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    here I think I can am willing to let it all go...relegate it to some misty plans of memory... ...but I have to pause and take the time to remember that there was healing and fun and gainful insight... ...it leaves me with an aloneness with the Big Guy that needs to be reaffirmed and bolstered...a trip that must be traveresed alone BUT can be recounted and enjoyed with other sojourners making the journey sweet.


    Condolensces to his family and friends...very sad to hear of this, he was a wonderful, sturdy, warm, straight-forward fella - a real spitfire. I found out about this on Facebook,(just recently reconnecting with him there after 20+ yrs.) and came here to GS to post it, becuz he has such a warm spot in my husband's and my hearts...I thought others here surely knew him...never put 2 and 2 together that he and RumRunner are the same... We have always kept a beautiful cut glass jar in a special place in our house...a gift from him...it will continue to remind us of how much we enjoyed him. Missin' those cowboy boots... Here's to the Hope.
  3. newlife! Sunesis! ditto...did before TWI...lots during...continued after, even still now for much the same as you. I wasn't a good doo-bee re: regimentation. I did it/do it cuz it makes sense to me. Yours are such succinct posts...lol...ty.
  4. long ago, in a galaxy far, far away.... I wish I could dredge the GS files to revisit the threads re: SIT...I think I still feel the same as I did when I posted on them (back when the earth was still cooling...) All that God is, I do not know...but some of what He isn't, I do. He is not a west European guy limited to the language of white men nor is He a displaced Hebrew whose family rifs in estrangelo aramaic. He must be bigger than (and certainly not limited to) our invented communications, whatever they be: Greek, Hebrew, Gaelic, French, etc. On that note (no pun intended), Music can be quite spiritual...because it is wordless, and it is so powerful becuz it can evoke (and provoke) such a range of emotions in we human types. I can see where music could lend itself to a form of perfect prayer which can include adoration/supplication/thankfulness. ...then there's no-notes like me who can't even play the radio let alone something really impressive like the harp, juiceharp or spoons. I gotsta talk...and it's good that God is spirit...'cuz surely I'd have talked His ears off by now if he was a corporeal being of the human variety...and how unsightly would that be? Therein lies the Matilda quandry. Pray beautifully, articulately? Yep. Selfishly? Every frickin' time...to the point of frustration, and utter uselessness. Still trying to apply some formula for making God do what I think He should do, my way. Understand that I am a fan of prayer...I just can't figure how God measures it and how He doles out His favors/remedies in response to it. (Was there a class on that? Missed it. Rats.) I know, I know...how ludicrous and self-absorbed for the creature to try and call the shots for the Creator... Focus. SIT really is a jumping off point -the proverbial leap of faith thing- in my private prayer life. (Note: my public prayer life is on hiatus...lol) Amidst my linguistic yammerings, a spontaneous eruption of SIT can assert itself...clearing the air...a spiritual Febreze powerhouse. Remember how (was it) Bishop Pillai told of how at night, in bed, he would raise his arms up to God in prayer and when he could no longer hold them high, he would be done? George Mueller was another really good pray-er. I know I need a refresher course. Lo Shonta, man.
  5. The word "available" gives me the creeps...so entirely (over and) missused. Poor "bless" and all its derivities...a greatly maligned word - in wayworld, it mutated and degenerated into a versatile catch-all word, not unlike f**k. "Well, bless your little heart," read "you yutz, where's your brain?" "Wanna get blessed? You got a cigarette?" - lololol...that's a blast from the past. I wonder if achoo ever had any problems in the wacky world of semantics...perhaps I will share what's on my heart with the household remnant... Well fathergod I jus wanna thank you fathergod for really blessing our food and taking all the poison out of it, fathergod bless us really for making it available, fg, for us to bless ourselves as our needs are parallel with our wants and we are, fg, in fellowship with the mogship...
  6. There is AN IMBEDDED CLUE in the earliest quotes... wild and amazing guess! Your turn...
  7. WG! I feel certain that the Professor never took that tone with the little posie-peddler...lol...would've made for an interesting adaptation, tho... :) "By George, I think (s)he's got it!"
  8. I was never much on the Annette & Frankie flicks either, but it sands to reason that they romped ON THE BEACH Just as a ~ sideline - this movie affected my young self profoundly...I watched it not long ago (the first time in 25 years or more) and it still gives me pause to wonder.
  9. Here's a last clue sans quote: Annette and Frankie used to romp and play here... Where's Steve!? This is a job for the Mob...
  10. The above nonreply was kinda simongarfunkalian...i.e. the sounds of silence being broken for the first time with Mammy! I'd walk a million miles for one of your smiles... but poop, I digress... I can't remember the name of the film...help me Obi-Wan...Al Jolson in black-face....ow ow ow...brain freeze....
  11. ...and to think I knew you when you were just an anklet... Happy Socky Day, Jbabe....I hope you and all the Js enjoy celebrating your day! X tpfkaM
  12. always thinking...that's what's fun about you, George! Based on the quotes given, that is a great guess, but not the right one. There is an imbedded clue in the quotes... ...but unlike Charlton Heston's woeful character in Apes, the chief protagonist (from movie of the above quotes) has no past to return to and no future to look forward to... "Prepare to surface."
  13. "Who would ever have believed that humans whould be stupid enough to blow themselves off the face of the earth?"
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