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  1. Why such hate from all of you? I never insulted Roy. I just didn't want to hear his preaching. You all were the ones with the insults and hate speech! I have nothing more to say and am disheartened of your treatment of me. You win! Good for you! I'm out of here. God bless!
  2. Geesh!!!! Who is bunched up too tight for this site? Keep making your hateful comments because you are only making yourself look bad. I hope God heals your heart!
  3. You sound like an angry god preaching a gospel full of hate. So you go preach somewhere else - no please to follow cr@p mouth. This forum is as much about Year2027 as it is about anyone else. For you to make that judgment makes you a shallow and hateful soul. You are correct though - your eyes are not closed - you are just blind, stupid, deaf and dumb. Who's being hateful? Sure sounds like you are! What judgement did I make? When someone tells me my eyes are closed and I'm a fool and they don't know me; sure doesn't sound like I'm being the judgemental one here. Again, I will say I will not stoop down to you or 2027's level and call names or tell people they are what you are saying about me!!!! So have a nice day.
  4. You don't know me, so don't tell me my eyes are closed! I refuse to go to your level, so I will not address anything you have to say.
  5. This is a New Age thing. Some discreancies...... Various publications have called into question the accuracy of the "Aquarian Gospel." Such works generally make the following claims, among others[citation needed]: Dowling misidentified the ancient ruler known as Herod, calling "Herod Antipas" the ruler of Jerusalem, during a period when Herod the Great actually ruled.[2] The book depicts Jesus as visiting the cities of Lahore India (pre-partition), Jagannath in Orissa, India, and Persepolis in Persia. Lahore did not exist during the period in question, and Persepolis had already been destroyed by Alexander the Great.[2] Dowling and Edgar Cayce both claimed to have produced an account of the life of Jesus through the transcription of the Akashic records, but there are significant differences between their accounts. Dowling's claim that Jesus knew Meng-tse of Lhasa, Tibet, cannot be true, because Meng-tse lived 300 years before Jesus’ time. There are other publications that attempt to support Dowling's veracity by making counterarguments against these claims of inaccuracy. In particular, it is argued in "Initiations of the Aquarian Masters: The Theosophy of the Aquarian Gospel" by Rev. Dr. J.L. Watson, founder of ACCU, Inc., Copyright (2009) Outskirtspress, ISBN 9781432745981, that within Theosophical thought figures such as Meng-Tse, Matheno, Miriam, Moses, Elijah and Vidyapati exist in an ascended state and so are able to communicate with Jesus after they have passed on from earthly existence. There are also other refutations to said inaccuracies. This forum is not about your alternative gospel so go preach somehere else please! So God bless and good luck with your preaching!
  6. what is this gospel of yours? Some new alternative gospel?????
  7. On the right track? Have they done away with their prophetess'? If the answer is no, then they are not onthe right track!!! How many peoples lives are they destroying due to their sooth-sayers? There is nothing else to say other than they will answer to God for all they have done and when you claim to be "men/women of God" and claim to speak for God; their end will not be a good one I fear. SHAME ON ALL OF THEM!!
  8. I haven't been on Grease Spot for quite some time; but I do get emails on what is going on. have been "out" now for quite some time. The reason for my writing today is because of what is happening at CES/ or whatever name they call themselves now and this John Lynn and his wife thing. What the H.... is the this prophetic garbage? Do we now have sooth-sayers? That is what it sounds like to me. I am shocked to hear that they are dabbling in this stuff. I am convinced that CES/truth whatever is completely taken over by the devil. Yes, I said it. They should all be ashamed at what is going on. What this tells me is NOONE there should be trusted or followed. If you are a member, run quickly away! I do know that the enemy is the devil and he will use anyone he can to tear apart the Body of Christ and it looks like he has succeeded in this case. I believe that the Board in listening to these sooth-sayers have too been influenced by the devil and therefore, should dissolve this ministry. It is no longer a ministry of God but a ministry for the devil. As far as John Lynn's latest letter to the Board, John get over it, why would you still want to be a part of something like this? Go get a life and if you want to spread God's word, who is stopping you? It sounds to me like you need the money. If it is God's will for you to spread his word, he will provide for you or have you forgotten that? You also, have been influenced by these sooth-sayers and therefore should not be spreading his word if you believe in this crap. Have you all forgotten that we now have Christ in US? If God wants us to know something he will first tell us! There is no need any longer for these sooth-sayers. Power and money corrupts, or have you forgotten why you left TWI? God forgive you for what you have done again! ML
  9. Excellent topic. I have lived with a narcissist for years! Many of you are correct about the charachteristics. They will take and take from you and you will never receive anything in return except to completely drain you! Some insights: they are manipulative, cold inside (they may appear very sweet on the outside) that is one of their faces. Complete lack of empathy. Rage also comes in when things don't go their way............. They get their knowlege of love and/or emotions from other people and from any source they think will help them in their ability to fool everyone in thinking they are so wonderful. They lie as easily as normal people breathe.... Nothing is ever their fault........ If you get close to a narcissist (one can never really be close) but they will project their feelings onto you. Some ways to help picture a narcissist............. Picture a vacuum cleaner with an empty bag inside. That is a narcissist, nothing on the inside............ A raw egg, the shell is very fragile, that is a narcissist. Anyone see the movie Pleasantville? Well, that is a narcissist, everything in black and white. The color comes in when there is actual feelings....... There is much, much more and narcissist's can get into deviant behavior, usually sexually........ set off any bells??????? Narcissists are not people you want to be around. Most people can not see true narcissists. They are very, very, tricky people. Believe me, I can say first hand that they can ruin your life if you do not understand them...........
