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College Degrees and da way


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  1. 1. Did you have some kind of credible degree?

    • Associates
    • Bachellor's
    • Masters
    • Doctorate
    • some college, or post high school education. (trades, etc.)Cu

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I have a genuine degree in a very difficult and challenging subject that requires a lot of careful thinking. Plus further professional training, on top of that, and a sort of professional apprenticeship for two years (so an intense six years training) in highly respectable profession.

I come to TWI. They think they have a feather in the cap for this smartie.

Trouble is, a degree teaches you to think. Think of good ways to do things. Ask questions like, Why? When you see something that you don't understand or which doesn't seem logical - you ask - "Why? Not to be argumentative, but to understand better.

And thinking is not what was encouraged in TWI. So many times I got: You are leaning to your own understanding. You are not meek to the Word. You do not follow instructions. You do not submit.

They made me feel - ashamed (!) for having studied, qualified, got my professional stuff under my belt. Ashamed that I could think things through - but it didn't agree with some of what they taught. Ashamed of the brain that God has given me. Ashamed of the uniqueness that God has given me. Ashamed of wanting to help people.

Because what I qualified in could really help people in the here and now. And from that, those people could have been led into dealing with their spiritual needs. I trained in that profession because I wanted to help people - not to make megabucks.

They stole that.

They stole my critical thinking ability.

They stole my self-confidence.

And it was all because of jealousy. Jealous that worldly skills could do something that their bullying self-aggrandising "training" could not achieve.

Thank God that he can make a "plan B" in our lives, to try to get us back to where He wanted us in the first place. Or some other place that we can carry out the works that He has before ordained that we should do.

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I think the following link says it all. Be sure to scroll down to see Camp Gunnison Inc.


And just to be sure

The degrees issued by the way international through Camp Gunnison Inc. are WORTHLESS.

But the way international claim they are accredited with degree granting status. What a nasty twist of words they use.

Granting a roll of toilet paper would be more useful. :biglaugh:

Oh, the irony is just too funny!

Did you happen to see the 'church' who was listed right above Camp Gunnison? The Brotherhood of the White Temple, Inc. Yep,

they give out the same type of degrees. I went to their website expecting a neo-nazi group....nope, just hard core mysticism (sp).

Still, they have a college and issue degrees. I wonder who has more students in training?

Brotherhood College

The Brotherhood of the White Temple Correspondence College is recognized by the State of Colorado as a bona fide post secondary religious educational institution. The College Work is a series of lessons on every branch of occult, metaphysical and Spiritual Science including healing. These Lessons are divided into four Neophyte and twelve Temple grades...

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