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  1. I have been away for awhile traveling and my sister anna had a goiter. That why I have not posted here for a while.Anna is doing better now. I am sorry to see the GSC go. I want to thank Dr. Judes for creating this fourm. It has been very helpful to me. I am sure it had helped a lot of people venting, therpy.or what ever adjective that anyone here thinks is right for them. I also want to thank eyesopen, Mr. hammaroni. gen-x, waysider, oldschool and many others. Just because T.W.I has oulasted the GSC that should be no confort to those loonies. One last parting thought. To john and Carmen the ones who betrayed me and anna. I do not regreat for one minute for exposing you two to all the your brothers and sisters for what T.W.I really is. I still got the email that you sent me a while ago.Please send me another one. John you should be the last one to talk about insanity! You will here from us again but not the way you think! Your cousin "Job"
  2. So the power of the "wurd" as hammy puts it is not enough? The people who needs therapy are the ones through with the brainwash ah pardon me "renewed mind"? is still not enough? So what would happen if the people who have had the" renewed mind" had therapy. I quess they would have to get them stright jackets. and then get them to the loony bin. and would say there is something wrong with the therapist.
  3. Craig taught in his foundational class that Eve had sex with the devil who had come into concretion as a beautiful woman. Adam consented to the idea. Don't most men?... The research was half baked and to top it off he used half of Michangelo's The Fall and Expulsion from Garden of Eden (which is from the Sistene Chapel) as an illustration. He also said that it used to be common knowledge but had been lost - that's what the painting proved. I think he blamed the adversary for hiding this information. Here's what the full painting looked like. That makes as much sence as when adam and eve had Cain and Abel. and cain killed able it was because he was eve had sex with the devil and cain was the devil spawn and abel was. Oh forget it about it. It is so ridiclous. I never took part of a fellowship my sister did for eight months and she was told a lot of crazy things like jesus was black. and the jews came from siberia (that was told to her in privite), and was told to us that there is scientific evidence that dinosaurs do not exist. The "speaking of tougues" weirded her out. Oh pardon me if I was getting off topic here.
  4. These guys make more sence!
  5. Is that the same painting of michaeangelo when it was taught is those cult courses that eve was having lesbian sex with the devil and homosexuals where really evil spirits?
  6. Faithful to follow Rozilla's orders. A lot of excellent postings here. I can tell you from my life experience is that "The truth had no friends"! Thats what those nitwits at the TWI and the 2 waybrained idiots that I once knew don't understand.
  7. Ohh thats more scary than the night of the living dead! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
  8. When the Ghost of Victor Paul wierwille and the Demon LCM appear and are recorded both visually and audiblely at Monastery at Rome City, Indianna, here on SyFy. So if anyone sees the ghost of Victor frankenstine wierwille is this what will happen? Nuck, Nuck, Nuck! Woo, woo, woo , woo, woo! !
  9. nyunknown


    Yes you are right! If mstar1 wants to post yogi bear let him do it if he wants to!
  10. nyunknown


    You have done great work Paw! Here sums up my feeling. I hope you don't mind a little leviety!
  11. If rome city had to be casted in a horror film, what would anyone choose? The overlook hotel in the shining, the amintyville horror, the last house on the left. the ledgen on hell house, what would fit? Mabey someone better call the ghostbusters? !
  12. nyunknown


    How do we celebrate?
  13. It looks like it belongs here! http://www.itshaunted.com/
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