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Favorite Christmas music

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... from Bob Rivers? Twisted Tunes

To The Tune of Most Wonderful Time of the Year

From the CD, More Twisted Christmas, by Bob Rivers & Comedy Corp.


It's the most fattening time of the year,

With that pumpkin pie filling

and everyone swilling down eggnog and beer,

it's the most fattening time of the year!

It's the lip-smakin'ist season of all!

While you're shopping you're cheating,

impusively eating that junk at the mall!

It's the heav, heaviest season of all!

There'll be turkeys for basting

and stuffing for tasting

and giblets and gravey will flow.

There'll be cookies that mom baked and leftover

fruitcake from Christmases long long ago!

It's the scale flattening time of the year!

While your diet your blowing, there's calories

going straight down to your rear!

It's the scale flattening time of the year!

There'll be after meal dozing and arteries closing,

cholesterol levels will grow.

It's too cold to be jogging,

too brisk for tobogganing,

so pass me a hot buttered roll!

It's the most fattening time Of the year!

All those gingerbread shingles and chocolate

Kris Kringles will tremble in fear!

It's the most fattening time - It's the belt loosening time...

It's the most fattening time of the year!


...I wish you could hear it in the original... with Richard Simmons yelling in the background, trying to dissuade people from eating junk food... "Put down that cookie!" ... "Step away from the dessert table!" ... "I'm watching..."

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