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  1. Buck

    Way Builders

    Somebody had the handle of "Pooter". Who was that? Was that Monty Ray? Or do I remember Monty saying over the CB; "Pooter? You got yer ears on?"
  2. Buck

    10th Corps

    Hey there Keynote, So, I had a wad of chew in my mouth eh? What a turkey I was (am?) I sure would love to see that pic. I may have it somewhere myself, but we have moved so many times since being out of The Way that I wonder if it hasn't gotten lost in the shuffle somewhere.. But it would be nice to see a pic of all the Tenth. Are most folks faces clear enough? Where was that taken anyway? Emporia? Hey there Keynote, yeah, get out the old horn and play with some folks. I have played my harmonicas from time to time with people, and it certainly is fun. Gotta do it more.. Tell the Ala Prochaine I said howdy. I owe her a letter by now.....
  3. We used to sing: I spent most of my life, without a dime to my name.. Now I'm in The Way Corps, an it's still the same... But we sang it in fun. We knew when we went in the Corps that we had the thirty a month allowance to live on for the sake of learning how to be budget. But we thought that was pretty funny. Once I got out of in rez training the first thing my new LC said to me up in Alaska was; "Get a good job and make lots of money, you'll need it" How refreshing I thought, and that's exactly what I did too... As far as that song by Stevie Kay goes though, it was one of my favorites, "Oh The Price He Paid" that is...
  4. Buck

    Looking For Former North Dakota Wayfers

    What do you mean Phx? That makes me think of Phoenix? Is that what you mean? Phoenix is a long way from Fargo. Did they move to Phx or something? It sounds pretty weird, Debbie Ciociola (Hetler) acting like that. But then again, we have all been surprised by many of our old friends' actions...
  5. Buck

    Looking For Former North Dakota Wayfers

    What a bummer about Arlyn! I wish I knew how to get in touch with him just to let him know that an old friend cares... Buck
  6. More on Roy Buchanan Do you know who used to be an intense Roy Buchanan fan? Harve Platig. I knew Harve when he was in seventh grade and I in sixth. He lived up the street from me and was the new kid on the block. He didn' go to my elementary or jr high school though, because he went to a ritzy liberal school down in DC. At any rate I went to his house one time and he played some amazing licks on his guitar and I was impressed. He played "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" which was amazing to me for someone only in 7th grade. By the tme high school came around, he was back in the public school system, and had become a serious Roy Buchanan fan. We reconnected again briefly when we were in the same class when I was a sophomore. When I was senior (well the same age as a senior-I was a drop out) he had been out a year and was playing at a night club called the "Psychedeli" in downtown Bethesda, MD. They were really good and called themselves "Lone Oak" because they lived on Lone Oak Street, (one block from the WOWs). Harve was a big attraction because he really played some hot licks, and locals really loved the band because they played alot of cover songs that everybody liked. -Mustang Sally-After Midnight-Six Days On The Road-Hit The Road Jack-All good beer drinking songs. The vocalist gal was really superb also. At any rate, one of the WOW gals witnessed to Harvey and brought him to the twig that I went to and he and I had a heartsy reunion one night when he came to twig for the first time. It was actually then that I started to go to the Psychedeli to listen to his band. While getting re-acquainted with my old "neighborhood sometimes friend", Harvey kept talking about Roy Buchanan who was from our general area. Finally Harve brings us this album to twig one time and plays us this song called "The Messiah Will Come Again". It was an excellent and hauntingly superb song, as you R.B. fans already know. Harvey loved it and he said that he used to listen to it alot and it really made him think about God and Jesus Christ and such, and about believing in them. As time went on, before we all went WOW that year, Harvey wrote a song called "Someday" which was his version "The Messiah Will Come Again". Although he was no Roy Buchanan, it was a beautiful song with lots of weeping sustained notes. One night at the old Psychedeli, Harvey intro'd the song and dedicated it to our table. He said the song was about "a special kind of Hope". Of course we and the WOWs loved it for it's special meaning, and the crowd loved it as well. It was a great song. Now I know that Harvey is the current V.P of TWI, and it is really hard for me to understand why he stuck around all those years. But back then Harve was a great guy. He was simple, loving, and just one of us. I remember that in the spring of '76 he took off for HQ for a music advance with Dean Ellenwood and folks and he came back all jazzed about "Word in music". He and I did some stuff once where he played a cool blues shuffle on a steel blues guitar, and I played harp. It was called "Jesus Is My Rock (And He Rolled My Blues Away)" I can still hear that tune in my head. I can play it on my guitar, but not like Harvey could. Geez, I'm "nostalgifying" now... At any rate, Roy Buchanan was a big inspiration to Harvey spiritually (because of that song) as well as musically. And I'm thankful Harve turned me on to him. So sad old Roy had to go and do himself in. I never did hear what his sadness was about, to cause him to just give it all up. I still pray for Harvey...
  7. Buck

