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artist learned stuff from vpw- was 16 when joined way-

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hi all- 1st post/ was from very messed up family- and channeled occult imagery as  kid/ took me decades but my work has evolved and i've been thru grad school- and ---willie and some other famous folks and thousands of non famous own my work here's a glimpse. i call this QUANTUM SLEEP_thx 4 looking btw i quit way after being in corps for 4 mos. breaking my arm and seeing the real hypocrisy of it all- was afraid to quit - thot i'd get 'devil spirits' if i did yada yada quit- and have gone on now to do healing ministry last 7 yrs or so- have seen many people healed esp of pain instantly and injuries - so anyway that's off topic sorry/ vpw- was tough on emotions "feelings come and go" ...yada yada-yet the LORD i knew understood all our emotions and so did the God who is aerator so my thesis work is "the case for an emotional Jesus in PAINTING"

session 7 right side smlr BORDER TITLE.jpg

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On 3/7/2019 at 6:40 PM, GeorgeStGeorge said:

Interesting imagery.  What was your thought process in bringing it to pass?


THX G/ evil spirits invading a family undetected- the ezekiel wheel in the background- the emptiness and apathy porn- / etc. i've written a lot on it--/ but curious what U saw?? thx again K

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10 hours ago, jim jack said:

Kata..Its GREAT to hear of someone who "did battle" and came out on top..don't think that we're not proud of you, as most would have bent their knee to the BS!!

thx Jim-- i think a lotta people may have 'bent the knee'--i look at the Superbowl satanic rituals and how prolific love of evil is now---and much of it is vectored via the arts// love kata

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yes Kata isn't this an amazing world we live in...with our ability within to dispell alot of this darkness....glad I ignored the l/2 time..in fact did my best to stay awake on this defensive struggle..glad your art doesn't depict this junk..love u too..JJ


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it depicts it but as curtis chang writes in his book 'engaging unbelief'--//about Aristotle's book 'city of God' //my work attempts to "enter the narrative- retell it and so--capture the narrative-"/ here is a short wiki cerpt on the book "


The sack of Rome by the Visigoths in 410 left Romans in a deep state of shock, and many Romans saw it as punishment for abandoning traditional Roman religion for Christianity. In response to these accusations, and in order to console Christians, Augustine wrote The City of God, arguing for the truth of Christianity over competing religions and philosophies and that Christianity was not responsible for the Sack of Rome, but instead was responsible for its success. He attempted to console Christians, writing that even if the earthly rule of the Empire was imperiled, it was the City of God that would ultimately triumph. Augustine's eyes were fixed on Heaven, a theme of many Christian works of Late Antiquity, and despite Christianity's designation as the official religion of the Empire, Augustine declared its message to be spiritual rather than political. Christianity, he argued, should be concerned with the mystical, heavenly city, the New Jerusalem, rather than with earthly politics.

The book presents human history as a conflict between what Augustine calls the Earthly City (often colloquially referred to as the City of Man, but never by Augustine) and the City of God, a conflict that is destined to end in victory for the latter. The City of God is marked by people who forego earthly pleasure to dedicate themselves to the eternal truths of God, now revealed fully in the Christian faith. The Earthly City, on the other hand, consists of people who have immersed themselves in the cares and pleasures of the present, passing world."

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