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  1. The problem, as I see it, is not that you can't marry a person outside your organization, but the fact that you are not told this from the outset of the relationship. People who date people in TWI are not aware of the belief system they are going to have to subscribe to should they want to pursue marriage with that person. On the other hand, if you're just dating and having a good time with no expectations of the relationship leading to anything, then it is no big deal. I'd prefer to know from the start because further down the road I would be very disappointed and feel as though I had been misled or lied to (by omission of information).
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    Hi Blue Sunday. Welcome to the GreaseSpot! I'm still in so I don't get access to the computer too much at home. It's always good to see new faces around here when I do get to check in. I hope that you are free from the bondage of The Way.
  3. In TWI, it has been my experience that people receive counsel whether they ask for it or not. The armchair quarterback always has the answers and is always eager to share. It would be so nice if hindsight wasn't the only sight that was 20/20.
  4. Okay. ;)--> OM, maybe VP taught what you said but I don't remember it. What I do remember is LCM and the teaching in his era which jives with what everyone else is saying....unless it actually breathes by itself it is not alive and not considered a human being. Perhaps LCM had some untimely news that required he specify to the degree that he did. You look for your notes and I'll look for mine.
  5. Welcome, Wonder1! You might want to also look into how many lawsuits there have been. If you're new to the Internet and searching for information about TWI, then there are probably a lot more than you are aware of.
  6. No, but only because my memory is so bad I couldn't remember any of it.
  7. It would be so much easier if the victims recognized that they were being victimized at the time. Then they wouldn't be "victims" and could be called guilty, willing participants in the evil doings "for God's sake". I'm glad God is tender, merciful, kind and looks on the heart. I'm also glad that after the return there will be no more tears, no more pain and no more abuse.
  8. My best friend didn't do anything wrong. The leaders just didn't like him and every little thing he did or said was twisted out of proportion and if he made a mistake it was magnified and scrutinized. He didn't want to leave TWI. He was afraid to leave TWI. He was kicked out of TWI and he lost all his friends and some family members. I saw what was happening and I didn't quit talking to him, but I was afraid to see him in public anywhere because I didn't want to get in trouble for talking to him if anyone was to see me with him.
  9. There's another recipe that uses some syrupy kind of malt. I will have to look for it.
  10. I wonder if they have people in every branch who monitor the site to see if anyone posts who sounds like someone in their area or if the local leadership get a fax that says "so and so poster said that ..... and asked about..... Does this sound like anyone in your area or has anyone in your area said something similar?" They do things like this and then wonder why people still in don't trust them and are afraid to ask questions and share things with them.
  11. Also, Catcup there is: * wear and tear on our furniture, carpet, house * toilet paper, power bills, phone bills * lost time from work * notebooks, pens, paper * babysitter and pet sitting fees I have given way too much money. I would get depressed if I really spent any time thinking about it.
  12. TWI taught that pets won't be in Heaven so now I believe they will be in Heaven. Chapter and verse, Mr. Martindale and RFR?
  13. I have heard the leaders talk nice about Mel's movie, but they are concerned because the movie doesn't tell people how to be born again and it doesn't give anyone who wants to know more a place to go. That's why they don't like the movie so much. With TWI people have someone who will undersheperd them and answer all their questions. Big gatherings and huge events don't provide the one-on-one undershepherding that you get with TWI. They also think there is not enough on the resurrection and that the focus should have been on that and not the death of Jesus Christ. The comments have been the same disrespect for anyone outside of TWI that I am used to hearing. They just don't seem to like it when anyone does something well. It's like they don't like the "Purpose Driven Life" even though that book has helped a lot of people and gotten some excited about reading the Bible again. On a personal note: I don't care why Mel did the movie. I'm glad he did it and he deserves every penny that movie generates. He made a great movie that showed more accuracy than most people had been familiar with and he promoted it heavily and well enough to generate interest for lots of people to go see the movie. I think God's pretty proud of him. Obviously I don't know God's thoughts, but that's my take on the situation.
  14. The Way Corps program has a research section in the training where the trainees are given a certain situation and they are challenged to come up with a way to help that person and answer their questions by using the latest Sunday teachings, Way Magazine and the collaterals. Using your own research and outside sources are not permitted.
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