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Elephant paints self portrait

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In regard to color deficiencies, commonly called color blindness, elephants are what are known as deuteranopes.

So, if you give it a brush with green paint or a brush with orange paint, it could not distinguish between the two.


I go through this with a co-worker who can't tell yellow from orange, even the most extreme examples.

I am forever hounding him to----- READ THE PART NUMBERS!!

Just though I would mention that. :wink2:

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I was really impressed with the video - until I watched several more about "elephant artists".

It seems that they have a whole stable of elephants that have been trained to paint. And each one seems to have a particular "painting" that it does, over and over again - exactly the same.

I think what's really going on here is that the elephants have been trained to make their own, individual "portrait" by being carefully coached to paint a given image line by line. It must be an intense bit of training, but that's what it looks like to me. Otherwise, if these elephants were actually excercising some sort of artistic expression, why would they paint the exactly same image, in exactly the same amount of strokes, done in the exactly same manner again and again?

And then the colors are simply a matter of what their handler chooses to dip their brushes into. And then, of course, these "works of art" are put up for sale at the adjacent gift shop - or, as with the videos - they are available online.

The initial impression is a really fascinating one, but, as with sausage, I don't think we'd want to see how these "artists" are really made...

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