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  1. It's a pleasure to meet you Holy Smoke. I enjoyed reading your posts.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you DWBH! I hope you had a wonderful time spending it with family and/or friends. Like yourself, I still managed to find the time to make a few posts here on Greasespot -- of course we (my family and friends) will be having our big dinner celebration tomorrow so I don't anticipate being able to spend much time here then. Some might find that something to be thankful for, in itself. :)
  3. http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2004/j.../1-19-13.0.html
  4. Why is it that someone finds it necessary to make such an asinine point instead of actually addressing the subject of the thread? Boys will be boys! I made one comment in this thread regarding how I felt about someone deleting a portion of a post that was referred to in another place and what did I get for that -- what you're now seeing. If all you fine young gentlemen (or ladies) would have left it be we wouldn't be taking pot-shots at each other now. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program. Do carry on.
  5. Whatever wish? :blink: It's too early to blow out any candles. Remind me closer to May 8th and I'll keep you in mind.
  6. Well, Tom, you stated I could interpret your response (in the other thread) anyway I wanted to. I figured calling your response sarcasm would be less likely to get me a rebuke from the moderators. Now if I were free to say what was really on my mind I would have to go back about three letters in the alphabet and choose a word that began with that letter. I assume you're a bright fellow and can figure out what that would be. :)
  7. What is Eternity? Here are just two explanations/essays on the question. As for myself – I believe the term is an expression of infinite time. No beginning, nor end. God has no beginning, nor end and therefore God exists in time and it follows from that, that time wasn't created when the Universe was created. Time has always existed. I suppose it all hinges on how you define the term. And the beauty of it is -- no one is right or wrong because no one really knows. http://www.leaderu.com/offices/billcraig/docs/eternity.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eternity
  8. I wouldn't concern yourself with that Bumpy. I resurrected the thread. The last post was made on Feb 11 2007, 12:24 PM so, the original participants of the thread lost interest in it almost a year ago. :) Besides, anyone is free to re-engage the subject of the thread whenever they feel like it. Until then --
  9. Tell that one to my wife (just make sure you're wearing a helmet when you do). ;) Well, if I can't do that -- can I fire them? :) Bumpy, you didn't answer my question. What's up with that!
  10. Happy Thanksgiving back at ya Bumby (btw -- why did you choose to use the ID Bumpy?). I've been married to the same wonderful woman for . . . . hmm she'll kick me if I get this wrong . . . . 32 years. I have three wonderful children and six awesome grandchildren (with one more on the way -- due in July). I've worked at the same place for 21 years. Thanks for the offer -- how much will you pay me? ;)
  11. Larry N Moore

    Ho Ho Ho

    Yea but, what about those cookies and candies? :)
  12. Larry N Moore

    Ho Ho Ho

    Do you plan on sharing them with the rest of us? ;) Happy Thanksgiving Abi! (I think of you often).
  13. :blink: Tom, you asked a question. I answered it honestly. Why you have a problem with that speaks more about you, then it does about me.
  14. Look at the timestamps in this thread as well as the post I made in the other thread on John Lynn. Some people may believe in coincidences but I wouldn't be among them. Sheesh, yea I know you don't want to know but, darn if you don't want to cast out some bait -- Iow, if you didn't want to know then it's pretty durn ignorant of you to even ask.
  15. I have to respectfully disagree with you. First of all, although I agree that it was "gutsy" for them to choose to make that disclosure the key point is they chose to do so. They weren't being badgered to make a statement. Secondly, they made that disclosure to the church. I assume that means the members of their particular church. See below what I've highlighted in red. Greasespot (by it's own admission) is not a religious board, let alone a church. Finally, and perhaps more importantly, is the fact that Holy Smoke seems conflicted on the matter. She clearly states: "It's like my divorce.... If my husband and I had not told our relatives all our dirt, we'd probably still be together." When you get right down to it, it's nobodies business what goes on behind closed doors. Only members within that household -- The husband, wife and children have a right to know what's going on. Not their (husband and wife's) father or mother; not their Grandpas or Grandmas; not their Uncles or Aunts; not their Nephews or Nieces or cousins; not even their friends and most definitely not strangers. Only if they choose to make it their business of their own freewill is it so. None of those family members have a right to demand to be told what's going on. And if any of them were to badger them I would tell them to go away. Now if they invited them to call or write to them and they would discuss their personal matters that would be different. What if one of your family members demanded that you go to a public park (with a megaphone) and declare all your problems so anyone could hear? Would you say: Ok.
  16. It's said it's pretty sharp and can cut both ways. Who would have thunk it. ;)
  17. That's a good thing to say but, I think those who knew me well enough already knew that I would always be there whenever they needed me. I still hear from many of them from time to time but, our lives have gone in different directions and most of them are doing very well. Thank God!
  18. I agree. Having spoken to many that either left of their own volition or were kicked out I felt a great deal of sorrow for the pain they experienced. Most of the time all I could think to say was: May God see you through this time and bless you more in the future than He has in the past. What more could I say?
  19. My door is always opened for both friends and strangers (I think there's a verse about entertaining angels unaware). P.S. Dooj, I didn't say but the conversation I had with my dear friend was the last one I ever had with her. After that she marked and avoided me. Do you think it didn't grieve my heart to have someone who I loved so much walk away whenever they saw me in public places?
  20. You are correct. However, one doesn't leave behind, easily, something they devoted most of their life to without some pain. It's like losing a dear relative or friend to death. It doesn't matter how they died -- you still go through a grieving process. I didn't have that mindset, obviously. I always thought I was serving God first and foremost so, the thought that I failed God never crossed my mind. I knew from experience that not all those who said they were serving God were actually doing so. And some of my greatest examples of people who were serving their own bellies were members of the elite group called the Corp. For me, the first question I asked was -- Should I leave? That He left up to me. The second question came after I made MY decision to leave. Part of the problem (that I saw through experience) was for many of these (to borrow a phrase from Eyes) so-called leaders the ministry was their God. Ego can surely blind one to what is true. To feel this way -- imo -- is a clear sign of pride. God wasn't kicking them out (of the Body) -- people were and people DON'T have that authority. Unfortunately, for many, TWI WAS the Body. That's idolatry. Why someone who had a relationship with God didn't see that is beyond me. In fact I remember having a conversation with a dear friend to chose to stay in when I left and was asked: Why don't I see what you're seeing Larry? My answer was -- Perhaps you're just not ready to see it.
  21. I understand your point but, when I left TWI my first question was -- God what should I do now?
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