  10. Doug, I think I know you, MaryLou, remember me? I used to be in Portland. I'm like you. I don't go to church, tried that, just couldn't get into it..... I also subscribe to some magazines. Charles Stanley from Atlanta. Try Truth for Today, they have put out some good books and many good articles. As far as fellowshipping with believers, try to find some in your area. I have not found any in my area but always looking. I would also stay away from the off-shoots, although I do subscribe to John Lynns but it just seems to close to the Way. PM me!
  11. Newlife, I have felt like you many, many times! I also have been out 20 years or so. I tried different churches and some I liked and others no way. I don't go to church anymore. I read my bible, talk to God, etc. I just don't want to be in that situation any more. You go to church, they talk to you, try to get you to join, ask all sorts of question, think you don't know anything about the bible, etc, etc. etc. I look at them and think to myself, been there, done that! Don't want that anymore. I don't believe God wants us to be an island but I just can't get into going to a church and doing all the church stuff. So find some organizations that you can donate your time to, volunteer. I was once asked, what makes your heart sing? I think about that question every now and then and it always comes back to the same thing, my heart sings when I talk to friends about the word. (not trying to get them to believe but talking about the word, helping each other with the word). That's what makes my heart sing! What makes your heart sing? When you come to your answer then go and do it! Hope that helps.
  12. Dontworry, I'm with you, I don't feel the need to forgive all these people. If they have repented it is between God and them and those of you who are expecting an apology from them are living in la la land...... They must answer to God in the end and will get their just punishment for the things they have done. For people that have wronged me I give it to God when it is out of my control. Doesn't the bible say Venegance is for God. This may sound callous to some of you but when does all this stop? In my opinion we are all responsible to some degree. No one tied us up, made us believe, made us do anything we were not willing to do! (except for the rape victims) We listened to the face meltings, etc, etc, etc....... We all at one time or another just had to say enough, which we did when we left. But we all must take responsiblity for our own actions and quit blaming everyone else. When we come to that point in our life, we will be free.
  13. I posted Peggy Wilson earlier but this was her maiden name. Anyone know anything? She was at HQ for a while back in the early 80's.
  14. Looking for Wayne and Deb Anderson. Last whereabouts Oregon. They also lived in Minnesota. Would love to hear from them or if anyone knows about them.
  15. I don't care where Chris Geer is and what he is doing!!!!!!!!
  16. The law of believing leaves God out of the picture. I have not thought about believing in ages! We are to have faith in God. To trust God, to look to God for answers. We pray for things, people, etc. God knows what I need. I give it to him. That was the very first thing I got rid of when I left TWI many moons ago.
  17. Face meltings? Well, it seems that most of us has had one or more face meltings during our time in TWI. I've had mine too. Once during my WOW year from the LC in Oregon. Stacy and forget her husband's name. I was bucking the system back then in 1980. I think it was their way of getting you to conform to everything they said. Another form of brainwashing! Later on, another from another Limb Coordinator in Oregon. B&M Greene, whom I believe are still in. HELLO B&M! They had spies. They all had spies! Everything always came back to "spiritual". If they didn't like something, it was devil spirits. Everything was turned around. They use(d) it to their own benefit. To tear you down, trying to get you to conform and if you showed any individuality, any kind of sense, you were screamed at, etc. It was all sick and had no resemblence to loving people. Just a quick question, why don't you all use the names of these people? Are you still afraid of them? I don't care if they see my post. They can't hurt me any longer. I sometimes would love to be back in just so I could give them a piece of my mind! Oh well, they will get theirs in the end. That is all I can hope for. Vengence is not mine! I will leave that to God.
