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Knock Knock...

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Ok, this is one of two jokes that I actually made up my ownself. As we may have pondered,"who makes up all of the jokes in this world?" One friend of mine suspects that they are made up in the prisons. Well, I made this one up. So, here it goes"

"Knock Knock"...

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Tohubohu is Hebrew word mentioned in the old PFAL class. It's the word for the English words "without form and void" in Genesis 1:2. At least that's how I remember it from the class. All of the folks in my first twig, well, we thought it was a funny sounding word, and then with a mighty revelation from Above, I came up with the joke. Oh well, we all thought it was funny back in the day. Maybe the "rev" didn't come from Above, or, I guess it's lost something in the translation. You should read it in the original though, it's just so so...

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or is the bo referring to me,

as in short for bow

(which is short for bowtwi,

which is short for better off without

the way international)?

Too much thinking for a holiday.

Time to enjoy Christmas Eve.

I'm just glad I'm not the only one

who didn't get it right away...

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Yes, that would make it a religious joke...

And yeah, Bowtie, it is Christmas Eve, but in this faraway land where I live it is only 2:30 p.m., so I have a little time left yet. The wife and kids and I are going to do the "stocking hanging and the putting of the presents under the tree thing" after supper four or fve hours from now...........

Ok, here is my one other joke, and it's not a religious one this time, and I will spare you the 'reciprocating post" thing and just tell it all:

Q: Why were the Alps named the "Alps"?

A: Scroll on down

Because everytime somebody would get lost up there you could hear 'em yelling: Alp! Alp!

Well I hope you all have a very very Merry Christmas, and thanks for listening to my dumb jokes!


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Honestly though, I think I came up with that TOTAL of two jokes over the last 25 years, so I really doubt that I will come up with any others. I mean, I really don't try to, really....

Say, had you never heard of the "tohubohu" word?

And, I see that you reaaly like music, Clapton in particular. Well, me too. I love the blues and play harmonica and have done so in a few bar bands up here where I live. I played in one band called "Elvis's Butt" which was kind of the antithesis of a local band called "The Truffles". No one drank any beer when the Truffles played because they were enviro greenie type folks, who are fine, but they don't drink much more than wine and lemon water and stuff and the bars in our tiny northern town wanted a rowdier crowd. So, we came up with "Elvis's Butt", and played blues and people came and drank beer and good times were had by all, including Truffles fans...

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Yea I knew what tohubohu was, that was why I was messing with ya and asked if it was a religious joke. I kinda have an odd sense of humor sometime.

You know your post should be over in the music thread now don't ya.

Yes love Clapton, for many reasons. Have for years.

So will ya copy and paste your post over to my music thread where you start off with....I love the blues. Will ya, come on please will ya?


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