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  1. nice to hear your voice again, RD--and to hear why you didn't stick around CES. attaboy. ;)
  2. al, i'm pretty sure this is him: http://www.brucenaylor.com/index.php tell him i said hello.
  3. i'll tell him you said so, d! (he's still playing and singing, by the way, in a good old rock and roll band, with me!)
  4. ok, for those of you who are truly interested, here's what's going on: they're disbanding stfi. dismantling the entire operation, taking down the websites, wiping every hard drive, burning every syllabus, book and any other materials, and advising everyone on their mailing list to do the same. they're gonna take out a full-page ad in the NY Times that says "WE'RE SORRY. WE WERE WRONG." and then everyone's gonna get a job and stop being silly. oh, yeah, and they're returning all the money, too. once all that's done, monkeys will fly out of my butt. any questions?
  5. i forgot all about him! it's cool that his whole family plays. thanks.
  6. there actually IS a tape somewhere of outtakes. one in particular i remember was us dissolving into hysterical laughter, trying to nail the vocals for one of those four-part harmony songs, i forget which. but it was like 3 in the morning, and we were all exhausted (surprise!). amazingly, we pulled ourselves together and did it. glad you liked it, though. listening now, i wish it had more balls. it's sad to me how it has NO rough edges--and we thought we were pushing the envelope.
  7. wow, you've got quite a memory, white dove! dog lover, PM me.
  8. who remembers that old song by the buckinghams, "Kind of a Jerk?"
  9. 30 years later, it's still embarrassing how stupid and gullible i was. (on the other hand, it's amazing my bullsh!t alarm still worked at all, after being unplugged for so many years.)
  10. i like the fact that it looks like it was done maybe 30 years ago. cutting edge design, it ain't.
  11. dot-- i was married for almost 25 years, to a lovely person, but i was almost NEVER satisfied with the relationship. eventually, i realized that i didn't HAVE TO be miserable the rest of my life; i still had a chance to be happy. splitting up was the hardest and most heartbreaking thing imaginable, but i am now in a wonderful relationship with a woman who cherishes me and who i cherish right back. (interesting thing about her--we first met in 7th grade, then lost touch. met again freshman year of college, then she dropped out. and we hadn't had any contact for 26 years when i looked her up--and she had recently ended a 20-year relationship. timing!)
  12. what I want to know is, did vp always look so much like art linkletter?
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