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  1. Still praying for your daughter. How is she doing?

  2. Think John is with LMCI (Liberating Ministries for Christ) by Dale Sides in Bedford, Virginia
  3. Ya'll ever think about how many people would have died (I know some did after the fact) but during that time period of the 70's and 80's.....people were looking for something. They got it. Might not have been the best..but it may have kept them alive till today. He plagerized, ect., but at least some of us lived to know it.
  4. sogwap51

    8th Corps

    I'm around here and there but rarely. This site gave me too much grief....so just check periodically but it's not on my "list of things to do" anymore.
  5. Do you really care if he replies...and why? What's the point? Many f&&k up...as many of us have...so...what would be the point? Anyone ever make a major mistake? His might be to a greater degree as you chose to put it on a scale of 1 to 10....but if you never made a mistake in your life that hurt someone, big or small...are you to call the kettle black?
  6. sogwap51


    yea...no friends period
  7. sogwap51


    Suda...i got settled in....many things have happened. I'm finding who my friends are and arent.
  8. sogwap51


    Yes...they are. To me a friend is a friend is a friend. Despite ups and downs.
  9. sogwap51


    There are many that claim to be your friends but they are not. A friend really does stick closer than a brother. I did a paper in college about friends and how you run a business...friend thing too. How to deal with people. A "friend" will let you "vent" or "argue", whatever...and still be your friend...thru thick and thin and smart or stupid days. A "friend" will let you have a bad day, even if they are consistant. People that "portray" being a friend are apparently not. Be careful who you say is a friend...because they bash you behind you back in here and other places.
  10. I didn't read ALL of this...but................I think some folks got saved there despite it all. Earlier years there was a movement going on -in his time period. Think some folks that got "Jesus" and got saved would probably be dead today. Instead of thinking how he $%&^ up....there is a lot that was a lifeline for some AT THAT TIME PERIOD.
  11. Suda...thanks. I don't have access to a computer because all my belongs and puter are in Georgia and I'm in Ohio. I have the "basics" here for now.
  12. I think you believe in your gut who you are and if you are connected to God and Jesus Christ. I took what TWI taught like a"class"...not a lifestyle. I knew in my heart I loved God...and still know that no matter how much I may screw up daily, monthly.....I love God and God loves me...personally. TWI taught me principles...I chose the ones that worked for me and discarded the others. I didn't read the whole post so off line.....sorry.
  13. Love all the heartfelt, heart warming stories. They are like fairyland to me tho. Sorry I'm the "downer" here. I married because I was basically "told" to. Have been married almost 24 years now and none have been pleasant that I can recall. I bet there are others "out there" that don't have the "fairy land tale" also. I was around when the 4th Corps did their "marriage circle" and only one or two are still together that I know of. I left my husband for 5 years (the man VP told me to marry). We went back together after 5 years because of "promises"...and now 7 years later...tis the same. Iknow there are happy marriages from TWI..but there are also reget marriages. People will probably post the happy ones...so I'm the odd ball.
  14. Gilbert died...and she married someone a couples later is what I heard
  15. Why does anyone care about John Lynn? He introduced me to his "girlfriend" that he was going to marry after he and Pat split. But really who cares????? And if you CARE so much.............why????? If he's ....#d up, he's ....#d up. If he's out in the cyber space woods, so be it. Pray for the dude if you care. If you don't let your brain go elsewhere. I knew him way back when....when he and Pat were married and with their daughter. People change...and they were under pressure then. Pat was a Jack Daniels junkey and he was a bottled water junkie. Pat spent all her time with Harvey Platig. But SO WHAT. She taught me how to fold sheets in a class...sheets that are fittied. That's all I give her credit for. She was basically an all bitch then and probably still is...but she taught the "corps" how to fold fitted sheets. I "KNOW" John's background.................do YOU....probably NO. His parents own E-Lie Lilly (mis-spelled it). They own the eli lilly corporation so John has never had to work and never would hold an actual job in his life. He lives off the the principle of the E-lie lilly corp. That corp destributes drugs and researches them. BUt his dad was the founder of the company so that's where he gets his bucks and his pass into never working or holding a job. He used to joke about never having to work. He was born with a silver spoon and still sucks it.
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