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  1. I’m so !$#%ing proud of you Leah. You’ll find your freedom in unconditional self love. Keep going sister, you are not alone.
  2. My point is that the ripples of The Way's extremism are far reaching--through generations, not just those that got involved back in the 60's, 70's and 80's. How terrible to feel as though the community that shaped you would want you to be dead.
  3. https://sojo.net/articles/my-beautiful-queer-family
  4. Hi Dana,

    I sent you a private message just now.


  5. Update: It has been brought to my attention that my mom's marriage to her second husband was likely orchestrated by The Way in an effort to ensure that my mom would never talk about what happened with my dad. The top leaders of the The Way manipulated countless women into affairs. They were expected to keep the secret of the affair in their "lockbox." These trustworthy women were then paired with yes-men that would obediently follow ministry orders. This strategic union protected the top leaders by ensuring that if the women ever opened their "lockbox" their husband would go straight to "the man of god" and the threat could be immediately squashed. These couples also served the ministry's agenda by manipulating and controlling the rank and file. My mom made her own lockbox when my dad died. She had information that was damaging to The Way and that's why they let her in the Way Corps--to keep an eye on her. She couldn't give me a good reason as to why she married husband #2 except to say that "he was Way Corps." She saw the red flags. My brother even ran away on their wedding day. She has no idea why they never went through counseling before the wedding, as that was a requirement for all ministry weddings. I recently spoke to the Way ordained minister that married my mom and husband #2. He didn't even remember marrying them. He did, however, confirm that my suspicions were not paranoia and that cover-ups were commonplace in The Way. For 10 years husband #2 made my mom's life, my life, and my brother's life hell. For years after they divorced I had nightmares that she got back together with him. If you are reading this and still involved in The Way DO NOT BE FOOLED. YOU ARE BEING USED TO KEEP THE MONSTER ALIVE. THEY CARE NOTHING FOR YOU. Not convinced? The date my mom remarried husband #2 was December 22, the anniversary of my father's death. It is sickening that I spent 10 years being forced to celebrate a horrible, damaging marriage instead of remembering my dad.
  6. Thanks, Twinky. Happy to have the support. :)

  7. Welcome, Dana. I read your sad story. I hope you may find some healing and some answers here, even though the Forums are not as interesting as they used to be. Stick around for a while :)

    Cheers, Twinx

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