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  1. I'm Lisa, George's daughter. I tried posting this on his "I'm Dying" thread, but I've never used this forum before, so I couldn't figure out how. He told me that he felt he had several good friends on this forum, and asked me to post when he passed away. That's a blunt way to say it, I guess, but I'm a little frazzled right now and don't know a better way. I foudn him this afternoon. He seemed to go very peacefully and quickly, which is great consolation. I don't really know what else to say. I'm in a little bit of shock right now I guess, but I just wanted to tell all of you to whom he "talked" (or at least typed at). This is a horribly written post I know, but I wanted to get it out there.
  2. LG

    Plagiarism 101

    That is not and never was the issue. The issue is that Wierwille published Stiles’ work as his own, claiming authorship of and copyright to Stiles’ work. Your suggestion that Stiles might have agreed to that isn’t being “open to the possibilities,” because Stiles himself continued to claim authorship. Had Stiles agreed to allow Wierwille to claim authorship, he would have declared himself to be a fraud for having previously claimed authorship. Moreover, he would have branded himself to be a continual, non-repentant fraud by continuing to claim authorship. That sort of thing would not only be wrong on about every level one can imagine, it would have been insane.
  3. Hardly. We're not even talking about the same things. You're talking "eye cancer," "liver cancer," and all sorts of other generalities. I'm talking what Wierwille actually had, ocular melanoma, and later (read metastatic - you should know what that means) melanoma of the liver, which is what killed him. It is much more likely that smoking and drinking had nothing at all to do with Wierwille's death than that they contributed to it.
  4. You're not reading the death certificate correctly, WordWolf. For some reason, GS is one of only a couple of places I can get to on the Internet right now, so I can't quote, but it says something like metastatic melanoma of the liver as the cause of death and cites ocular melanoma as the primary (the initial site from which the cancer spread to the liver). Okay, that odd glitch is gone and I can view the death certificate. It cites "Metastatic Melanoma of the Liver" as the cause of death. To the right of that, it indicates that the liver cancer was diagnosed about 1 month prior to death. On the next line, it cites the ocular melanoma, and to the right of that indicates that it was diagnosed about 18 months prior to death.
  5. It's on the death certificate. I suggest that you Google ocular melanoma risk factors. You won't find smoking or drinking listed. You will find fair hair, fair skin, occupational UV light exposure, and having had several eye burns.
  6. You've no grounds for that conclusion. You're applying the wrong risk factors to the wrong cancer.
  7. The edit function is time-limited. I think editing is allowed for an hour after posting.
  8. TWI 4: The Waydale / Grease Spot Years – c. 1990 – present... This start date appears to be a typo. Should be "c. 2000 -."
  9. LG

    I'm Dying

    I'm fine. Please don't update this thread. Send me a PT if you like.
  10. Very nice, polar bear.
  11. As much as these bug me, they don't come close to the following: "Should [would, could] of," instead of the proper, "should have" or "should've" causes me to wince. "Could care less," instead of the proper "couldn't care less" drives me nuts.
  12. HELLMAN'S (or homemade) is the ONLY way to go. Miracle Whip is horrible. Kraft "Mayonnaise" is barely tolerable.
  13. LG

    I'm Dying

    Shhh, ex. Lisa's sleeping. Jonny, the doctors think smoked salmon may have been the cause. ;) Life's good, folks.
  14. LG

    I'm Dying

    I led a fellowship in Irving, which Wayne took over after he graduated from the Corps. I had spoken with Wayne a few times when he was a WOW in Grand Prairie during his interim year, and I liked him. I was supporting a family of four, trying to prepare for a more secure financial future, and thought highly of Wayne, so I was all for him taking over. We continued to meet at my place. That went well, but Gil, the first and only “Corps Nazi” I had anything to do with in TWI, had a definite negative influence (to put it mildly) on the area in general and many individuals.
  15. LG

    I'm Dying

    How nice to hear from you, Gail! I do remember, but not with such detail. You must have an excellent memory, kept journals, or both. “I don't know where you are now.” A little town called Commerce, 65 mi. NE of Dallas. “I remember your daughter, Lisa, and Dee and her son, Chris.” I hadn’t mentioned Chris, but only for the sake of brevity. I loved him as my own and, as far as either of us was concerned, I was his father for ten years. I’d have happily continued in that relationship, and raised him along with Lisa, but of course, I couldn’t. That broke my heart. For several years, my only knowledge of Chris came through Lisa. Lisa and I spent a few hours with him about twelve years ago, when he and his mom came to Texas to see Lisa, but other than that, we had almost no contact. We had a very nice, long phone conversation recently, though, and will likely do so again. He’s had some difficult times, but seems to be doing okay, and I’m glad about that. “You and Dee were wonderful, loving, perfect parents. You were patient and very strict. And as a result, your children were the best behaved children I have seen to this day. That includes my three kids, and they all were very well behavied as well. We had ministry meetings that lasted for hours and hours and your children never, never misbehaved. When we prayed, they prayed. When we talked they sat and either listened quietly or played quietly by themselves.” We were far from perfect, but we did our best. Because of stories I’ve read here about harsh, abusive discipline of children, I want to clarify some things for others. We were strict about their behavior, in that we required good manners and didn’t let them run wild or disrupt things, but we didn’t make them sit like robots, either. We always provided for their quiet entertainment. As you noted, we allowed them to play (or read) during meetings. Also, if one of them just couldn’t handle it, Dee or I would take them outside. When we were at meetings but the meetings weren’t actually “in session,” we allowed them more freedom, and even more in other settings. “I did not know what happened to you. No one in our Irving group knew either. Last I knew you and Dee sold all your belongings and packed up for Ohio, but that you did not go to the WOW field. We all lost track of your family after that. I don't know if you ever came back to Irving.” I’m not sure if your time-line is off a little here, or if I’m just misunderstanding the time correlation between this and what you write below, much of which preceded this. We didn’t go to Ohio. We moved to Garland. I don’t want to get into details, but we needed to do what we did. Some time later, I got a job in Austin and we moved to the Hill Country. We had some very good years, but some problems arose that led to divorce. After that, I moved to Commerce, because it was a good place for me to raise Lisa. “So, my dear friend George, it is with great joy to me that I've found you and been able to chat with you, (although one-sided), bearing all the news I can think of without going over the limit of post words.” It’s been a joy for me, too. Thank you. Love, George
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