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We bought a portable smoker -- it's for beginners. I've never done it before and I'm excited. Anyone have any good sauces or rubs for the meat?

Or wood ideas?

Does anyone else smoke in the smoker?

Oh yeah!!! Sushi does! Chicken, pork roasts, fish, great stuff! He smokes ribs and I have NEVER had such tender and tasty ribs, they don't even need BBQ sauce!!!!!

I'm betting he will be posting in here when he gets home from work. :)

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For the purpose of discussion, it will be assumed you have one of THESE! :biglaugh: (This is more or less the one I have)

The first thing I would recommend is a chimney stack coal starter. HERE. This will eliminate the need for lighter fluid (less chance of burning down the house), also the taste of lighter fluid in my food just isn't all that appealing. The coals will be ready to cook in about fifteen minutes.

The next time I smoke something, I'm going to try THIS method of lighting the coals. It presumably allows for longer cooking times, something rather important in smoking.

As far as wood choice, I tend toward hickory or mesquite. Soak the wood for at least a half hour before use. This will allow the wood to last longer AND produce more smoke. :biglaugh:

One last thing. You will probably also have a pan you can put water in for smoking. My experience has been, it tends to make poultry mushy, but is highly recommended for beef or pork.

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So I broke in the smoker on Monday. The meat turned out really good. I used tri-tip steak. It was cut into three pieces (I wanted to start small) and I marinated each a different way to see what I liked best.

A. A dry rub of pepper, salt, garlic, whatever else I had....

B. Wet marinade of Dijon Honey Mustard, beer, cider vinegar and smoke liquid

C. Same wet marinade but an hour before cooking smothered in Sea Salt (can also use Kosher salt) and let sit for 1 hour on the counter. (this is suppose to make the meat tender through osmosis). After an hour rinsed clean with water and patted dry.

A. It was alright.

B. Second place

C. Turned out the best! mmmm.....

I used mesquite wood chips. I served it with a copycat of Applebees BBQ sauce-- very tasty and some potots, brocoli, carrots and cauliflower I wrapped in foil with olive oil and butter and placed in the oven at 325-350 for about 40 min. . Hubby said he would pay about $10 for a meal like that at a BBQ joint.

I'm cooking brisket tomorrow. It's a big piece of meat so I need to get a meat thermometer. I've marinated it in a spicy mustard for 2 days now (going on 3) and I'm going to do the salt thing to it also. As usually...I'll let you know.

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