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  1. hey everyone! I appreciate the warm welcome! :) I will address matters as i have time. i am busy working on a farm right now and hours run 60-70 per week. First off. about the so called threat. Of course i am only kidding about actually showing up at someones door. But it does kinda portray my feelings on the subject. The redneck remark was more or less a hint for those of yall that follow the website as to which sower I am, as there was on ein particular that always wore camo jackste, john deere shirts and dixie flag ballcaps. My name is Caleb. Im 22. I do have one year of college completed and took some time off casue i wannted to just work and see waht i was interested in. i pplan on attending tech school for Aouto Mechanics and welding, as well as get a degree in criminal justice with plans to possibly go into law enforcement. Whats my background? My mom was a WOW in 82' of course we are no longer involved in the way international. My parents knew stuff went south. However, they chose to leave the orginazation not the word. Im tired. been a long day on teh forklift movin pallets of watermelons. Im also soaking wet from a toad strangler of aa thunderstorm that snuck up on us, and im covered in cow crap. So i will say good nite and I will see yall later. Ironically enough I have never reall been crazy or a partier or "wild" rednck is just my upbring. i have lived in the south pretty much my whole life. i was rasied in the country hunting, fishing, muddin', listenin' to Johnny cash with my dad etc... Probably a poor choice of words to describe me on my first post. i apologize.
  2. Of course we worked on the farm! It has a purpose. To build discipline and establish a sense of responsibilty and a need to work for people who may otherwise have never been exposed to it. We only worked 4 hours a day, 20 hours a week, hardly slave labor. In fact i am used to a rural lifestyle working in warehouses and on farms. It is not unusual for me to work 70 hours in a week. The work part of the program is VERY important, but truth be told, it was a vacation as for me as far as work goes. Some people will get a LOT of benefit out of it. I persoanlly didnt. But some people need growth in caertain areas while others need growth in other areas.
  3. What do you mean by vp "lite"? he is someone who truly wants to be a Godly person and help people with the word of God. he is not someone who claims to be a believer and the sits on his duff. he is also a regular guy. the type of Guy whom you can go fishing with or talk about hunting and music with. Also, please dont compare him to his Granddad. Dr died when vic was what? 2 years old? how much can you learn from someone at that age? victor must be treated as a seperate person who just happens to share the weirwilly name. I am done talking about him. He will probably see these postes sooner or later and I am sure he would not feel comfortable with us talking about him.
  4. As far as I know (as i have met a relative of thiers recently) tehy are still in tennessee.)
  5. Now dont get me wrong, there were rules i didnt agrree with. I also had personal problems with ceartian members of of the Group, however, you will have personal issue anywhere that people are roomamates.but these issues dont affect the quality of the program and are therefore, irrelevant and insignificant and will not be discussed. Did I get a lot out of the program? yes! Would I do it again? no Were there flaws in the way the program was ran? yes. were there significant flaws in the way the program was ran? yes. Did they affect the importance of the program? no. Did they diminish the quality of the training and learning i got from the program? no.
  6. Hi. i am 22 and wonderin g if there are any young people her. lets say from the ages 25 and under. I would love to hear about you.
  7. Howdy everyone! As my screen name says I am indeed a a graduate of sowers class 08-09. I will reveal my name and age in due time and for those who have followed the website closely you will probably figger out which sower i am soon enough. Im sure yall all have a bazillion questions to ask me. I want to say from the start, I am NOT here to bash anyone. I know the feelings a d opinions that are presented on this website torwards the WAY dr. weirwillie, the sowers program, and the word in general. They are not favorable. You are entitled to taht obviously. I do not mind people disaggreeing with me however, i ask you to be polite and respectful. If you wish to accuse anyone of anything, i ask that you do so only if you WERE ACTUALLY THERE AND EXPERIENCED IT FIRSTHAND! hereay from a buddy who may or may not be gossiping is not credible. It dont fly in court and it dont fly with me. I dont feel like typing a whole lot right now, but i will take all your questions over the course of the next few days, weeks, months etc. However there is one topic i want to set yall straight on from the start. Victor weirwille. the grandson. V2p2 or whatever yall call him. he is agreat man of God, and a great person in general. He is one of the most loving, caring, kindest people I have ever met. I heard him yell only once or twice in ten months, and that as because he needed to get someone's attention. I am damn proud to consider him a friend. When it comes to teh word he knows his stuff and tries his best to live a Godly lifestyle. BUT! he does not shove it down anyones throat, he doesnt think he is the end all be all authority on all things God, he is very humble, respectful, and someone who i will aggressively defend. I am not a violent person, however, if you want to make any personal attacks against him, you had best not let me know your true identity. I am willing to fight over comments made about him.Trust me, you really dont want a ....ed off redneck knockin' at your door. Somje people in the sowers program will claim they have seen me me angry. Well, they havent. My intentions here are not to fight though, so lets keep everything respectful and decent. The floor is open for discussion. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. God Bless. Anonymous
  8. Hello. I'm a nice Squirrel and all.. but I have a genuine concern for PEOPLE..

    hopefully, you can provide more relevant information than your "leaders"..

    they know who I am.. I was a "nobody" in the old ministry who happened to witness a lot of stupidity..

  9. I hope you like squirrels.

  10. Hiya, S-09

    Welcome to GSC.

    Maybe you could post something describing the day to day life of a SOWER. Not so much the Bible stuff but what an average day was like. You know, did you have early morning fellowship, did you run every day, how was the food program administered,what were the housing arrangements, will you ever be able to look at familia again?, etc.

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