up, etc. More flour, water, stir and poke, wait. Etc. I end up moving it from a small starter jar to a bigger glass jar and adding a 1/2 cup of flour at a time so as it rises it ends up 2, 3, 4 cups of starter, at least. What I've learned - the starter I've worked with at times is too thin and the chemical process, gas, will bubble but the bubbles just rise to the top and escape. That kind of starter mix doesn't proof and rise at a big enough rate to make a big porous tasty loaf of bread (but it will come out denser, which may be what someone wants). For more classic sourdough I found it needs to be thicker than I usually thought it should be. When the early starter is thicker the bubbling occurs inside the starter dough but "stays inside", pushing the starter dough up and out. Lots of bubbles show at the top surface too - that's the starter "rising" and being active. Starter in that early fermenting stage should be increasing in actual size in the jar container, even doubling in size. Mines looks like a big porous sponge when it's peaking. At that point I take a 1/4 - 1/2 cup of starter, add a little water and thin it out for making the dough ball and mix with my flour and make my loaf. I add a teaspoon of salt at most and whatever I want to go in if I do - like some garlic or dried herbs, etc. Mostly I don't put a lot in it though. I do a not-so-much-knead kneading and I only do it once, for about 3 - 4 minutes to get it mixed into the classic 'ball' and fold it over and into an oval loaf shape. I then let it rise for 8 hours or so directly in the baking loaf pan, pre greased, that it will bake in, once, I haven't been taking it out and refolding and doing a second rise. I go for about a 1 - 1.5 lb loaf, not that big, and muffins I make in standard cupcake trays, 6 to a tray. They bake at 350 edges for 25 - 35 minutes. I start checking at 25 minutes. I do the score cut at the top and might brush some oil or butter on top, sprinkle salt, etc. Nothing fancy. What makes it fly when it does, is getting that initial starter into a mixture where I can stir it with my fork (I took an old table fork and cut out the two center tines, so I have a two pronged fork thingie, works great) and it sort of pulls a little as I stir - not soupy or like pancake mix, and not so thick it balls up, but mid way, almost like fudge. My starter's been blowing up and really active, so I'm getting decent loaves. No pix, but so far so good. I call it my "No Stress-EZ Sourdough Bread" recipe.
  14. socks

    Dead Cult Leaders

    You reminded me of something in relation to this whole topic, maybe, I think - (and I liked that Love Winner-Chicken Dinner book too)....hold on, story time - I was once interviewed by HR at a company I worked for regarding a complaint two employees had made against another employee, who was the manager of both of them and up a link in the food chain, mine also. I knew and had worked with all involved and in fact had been in teams managed by both. I did have some specific insight into the complaint and a first hand opinion of it's validity. So they asked me a series of questions in a phone interview about it all and I was very honest in my feedback and the understanding I had, which supported the view of those making the complaint. The last question I was asked was - did I think the person getting the complaint "could change"......I answered in 2 parts - 1. I can't speak to that, I think that's outside my ability to judge even from a professional standpoint ... and 2. Realistically, "But".....based on my experience with that specific person - no, they likely will not, not without some intervention and guidance...why expect different results if the person has no reason to change, might not see any advantage to changing, and unless a path to change is laid out and agreed to...? So there's some responsibility in judgment - if I were to say someone HAD to change, if there a path forward? Is there a penalty component to it? Etc. Etc. When I think of real people and real incidents and things done and the effect it all has on everyone, past events are the easiest - and the hardest - to work through - and EVERYthing is past. EVERYone can have a different perspective and viewpoint of the same event in the past and everyone does, even when it's "the same". It's the nature of reality, as the individual living it understands it to be. But - we can come to an agreement on it. Like the example of Charles Manson - I could get my Armchair PsychoAnalyst Certificate renewed every year doing a paper on why HE was a nut case. But that's easy and made all the easier because the entire case history of Manson is - over. He's dead. I'm sifting through the grains of facts in a reality that are like the pixels in a multi million color scan, they can be completely laid out and searched both for what and where they are but also for what they mean in an ongoing PRESENT REALITY. Anyway, on a practical level I can say with 100 per cent confidence and without the slightest doubt, and with all the gravitas it deserves - V P Weirwille isn't going to change. He's dead. Wha that meant, means and the effects in an ongoing experience with those of us hmmm, affected by him and what he did, well that will continue as long as there's people who care, wind blows and grass grows. Me, I change all the time, and take my word for it - always for the better. Smarter, faster, better, older, wiser. You can take my word for it. : )
  15. socks

    John Lynn's Legacy

    I can't speak to his legacy, but my thoughts and prayers are with his family and those close to him. I have read that he died with family close by and in their loving regard. May that be true for all of us. https://youtu.be/85_7lEwyu5U
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