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sausage and gravy


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The roux is just fat of some (any) sort and flour, which are blended together and cooked. That's a base for thinning with some sort of liquid, milk or water or broth.

In gravy, it is the fat (dripping) from the meat mixed with flour to thicken, and then thinned out with water, usually the water in which veges have been cooked, to retain any water-soluble vitamins that have leached into the water. Sausages don't usually make a lot of fat so to make gravy traditionally extra fat will need to be added.

For roast meats, the fat will also include some of the other juices from the meat. It's really flavorsome.

Gravy is often nowadays made more quickly with gravy browning which is a mixture of seasonings, sometimes with thickeners, and with caramel to color the resulting liquid brown.

Penguin, you can make it with margarine but the flavor might not be very good. Soy milk would work - again, check the flavor. You could experiment using olive or other vege oil instead of margarine.

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Washn'wear, welcome to the Cafe.

Glad you are interested in our new regional speciality dish. You can have it with Brussels sprouts, broccoli or cabbage, but not with mushy peas.

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