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  1. Groucho and Dot, Congratulations to the both of you! This is happy news indeed!
  2. "The bottom line is this. I lay down for no one. I surrender to no one. I stand for my Lord Jesus Christ and I stand for God. I plan on speaking to the whole city wherever it is and uprooting the devil's kingdom myself and I will step on anyone and anything that gets in my way. So who's with me? Who wants to join the fight? Who wants to help the people? We're going to let them walk on our feet until they can walk on their own. Nurture them up in the word and love them. It’s a matter of spiritual life and death. For some, it’s a matter of physical life and death. We have what they need and we should be giving it to them. So who’s with me?" In one sentence they talk about standing for Jesus Christ and God, and in the next, they will uproot the devil's kingdom and they will step on anyone and anything that gets in their way. Once again, another ministry in which it's all about them and not really about God or Jesus Christ. Another group that's better, smarter and holier than anyone else. Another group that just doesn't give a dang about anyone else, just promoting their narrow mindset. You really want to help the people? STFU and start listening for a change.
  3. Let's see - hitchhiked a number of times as a WOW because I didn't have a car. Only one semi-creepy driver (some sort of clergy - why am I not surprised? ). Hitched with another person from Baltimore to Emporia for the Advanced Class 1978. Our ride out there had suddenly cancelled, and my car would not have made it out there. Left Thursday night and got there either Saturday or Sunday morning (can't remember which anymore). Pretty much got back-to-back rides with fairly nice (and sometimes colorful) people. Ironically (or maybe not so much), I was more blessed by the hitching out and the person with whom I was hitching than the stuff I was exposed to in the Advanced Class.
  4. You can put new words to an old melody. You can use old words with a new melody. You can even change some words to an old song and melody to fit your theology. But you generally can't change some words to an old song and melody to fit your theology, put them in a songbook without attribution and sell it without the permission of the songwriter. Unless the words and music are so old they're in the public domain. Even so, to do so without attribution is to pretend you wrote it. It's dishonest. Conduct unbecoming an organization purportedly holding God's Word to the highest standard. I never saw much in the way of hymn-writing abilities evidenced during my sojourn with TWI. I don't know if it's because the talent and abilities for that kind of thing weren't there, or (as I mostly suspect) they were squelched by Mr. Wierwille et al. TWI had a real propensity for belittling what they couldn't understand or appreciate within the narrow confines of their theology or world experience.
  5. Probably because those were the best days of his life, and everything's been downhill ever since.
  6. OMG! Funny as hell and well done! LOL
  7. Weren't there more graduates of the first way corps (not counting the original "zero" corps)?
  8. Kevlar2000

    New Forum Features

    It works pretty well on my Droid phone. Thanks GT!
  9. 500,000 posts at Greasespot? I would be surprised there aren't more than that.
  10. I remember seeing "ads" in the Way Magazine saying, "Remember the Way in your will." I thought it was fairly creepy, even through my WayBrained haze. ------------------------ To start and promote a "Christian" service like elder care with the ulterior motive of reaping financial rewards instead of providing a blessing to their congregation is beyond unethical. I would suspect the level of service given would be in mind to keeping as much of the money given as possible, instead of taking excellent care of their elders in their declining years. Sounds like it's time to start looking for a new church. :blink:
  11. You've got to be kidding me! And I thought I had heard it all! Guess not!
  12. You know, it seems like TWI and other similar groups have adopted the motto, "Polyester Forever!". Their rationale must be, "My clothes don't need to breathe as long as I do." Well, yeah, cuz it still rocks!
  13. Just try not to "manifest" all over everyone. ;)
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