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  1. It's a pleasure to meet you Holy Smoke. I enjoyed reading your posts.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you DWBH! I hope you had a wonderful time spending it with family and/or friends. Like yourself, I still managed to find the time to make a few posts here on Greasespot -- of course we (my family and friends) will be having our big dinner celebration tomorrow so I don't anticipate being able to spend much time here then. Some might find that something to be thankful for, in itself. :)
  3. http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2004/j.../1-19-13.0.html
  4. Why is it that someone finds it necessary to make such an asinine point instead of actually addressing the subject of the thread? Boys will be boys! I made one comment in this thread regarding how I felt about someone deleting a portion of a post that was referred to in another place and what did I get for that -- what you're now seeing. If all you fine young gentlemen (or ladies) would have left it be we wouldn't be taking pot-shots at each other now. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program. Do carry on.
  5. Whatever wish? :blink: It's too early to blow out any candles. Remind me closer to May 8th and I'll keep you in mind.
  6. Well, Tom, you stated I could interpret your response (in the other thread) anyway I wanted to. I figured calling your response sarcasm would be less likely to get me a rebuke from the moderators. Now if I were free to say what was really on my mind I would have to go back about three letters in the alphabet and choose a word that began with that letter. I assume you're a bright fellow and can figure out what that would be. :)
  7. What is Eternity? Here are just two explanations/essays on the question. As for myself – I believe the term is an expression of infinite time. No beginning, nor end. God has no beginning, nor end and therefore God exists in time and it follows from that, that time wasn't created when the Universe was created. Time has always existed. I suppose it all hinges on how you define the term. And the beauty of it is -- no one is right or wrong because no one really knows. http://www.leaderu.com/offices/billcraig/docs/eternity.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eternity
  8. I wouldn't concern yourself with that Bumpy. I resurrected the thread. The last post was made on Feb 11 2007, 12:24 PM so, the original participants of the thread lost interest in it almost a year ago. :) Besides, anyone is free to re-engage the subject of the thread whenever they feel like it. Until then --
  9. Tell that one to my wife (just make sure you're wearing a helmet when you do). ;) Well, if I can't do that -- can I fire them? :) Bumpy, you didn't answer my question. What's up with that!
  10. Happy Thanksgiving back at ya Bumby (btw -- why did you choose to use the ID Bumpy?). I've been married to the same wonderful woman for . . . . hmm she'll kick me if I get this wrong . . . . 32 years. I have three wonderful children and six awesome grandchildren (with one more on the way -- due in July). I've worked at the same place for 21 years. Thanks for the offer -- how much will you pay me? ;)
  11. Larry N Moore

    Ho Ho Ho

    Yea but, what about those cookies and candies? :)
  12. Larry N Moore

    Ho Ho Ho

    Do you plan on sharing them with the rest of us? ;) Happy Thanksgiving Abi! (I think of you often).
  13. :blink: Tom, you asked a question. I answered it honestly. Why you have a problem with that speaks more about you, then it does about me.
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