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  1. The way it was taught to us in about 2007 was that the adversary has tricked the idiots of the world into celebrating Halloween on this great day. They talked about Martin Luther (only the good things of course like he was a .... saint) and what he did. They said the world celebrates death, but we are watching this dangty boring as hell movie. I don't remember if they called it Reformation, and I don't care, but I do remember Reformation being talked about, and how it was basically the dark ages before it.
  2. Maybe a little worse. I just think he would deny it if he could, but that would be harder to get people to believe. Blabbering made up words and claiming they are from God is one thing, but thank God we have some video footage of the event. We know he hated the Jews even more than most people do or did in 1942 or whatever. He also hated pretty much everyone else too, but that's another story. I just feel that if you say anything to make the Holocaust seem any worse and horrific than it was you are denying it. That's like saying 911 did happen, but the number of people killed were greatly exaggerated, and it was actually closer to 300 deaths than 3000. Well that's not really 911- "just some people did something".
  3. Yes I have a Jewish background and I asked my fellowship leader if he thought the Holocaust was a hoax. He said that it happened, but the numbers were not as high as they say. I guess that's the next step they take when they can't get away with fully denying it. Good bye. It's always interesting to hear from another Jew who was in the Way.
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