  18. Hey I'm a newbie! Although I have been out of TWI for 20 years or so, I have read posts for a few years but only recently have I actually posted. You all must remember this site is for ex-TWI; whether it be 20 years or 1 year. As you have said TWI got really bad in the late 80's and 90's. I thank God I wasn't there during that time. Each individual is different and the way they handle their "outness" will be different. I never went to an offshoot, I went to God but only years after leaving. I actually was mad at God for a number of years; or mad at myself; probably both. But I needed the time to find out for myself what the truth of God's word is and distinguishing between TWI and God and yes, getting rid of all the brainwashing. Maybe, just maybe these people are not at that point yet. If they did go to offshoots then yes, I do believe they went from one cult to another and now they are finding themselves truly bewildered. Give them time to come to the realization that many of us have already come.
  19. II Timothy 2:15 KJV Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. We don't study to be approved to God, we study to show ourselves we are already approved to God, throughout the word it says we are approved, we are only to study so that we may know that! I believe some may need a little more study!!!!
  20. I went WOW 80-81. The biggest WOW year I was told at the time. I was in Oregon. That year was the beginning of the end for me. I was one of the two that had cars in our family of two guys and two girls; only the girls had cars. It totally ....ed me off that we were expected to let the guys use our cars. Sorry, but they didn't pay for my insurance! And one of them wrecked my car, did I see any money from them? Of course not, and God forbid should I get upset about it! Sorry, but I did not like commune living. It was socialist living to me. Nobody could have more than the other, etc........ I was the only one with a decent job during the year and I had to quit my good job to wash F______g windows with the rest of them because we were a family!!!! WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE! Hate to disagree with those of you who thought that living the socialist way was Godly! I truly believe it was meant to further brainwash you and to totally strip you of any individuality.
  21. Great thread! I do have a question, what is POP that everyone is talking about? I got out in the mid 80's after about 12 years "in". I left due to many things; Trunk, Limb leaders watching porn, VPW's death such a secret, passing of the patriarch, adultry papers, watching LCM's "dancing on stage" ( I think I might barf) and ex-corps living at HQ telling me about LCM's using her and others and putting his name on research, articles that he never wrote. Heard about "mark and avoid" after I left. To this day, I believe it was always this way from the beginning. I knew personally of two people that had been with VPW from much the beginning (they were older than me) and to this day, believe they are still in, don't want to say too much cause of apparently spying eyes I have heard that look in on this site. I believe we wanted to know the word and were drawn in due to our love for God. But I must take responsibility for allowing TWI to "rule" my life for those years. If my memory serves me, it is Mathew that says you can not serve two masters. That is where I went wrong it is also where the majority went wrong when we stopped serving God and started serving TWI. Man will always screw up. When we thought that VPW was perfect, everything he taught was true revelation, leadership was perfect, and that they knew better than we did what God wanted for our lives, we were as wrong as them. Yes, they were wrong in their actions, lies, etc. But we were also wrong for believing them. It has taken me quite a long time to "grow up". It has taken a lot of soul searching, reading the bible, talking to God, just reading this site over the past few years to realize that I too must take responsibilty and move on. I say this more for those that have recently left TWI and for those who were "in" for many years. Man will always let you down, look to God for your answers and you will then be able to let go and live the life that God meant you to live. Lovingly,
  22. Again, thanks to you all for your responses. You are absolutely correct, I will not be concerned about this or any of the other things I learned. What I need to focus on is God, living day to day with him. How absolutely simple! THANKS ALL!
  23. Thanks everyone for your responses! There were some very interesting ones which made me stop and think about what I was taught, what I know to be true, etc., which was exactly what I was hoping for. I understand that not everything TWI taught about the bible was correct but everything I have found since leaving TWI to be true according to the bible is the baby. The dirty dishwater was the bad or wrong stuff; i.e, bible, believing, etc. I had been taught and/or brainwashed into believing. I don't want to throw the good out just because there were deceitful, preverted and manipulative people in TWI. My concern is there is still that murky water, where I can't seem to find the baby due to the murkiness of the water which brings me to the one of the biggest problems I have had. Maybe I have not gotten all the brainwashing out yet, but I still believe that God's word is true and we all are held accountable for what we know of that word. I sometimes wish I had never been taught any of it, ignorance is bliss!!! The biggest problem I am having is JC is not GOD. There is not one other church, that I have found, that believes this. I have gone to many churches since my leaving TWI and I don't disclose this information anymore because I am immediately shunned even from friends who are so-called Christians. So I am not comfortable going to churches anymore because of this one thing. I don't believe God wants us to be an island but that is what I have become because of my belief in this one thing. Any thoughts?
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