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  1. Anyone read this book. It kinda makes me angry reading this even though it was written in the 80's. I heard through the grapevine it was a WAY mandatory reading for married women. Just looking for folks opinions that are familiar.......
  2. They sound yummy!!! I tried the cauliflower in the blender that looks like mashed potatos but much better. With a tad of butter...pretty good stuff!
  3. I would believe God to bring someone to me. I don't like forcing myself on people. It worked everytime. I'd go to the beach and just read my bible -- and someone would come along, "Hey, you're reading the bible...." And it would go from there....
  4. http://www.emusic.com/album/Gold-City-Pres...d/10902968.html There is also another website - I believe the one the Belizian group took over -- they sell their CD's. I can't recall the name at the moment but maybe someone else has it.
  5. Have you researched any dog training sites? Have you given your dog any training? It sounds to me as though you have given him your back yard as his play pen. Dogs thrive on leadership and if there is not an Alpha leader they will become one. Alphas get to eat the best food, sleep in the best places and do anything they want - they lead. It's also true with wolves. You have to show your dog that YOU ARE ALPHA - NOT HIM. I'm not a dog trainer but have trained my dog pretty well from a puppy and brought him to obedience school where I learned some of these things. When he collects the garbage - do you tell him "No" ? Training a dog can be time consuming so you may have to watch him and when he heads for the garbage - come out and say, "No!" In a firm voice. If this doesn't work you can put pennies in a tin can and shake it (makes a loud noise) when he goes near the trash. It will take some time - you can't just expect one "no" and he understands. As for killing animals - I have no idea. I know some of it is instinct. Is there anyway you can rid the animals by not burying them in your yard? Because that's his personal reward it sounds like. I've heard of dogs killing chickens and sometimes not even meaning to - just playing. The farmers would just consistantly and firmly say , "No" and point to the birds. Or if the dog got to close, again, "No." Is your dog tied to a leash? That may help in the beginning until he learns and give him plenty of praise and love when he does well. I would also suggest not to make a big fuss if he brings another animal home - quietly it pick up (ignoring your dog) and dispose of it without him seeing you. By you taking the animal and giving him no praise - sort of shows him you're the Alpha - he killed for you and now it's YOURS - NOT HIS. To a dog - any kind of praise is GOOD praise - he doesn't understand if you're saying, "Oh my gosh, why did you bring this back home...blah, blah...." He just hears - "I'm king ALPHA - owner is speaking praise." Hope that helps a little. Surf around on the internet. And, maybe contact a dog trainer.
  6. I've believed for others also -- which I guess is more the Manifestation of Believing versus The Law of Believing. Where I would just get so serious about something a special person in my life was going through and then I would receive revelation - in which they had to be believing too in order to follow through -- but when they did....it always worked. (So I guess my believing was a manifestation and there's was the law - maybe they just needed a little help with the believing) A lady was diagnosed with cancer...saw the x-rays and prepared for surgery - I told her to do something specific and she did it - and something changed in her, I saw it - but she didn't know anything about any of this believing stuff, I told her about it but she wasn't a PFAL grad or anything -- just a lady I knew and cared about -- she went through with the surgery and the Dr. opened her up and THERE WAS NOTHING THERE - the DR. couldn't believe it, went back to the x-rays and she technically had a lawsuit on her hands. But she was Christian and just cried and cried knowing God healed her from cancer -- even though she had to heal from unnecessary surgery. Another time someone was applying for a position - and I told them specifics of what to do and who to talk to - no matter what - talk to this person - they did it and received a call back saying the person was actually "lower on the list" but because of the coorespondense - they were going to bump them up as they re-reviewed their application and offered them what the person wanted. It took a year off "waiting around" for something. So, those didn't happen to "me" but I was involved in revelation to help it happen to others.
  7. Well, then you don't need spam -- just GOD...LOL.
  8. One time my car overheated really bad - smoking, the works. My friends and I just got quiet and held hands and prayed over it - it worked fine after that and never overheated again. This actually happened with another car I was in also - something different but I just believed to get it where we needed to go as we were in the middle of no where -- and I refused to be stranded on the side of the road (I remember thinking) So, I just said, "Father, we have to get it to town where we are going, not any town - our destination and then have it looked at there." I SIT the whole time in my head quieting others just saying, "keep going, don't stop the car!" I wasn't with believers and they thought I was crazy but I just kept saying, "keep going." They talked about it after how I "held the car together with my mind." LOL Another time I couldn't pay a bill and prayed about it. I really believed for it to go away because it was something I didn't want in my life (regarding why I received the bill) and it just vanished. When I called the people to follow up - there was not even a record of it and it was for a couple grand. I asked the lady, "are you sure?" And she said, "If it ain't here, I wouldn't question anymore." Never heard another word from them. That was believing and I claimed my sonship rights. I've prayed and believed to meet someone to talk to about God and --hmmm -- maybe about 3x strangers just start talking to me about God and I witnessed to them through the Word. When I started tithing I began finding money everywhere - $1 here or there $5, $10 - just blowing down the street. I even started to receive random free things like free fries at a burger joint or when a restaurant was closing someone would offer me some food items - good food -- just out of no where. Or they would say they made to much or a waitress made a mistake so it was free. I received free groceries to. And then I kept believing and it kept happening....until one day - I don't know what happened -- I quit. Believed for jobs - where I would get really quiet and just pray and pray -- and then the phone would ring with an offer. And parking spots -- it's worked! Believed for rain to stop -- which it did. Believed for certain parts of my body to be a way - and they changed. I've been healed and seen people healed. That's all I can think of right now but I'm sure there is more.
  9. Great recipe. I will probably half it though - think that will be okay? I have some potatos now I need to use. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Pond and Bumpy - you both are just obnoxious. Go off and start your own thread where you two can act like teenagers together.
  11. derailing.....but on the side note of cinnamon in chilli....I recently learned people melt chocolate in chilli. Anyone out there done this?
  12. turnips for money, black eyed peas for luck and whatever else....those are all I recall for our family traditions.
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