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    45 years ago

    My mother told me when I came home from school that day. I was in first grade. I remember thinking how can someone shoot the President, and why?
  2. Yes and no. I have a Camaro SS convertible for fun and a Toyota Camry for work, etc.
  3. BackForty


    Hi Ed. I went to twig at Colin, Carlene, Gloria & Don's house. My name is Wayne. I was the teenager with the black Trans Am. I remember your name. Were you in Beth's family? Yes, Sue was great! Some of the other names I recall are Brian, Larry, Sheila, Dierdre, Jan(?). I can picture other faces but the names aren't coming to mind right now.
  4. After uploading a pic the browser says Done and turns white. These are the steps I am following: I have created my album: BackForty Selected: Edit my albums Selected from the dropdown: Upload Image Entered a Caption Image to Upload - browsed to the file Clicked Post Image
  5. Yes! It appears we do have a winner!!! So, the great Dubya mistery is solved!
  6. LMAO! :lol: Yeah that's it. Ok, so some remember it being there. I was wondering if it had anything to do with the way, but I guess it doesn't.
  7. This morning I saw a portion of an automotive program where they were at a car show in Gunnison, CO. In the background there was a large white W on the mountain side. I don't remember seeing this when I was at Camp Gunnison. Anyone know anything about it?
  8. Ellen was 4th corps and was ordained while serving as limb leader of Alabama in the late 70's. I heard later she got married and was in Riverside, CA. Her husband died in a work related accident. Micki lived at a way home with Ellen and others. She had served as a Minnesota harvester. I believe Micki was originally from Alabama. Anyone know of their whereabouts?
  9. That's what the work coordinator said as we lined up with rakes in hand inside Emporia's circle drive. We spread out side-by-side and raked the entire area to remove the dead grass clippings. This afternoon I was raking some dead grass where the sun/drought has killed it. Suddenly I could see all the people, rakes, those wooden carts... deja vu whoaa! Just thought I would share a non drug induced flashback.
  10. Ralph, You were the man then and you are the man now. Thank you. This is the first installment of GreaseSpot Radio that I have listened to. It ends at the time I left. So, it is extra special to me as it concerns my final days. I did not know my corps coordinator had been fired a month before I left. I first heard of this activity shortly after vpw's passing. A woman in my twig that had been involved longer than myself had been on staff at hq. She was approached by vpw and turned him down. Naturally at the time I was shocked. I cannot recall what I said to her if anything. Then I recalled a late night bless patrol shift at Emporia. At least I wasn't stuck out in the back forty this time! I was to watch the coach behind the library but not approach it. During the night a tall slender girl with long straight hair approached the coach. She was not carrying anything in her hands. She entered the coach. I never saw her come out before my shift ended. Of course this doesn't mean anything other than it made me think. What was going on that night? My hat if off to Pat for contacting people over the years. I do hope God will heal her heart also. It brings tears to my eyes to think what my corps sisters had to deal with. Along with so many other members outside of the corps household. I do hope their hearts have healed over this.
  11. 30 yrs ago I was a wow in MN. I believe the snow was beginning to melt about now. Rock 78 was our home coming.
  12. BackForty


    Yeah it was like the cool hippy days then. Once I arrived at Emporia however, it became all business from then on. Too bad. No that's not it. But, that house is only the next block down. The yahoo map on the real estate site is totally wrong. I last saw the house about ten years ago and don't have a pic. I'll have to cruise down there and take one.
  13. BackForty


    I grew up here and took the 'freedom' class in '76. We had some wonderful people in Bham as WOW's on the 75-76 wave! The house the branch leader lived in later became a Way Home in which I lived until going WOW in 77. This home was probably built in the 20's or 30's. Someone has since restored the house and it boasts a Bham Beautification Board Award. Several other great people came to the area following my WOW year. All of which I have fond memories of. :)
  14. I hope TX is spared from damage. We could sure use the rain in AL so I hopefully Humberto will visit us. I lived in Houston for a year (87-88) after leaving the Way in Dallas. Recently I looked on google earth for my apt on Ella Blvd north of Rankin Rd. It appears they are gone. They were very nice at the time.
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