    Lon Boner

    Lon was in the 11th Corps I am thinking. I worked with him when he was on staff at Gunnison in 1981/82. Anybody know anything about him these days?
  8. Ala P,I confess. I was sorta baiting you. I love Gordon Lightfoot. I think my most favoritest song of all is the "Canadian Railroad Trilogy" which just plain makes me tearful and awestruck by the men and women who came before us on this Conitinent. When I said "Who is Gordon Lightfoot?" I was kinda pulling your chain because I have heard from some Canadians that the song "Canadian Railroad Trilogy" is the "un-official national anthem" of the country of Canada, and that Gordon Lightfoot is a National Treasure to the people of Canada. This was explained to me in a drunken conversation in White Horse, the capitol of the Yukon Territory in Canada when I went up to take part in the festivities at the start of the Yukon Quest, the most brutal of sled dog races a few years ago. I have to say that I agreed with my slurring conversational companero, in that I had always loved Gordon Lightfoot's music. He had challenged me to a "Molson beer drinking contest" you see, to "honor our two countries", so, while we had been "competing" we talked of many things. Who won the contest? well, I had a hell of a hangover the next morning fore shore! I have copies of "Gord's Gold I and II. And love them.... Buck p.s. I know you know that Whitehorse is the capitol city of the Yukon, but I thought that other readers might not know. And, did you know that I spent one uproarious evening in Chateau Frontenac In Quebec City when I was but sixteen? My first ship, the one I mentioned earlier, was anchored in the St Lawrence for a few days before we headed to Europe, and I made sure to go to town. All of those lovely French girls.... I couldn't understand a word they said, but that was way ok. We had fun communicating anyway.... :)-->
  9. John McLaughlin/Mahvishnu Orchestra. Oh man. I saw him live once down at American University in DC. He was really good, but since I was tripping my brains out on LSD, it was kind of confusing to listen to. And Ala P, who in the world is Gordon Lightfoot?
  10. Buck

    10th Corps

    Maybe I will send an e-mail to one of our favorite Tenth Corps bros, Dick Michaud. Maybe he will come back and say hi here. He's the greatest... Buck
  11. Buck

    10th Corps

    BTW, we on the Tenth Corps Corps thread are about to eclipse the 7th Corps thread in posts, so, I thought I would mention this as well as put down another post to boost us along.... Buck
  12. Buck

    10th Corps

    Ya know, I do like to write, and I have a few Tenth Corps stories that I could put down. I'm not going to pound one out now, but stay tuned. It's too bad that the old archives are gone. I wrote a couple of stories that I thought were pretty good, at least I thought, but they are gonoe now... anyway, I will keep it up and write a story or two... "Buck"
  13. Buck

    North Dakota

    Wow, that's kinda funny about Karen. Got on a motorcylce and hit the road huh? Well, it seemed to me that that thing with she and Jerry wasn't going to last too long. He seemed to really be"whipped" if you know what I mean, (but I'll leave out the other part of that phrase) and she seemed to really be focused on her tennis and goals and stuff... And so, things went bad after that family corps person/people got there huh? What were they, really legalistic or something? What a bummer. I had heard that Phoebe was great fun and that people loved her, so, oh well.... Ya know, funny thing. When I was in Fargo, it hardly snowed at all, and the farmers were really uptight because that meant that there would be no springtime snow melt to water the earth. Also, when there is snow cover, it keeps that Nodak wind from blowing the topsoil away. That happened to some extent the winter I was there. When the wind blew, what little snow that was there blew, all mixed in with the snow, and this stuff was called "snirt". Nasty stuff. So nasty that it made me say "Uffdah!" Well have a nice day or evening Rascal, and I am glad to know that you have read Rascal... Buck
  14. Buck

    Looking For Former North Dakota Wayfers

    Ok Rascal, I will send you a note at your private topics and tell you who I am. And, so, you know Arlyn and Debbie! I was there when they got married, and we did a big old bachelor party for Arlyn at my house. We had scantily clad girls come and dance for him (us too!). The dancin' gals were Melba Johnson (local Fargoan), and Jenelda Williams my corps sistah-they wore hot pants and fishnet stockings and sat on Arlyns lap after we had plied him with beer. lotsa beer. What fun we had that night! After awhile, we all went down to the "Gaslight" a bar in downtown Fargo somewhere. We drank more beer, danced to the music of Wayne Ystebo's band (he's a guy that took the class that year), and then went home in the wee hours. In fact, I distinctly remember a serious hangover that next day. Some leader I was! Gosh, I too would like to know how Arlyn and Debbie are doing. I never really knew them as a married couple in that I left shortly after that to go back in rez. I really loved the time I spent in Fargo. It was colder than hell in the winter for shore, but, at least the winters there are not as long as they are here in Alaska. Here, they are cold AND long. Like from mid September all the way to the end of May. Maybe that sounds about the same as down south, but, up here, spring is really short, and so is the fall. the fall is basically winter.... Anyway Rascal, you got me all stirred up thinking about good old North Dakota. Was David Schmidt the limb guy at that time? Ya know, he was a real gem of a guy. I loved that guy and he and I were real pals. I for the life of me cannot figure out why it was that he stayed with The Way for so dang long. As far as I know, he's still in. :(--> Well, check your private topics. Buck
  15. Buck

    Why Do We Get Attacked?

    Hey Mon, it's just the way of the world. It happened because it happened. Sure they shoulda told you that you needed a sticker, but due to what I call "the human factor" they didn't and you got stung. That's all. I worked for one our states' government departments, and I am REALLY familiar with the "human factor". And, for years after I was kicked out of The Way, I had the habit of what call "spiritualizing" everything. But really, as Forrest Gump intimated, ".... happens". Hey, have a great day ANYWAY! It's all you can do... :)-->