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  1. The quote I heard was, "Love God, love yourself, love others; serve God, serve others, serve yourself". Still like it. Just sayin.
  2. Thanks for your responses- I renewed my mind!! (not really, but now I have perspective). That South Park episode was soooo good!!
  3. The other day I called in to a radio station and received a free reading from a psychic medium. She mentioned a maternal presence and asked me if I had a stepmother that died recently-no, but my stepmothers mom died and she and I were close and described her personality. I asked her questions about my husband and she relayed a few details of my husbands death including that I gave the instructions to take him off life support and apparently my husband wanted to say thank-you, she knew Connecticut was attached to me somehow- I was born there- and then I told her about my plans to move to Loui
  4. Thanks for your responses!! Cman, I have looked a little on Craiglist- there isn't much out there right now. However my sister-in-law works for the hospital system and has has about 80 people under her- I have done billing for a law office the last 4 years and I asked her if she could try and get me in entry level medical billing and she said yes. Also I really feel that if God is encouraging this change like I think He is, then the job will follow. Shell, I know I can always count on you for some words of wisdom. We both belong to the club that no one ever wants to be a part of! You ge
  5. Is it negative confession for me to say that change scares the bejezus out of me? In the last 3 years and 3 months, I lost my husband to cancer, 2 grandparents died, then the guy I dated for 14 months dumped me in August, and in September I lost my job of 20 years. I live on Long Island- was sent here as a wow in '82- and it is too expensve to live here on my own any longer. I have no family here (although I do have 2 girlfriends and I am like a member of their families)- and I do not own a home. I don't want to be 70 years old and still forking out most of my income on rent. A condo wou
  6. Matilda! I am so glad to see you here. Happy Birthday, sweetie, and many more. That fake wedding you orchestrated online about 10 years ago was the most fun I ever had online. Love, Hopefull
  7. Thank-you for remembering my Birthday!!
  8. In answer to the thread question- YES! I graduated from college in 1982 and went that year. I prayed for a “major city with a beach” as my happiest childhood memories are of family vacations in Martha’s Vineyard and I had been land-locked in Indiana and Ohio for 15 years. I got sent to Long Island. After the year ended I stayed (having no other place to go as my father moved to Arizona, my sister to Cleveland and my mother was in Indiana) and 26 years later I am still here. I only have a few things that keep me here- mainly comfort and familiarity. My husband has been gone for 2 ½ ye
  9. Hopefull

    Caption Contest

    ...but I've wanted to be president since I was this many years old!
  10. 1. What web site is this? GSC 2. What Area of the Web site is this test in? About the Way 3. Do you still believe The Way Ministry was not a cult? I believe that is was less of a cult if to those not way corps but yes it was/is a cult 4.Do you still love to see Victor Paul Wierwille at the Rock? assuming I ever did and no 5. Do you still plan to go to the Rock of Ages? only if I had alzeimers 6. Are you planing to go WOW this year? this was written before 1995 obviously, my wow year was pretty cool actually, I am too old for that crap now 7. Do you still give money to the Way mini
  11. I am going to the Tuesday game in the Bronx- I hope it's a good one. Rooting for the Yankees but then if I don't, the friends I am going with might just hurt me!!
  12. Thank-you for the birthday posts!! I still do some reading here but I don't show myself much anymore- it is so nice to be remembered!! Love you guys!!
  13. Thanks for your reply. Occasionally I dream that I am with them after so many years and I tell them, you know I always dream about you guys and then I wake up. Dave and Karen were/are 2 of the warmest, most down to earth people- I would love for them to know that they are still in my thoughts even after all these years.
  14. Now if he was given the key to the city, why didn't he show it in the class? Why did we just take his word for it? Because all believing equal receiving; when we believe VP, we receive fiction as fact.
  15. Hi there hopefull, I am sending greetings for your birthday, that love will abound and grace. That your day will be awesome in it own way, that the sun will shine for you all day. etc.. Delight in the Lord for you were awesomely made.

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