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Party Purges: LCM and Stalin


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Greetings all. It has been quite a while since I last posted. Allow me to say I am grateful for Greasespot. So many things I only suspected about The Way have been brought to light in these forums. I am thankful there is a place to share what we have learned and to get on with our lives.

Friday afternoon, I will graduate from college. A small accomplishment, granted, but rewarding for one who "dropped out of school" to "move the word."

I spent the last year studying the history and culture of Russia and Eurasia in Washington State. My daughter and I were both students on the same campus. Quite a treat for me, considering I pushed her to classes in an old metal stroller when she was a baby and I was last in college. I wish to share some of the similarities between the Way, post P.O.P. and Stalin's ascent to power in the Soviet Union.

Stalin worked diligently as a party organizer and spent more around Lenin before his death than nearly anyone else, including Lenin's wife. Some confusion ruled upon Lenin's death and after a series Party in-fights and compromises, Stalin emerged as Party Chairman. Enrollment to the Communist Party, called the Lenin Enrollment, gave Stalin a huge control over the party membership. (Think Way Corps director in this context.) A period of rapid industrialization was required for the Russians, who were decimated by World War I and the Russian Civil War. Five year plans were implemented to monitor and track this growth and developement. (Think in the context of Abundant Sharing, as opposed to tithing, Word Over The World, Rise and Expansion, etc.). Party members were required to be 100% loyal to Stalin and the Party. Sound familiar?

Later began a period of purges and show trials. Industrial "wreckers" and saboteurs were seen everywhere. (Granted, there were few show trials at the Way, but the Homo Purge was shared and frequently.) They stopped Bolshevik progress and because of that they were enemies of the People. More purges followed. In 1937 it was a purge of all foreigners. All the old "party faithful" were gone from the Stalin power structure by 1938, with the exception of Malotov. After World War II it was the returning Russian prisoners of war who would be targetede for treason (Call it a type of spiritual probation, known as rehabilitation)inhabit the Gulags. The last was the "Doctors Purge" which was a campaign against "Rootless Cosmopolitanism" and was essentially anti-semitic. The party that stopped the Russian Pogroms against Jews reverted to prior policy.

After Stalin's death, Nikita Khrushchev, in his "Secret Speech" condemned the "Cult of Personality" which had empowered Stalin, and was created by Lenin.

It is difficult to write this. I was right there in the middle of it and I bought in for quite a while. I left before the Loyalty Letter, but, I should have done something sooner. Best wishes to all of you- Egilkent

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