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  1. God bless you Trefor. I'll get to meet you someday. :)

  2. Sherlock Holmes. No clever enough to put the piccies up for one of my own tho so am making this a free go.
  3. The Talented Mr Ripley Jack Davenport Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End
  4. Oops senior moment! I meant to write: Steve Guttenberg Coccoon Wilford Brimley
  5. Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home Why? Why are the innocent punished? Why the sacrifice? Why the pain? There aren't any promises. Nothing certain. Only that some get called, some get saved. She won't ever know the hardship and grief for those of us left behind. We commit these bodies to the void with a glad heart. For within each seed, there is a promise of a flower, and within each death, no matter how small, there's always a new life. A new beginning. Amen.
  6. Batman Returns Michelle Pfieffer Dangerous Liaisons
  7. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Richard Harris Cromwell
  8. Oh, yeah. Oooh, ahhh, that's how it always starts. Then later there's running and screaming.
  9. Is this spoken or sung? If sung it's South Pacific.
  10. John Rhys-Davies Viktor/Viktoria Julie Andrews
  11. I don't blame people for their mistakes, but I do ask that they pay for them.
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