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  1. Why such hate from all of you? I never insulted Roy. I just didn't want to hear his preaching. You all were the ones with the insults and hate speech! I have nothing more to say and am disheartened of your treatment of me. You win! Good for you! I'm out of here. God bless!
  2. Geesh!!!! Who is bunched up too tight for this site? Keep making your hateful comments because you are only making yourself look bad. I hope God heals your heart!
  3. You sound like an angry god preaching a gospel full of hate. So you go preach somewhere else - no please to follow cr@p mouth. This forum is as much about Year2027 as it is about anyone else. For you to make that judgment makes you a shallow and hateful soul. You are correct though - your eyes are not closed - you are just blind, stupid, deaf and dumb. Who's being hateful? Sure sounds like you are! What judgement did I make? When someone tells me my eyes are closed and I'm a fool and they don't know me; sure doesn't sound like I'm being the judgemental one here. Again, I will say I will no
  4. You don't know me, so don't tell me my eyes are closed! I refuse to go to your level, so I will not address anything you have to say.
  5. This is a New Age thing. Some discreancies...... Various publications have called into question the accuracy of the "Aquarian Gospel." Such works generally make the following claims, among others[citation needed]: Dowling misidentified the ancient ruler known as Herod, calling "Herod Antipas" the ruler of Jerusalem, during a period when Herod the Great actually ruled.[2] The book depicts Jesus as visiting the cities of Lahore India (pre-partition), Jagannath in Orissa, India, and Persepolis in Persia. Lahore did not exist during the period in question, and Persepolis had already been destr
  6. what is this gospel of yours? Some new alternative gospel?????
  7. On the right track? Have they done away with their prophetess'? If the answer is no, then they are not onthe right track!!! How many peoples lives are they destroying due to their sooth-sayers? There is nothing else to say other than they will answer to God for all they have done and when you claim to be "men/women of God" and claim to speak for God; their end will not be a good one I fear. SHAME ON ALL OF THEM!!
  8. I haven't been on Grease Spot for quite some time; but I do get emails on what is going on. have been "out" now for quite some time. The reason for my writing today is because of what is happening at CES/ or whatever name they call themselves now and this John Lynn and his wife thing. What the H.... is the this prophetic garbage? Do we now have sooth-sayers? That is what it sounds like to me. I am shocked to hear that they are dabbling in this stuff. I am convinced that CES/truth whatever is completely taken over by the devil. Yes, I said it. They should all be ashamed at what is going o
  9. Excellent topic. I have lived with a narcissist for years! Many of you are correct about the charachteristics. They will take and take from you and you will never receive anything in return except to completely drain you! Some insights: they are manipulative, cold inside (they may appear very sweet on the outside) that is one of their faces. Complete lack of empathy. Rage also comes in when things don't go their way............. They get their knowlege of love and/or emotions from other people and from any source they think will help them in their ability to fool everyone in thinkin
  10. Doug, I think I know you, MaryLou, remember me? I used to be in Portland. I'm like you. I don't go to church, tried that, just couldn't get into it..... I also subscribe to some magazines. Charles Stanley from Atlanta. Try Truth for Today, they have put out some good books and many good articles. As far as fellowshipping with believers, try to find some in your area. I have not found any in my area but always looking. I would also stay away from the off-shoots, although I do subscribe to John Lynns but it just seems to close to the Way. PM me!
  11. Newlife, I have felt like you many, many times! I also have been out 20 years or so. I tried different churches and some I liked and others no way. I don't go to church anymore. I read my bible, talk to God, etc. I just don't want to be in that situation any more. You go to church, they talk to you, try to get you to join, ask all sorts of question, think you don't know anything about the bible, etc, etc. etc. I look at them and think to myself, been there, done that! Don't want that anymore. I don't believe God wants us to be an island but I just can't get into going to a church and
  12. Dontworry, I'm with you, I don't feel the need to forgive all these people. If they have repented it is between God and them and those of you who are expecting an apology from them are living in la la land...... They must answer to God in the end and will get their just punishment for the things they have done. For people that have wronged me I give it to God when it is out of my control. Doesn't the bible say Venegance is for God. This may sound callous to some of you but when does all this stop? In my opinion we are all responsible to some degree. No one tied us up, made us believe, m
  13. I posted Peggy Wilson earlier but this was her maiden name. Anyone know anything? She was at HQ for a while back in the early 80's.
  14. Looking for Wayne and Deb Anderson. Last whereabouts Oregon. They also lived in Minnesota. Would love to hear from them or if anyone knows about them.
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