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  1. I Guess all that time VP was "working the Word, hour upon hour, up to about 3 to 4 in the morning" he was copying other peoples works. We dare do that to them-- we would get a letter from their lawyers. or worse!!!
  2. hi Guys, Did a search to find B.G. Leonard's website. cannot find it . Could one of you help with the http; ? thanks
  3. There is one thing that VPW taught which I have not heard any where else, (besides an offshoot) is that the topic changes from "gifts" to manifestations in I Cor. 12:7
  4. I have to admit i saw "clergy" or "Rev" Got stars in my eyes. in so much got me one of them "mail order ones" Funney I did not feel any diffrerent. Learned a big lesson, didn't mean any thing untill i did something. now i use the title only when i have to.(teaching in jails, hospitals, rehab centers) Then i show the card.
  5. Has any body seen him? He wittnessed to me when I lived in Rome NY in 1975 I took the class that July. Frank went WOW in Newark, NJ in 1975-76 Then went in to the 7th Corps. Thanks, Rob
  6. Icould not be in more agreement then ya all about this. Yesterday when Talked to a fellow "outie" who happen to run in to our former TC,--- who mentioned the more loving and such, (BTW this TC headed mine and his M&A tribunels) IT made me sick and angery,to think they can exsuce their actions away and act like all the lives they distroyed,and allthe fear they put us in,doesn't matter. Besides all those people are gone. meanwile, no responceabity taken for what they did!!!
  7. Iwas told by an someone who is still in that their not the same as they were in 90's their more loving and got rid of the people who were the "controlers" BTW I don't believe it for a minute
  8. This was told to me by two people who are still "IN"----- COULD THIS BE TRUE!!!???!!!
  9. Correct me if i am wrong, Harve and Rosalie did not look good at all. They looked worn out and drained.
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