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  1. Right in the heart of Providence, near RISD (if you're the artistic type) you have to go see WATER FIRE...probably can go online and find out when they're having it. If you're in CT, Yale has a great museum...and, of course, you can always go to Cape Cod. In a few weeks there's a daffodil festival on Nantucket, which is a really nice day trip. Have fun! I got a foot of snow today...hope it warms up a tad for you :)
  2. Posted 10 October 2007 - 11:35 AM Anyone know what became of the Hickey family from Lawrence, Ma? Yes. Bill as in the 15th Corps, graduated and worked with Way Builders for a time at HQ...then burned out and moved to one of the Carolina's (I visited him there where he was installing lawn sprinklers for a living.) He ended up marrying Gwendolyn Macolousa (13th Corps)..and after that I've lost track of him. Woody Lawson...now there's a name I haven't heard for a while...he was nuts!!!! And Nancy Schmulsky- she was a phenomenal chair caner...she dated one of my dear friends, Mark Glassen
  3. Hi OE....sooo good to see you...I've been sooo busy....bought a house (finally) in Savoy, MA. in the mountains...today I was stacking wood (my life's dream)...long story....hope someday we'll meet again, perhaps next September at the CGF....I missed it this year... :( Jet lag....ah yes....I know it well.....George is right....you'll be spunky and chipper once you get there...travelling west it doesn't catch up to you...just drink lots of water on the plane, try to sleep as much as you can, but that really won't matter.... It's flying back east that'll conck you out for a few days....How to d
  5. Funny...I find myself getting more judgmental...or is it growing older and hence less tolerant? I have become very very picky!!!! Sounds great to me, twinky... B...I am feeling so sad for what you said....peace to you....
  6. OK..I get it, twi was corrupt...but didn't anyone glean from any of the spiritual principles from the bible to carry on and walk softly upon this earth as Christ did? I think it's been very hard...earthlings are quite odd...but I am thankful for the little tidbits that I know and have applied to graffle along. If it hadn't been for pfal, I doubt if I would have learned some of them in a concise way for me to carry on over these years in time. Doesn't God/Goddess answer your prayers? Has your bliss manifested in your life yet?
  7. Holy Moly bat-rascal!!!! I was just thinking about that koala the other day...9 years!!! has it been that long since I went to Oz? I went to New Zealand 2 years ago, but, alas...the back pack of my youth was a little overwhelming, and I ended up renting a car for a month, which really set me back a year (I didn't budget that expense!) I shoulda sent her a sheep... Did you have more kids after that? Quite a brew you have!!!! :)
  8. Whew!!! Okay...that was very long.... Ya know...I was a CWOW, and was in Western Mass. and we had a grand ole time....I think, overall, I had a way different experience than what I have read here over the years (yet I understand others experiences and how they could have occurred). I only lagered heads with the local campus Christians...but, I think, overall, we tried to walk the walk...I know my experience was unique, but my local leadership weren't as "crooked", but truly tried to walk the walk...people were giving....and in my overall recollection, I was ok with it....until I went in th
  9. Hi OE...I sure miss you at the CGF...I still go every year....wanna meet again this September? How are you???
  10. I haven't been around Greasespot for a while, as I've been doing things with what I know...and busy/or not so busy as the days go by.... Hello to everyone...perhaps I'll see you in the chatroom sometime, as I am in a lull here before the summer months come to re-capture my time. Anyways...I just read John Lynn's letter of June, 2008. I was just about in tears at the beauty of it...the twinges of pain it brought up in me still, even after being out of twi over 22 years already... Well....I bought my first bible last month, after 22 years and felt like a child in a candy shop, I was sooo exc
  11. Well...in October '07 I pulled all my money out of wherever it was in the market and put it in a 7% annuity...in 10 years it will double!!! That's fine with me!!!! I also kept some in a 3% mm and can you believe it? I just bought a swiss chalet in the mountains, on 5 acres with a river, a bridge and a fresh water spring for $49k. Buy foreclosures. GE. Sirrius. And, I dare say, don't forget to "tithe" in anyway you chose-not necessarily monitarily, if you don't have it, but at least 10% in all other ways....contrary to the way, god still honors that giving...
  12. "PM me and let me know whats goin on..." I don't know how to do that :( Hi Garth... xox xooxxo
  13. Hi rascal...good to see you...I was thinking about you the other day, actually.... mstar....Leo died last August...I was sad sad sad for the longest time....I'm moving to Savoy. hi leafytwiglet....nice kitty cat.... I've been singing this song all day!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Up2Ln_CrO7Y...feature=related
  14. ...and Jupiter aligns with Mars.... That will happen on Saturday, February 14th!!! What it means I know not...but the song says it's the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.... I just thought it was way cool....
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