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I met Lonnie in 1975, we had a very interesting conversation about my life.. He knew things no one knew.

But I never met Jim Doop. I heard he had kept a diary of his walk in the 70's.

I was wondering if it would be possible to pay to for a copy of the book or manuscript.

Does anyone have any current info on this?


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excathedra has a copy of Jim Doop's book.  Back many years ago here on GSC - - she told me how he gave it to her and she hung onto it,  She always thought she should share it with the GSC community, but wasn't willing to let go of it.  I offered to pay her for it being photo-copied so I (and others) could read it too. She thought that a good idea, but she never got back to me about it, and since then she has disappeared from the GSC and I haven't heard from her since..  The last time I had contact with her was 2009.


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