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First Annual Southern Comfort Weenie Roast


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A *head* count???

I think I'll pass on that one

BUT ifn your planning on coming, or simply considering doing so you can email me at...


yeah I know its a rather long nic n all but what can I say


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  • 2 weeks later...

I just thought that perhaps we could use a prayer concerning this gathering.....since many who were gona come have since decided not to........and now there seems to be a Lilly passing thru.

Perhaps a prayer is also in order for those that can't make it because of pressing family matters.

Perhaps ya's don't even believe in prayer.........thats ok ......its yer perrogative.....as well as it is not to read anymore of this post.

But I'll be praying for a fun filled weekend of fellowship and good times and thankful that I'll be part of the first annual southern comfort weenie roast. A place where greasespotters can gather and share hearts without the confines of a keyboard and break bread together too.

I know about a year ago there was a lot of chat here in the forums and in the chatroom about a gathering of greasespotters. Many ideas were suggested and alot of wonderful people stepped to the forefront to undertake responsiblites. And I for one think its a wonderful idea that we share our hearts and lives with one another wether it be one on one when the occassion affords us to do so or in a group setting.

I thought I would bring this topic back to the top just in case someone might want to come and missed it.

Once again.......its been my pleasure....... to just be a part of this little cyber family.

Littlehawk.......Yer Friendly Tour Guide to tha Bourbin Regions of the Bluegrass!

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Can't make, though would love to be there!

Meeting with GSers was a fanstasic thing for me, but I didn't get them all in one place, but spread over 3700 miles!

Don't pee on any oak trees!!!


In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice...but in practice there is

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We arrived!

Tess and me n my crew met up with Hawk Friday night and hung out n talked at the cabin. It was such fun putting faces with cyberhandles. I decided along time ago that ya'll look alot different in person than the mind pics I get from talking with you in chat or what I've gleaned from the forums. This makes for a nice surprise and a bit of mental adjustment (sorta like reading a book n then watching the movie) but turn around is fair play as I've heard more than once that I'm not at all what someone else expected to see. Folks seem to think I'm a bearded guy in overalls that chews on a piece of straw or something...thats Ron folks, not me

Anyways we hung out fer awhile that night catching up on old times, what we were doing and the usual ministry type babble that goes along with exwayfers getting together and then because we all drove a good distance decided to call it a night and get some sleep.

The next morning Cathy showed up with her brood in tow and proceeded to make some of the best tasting biscuits and gravy that I've had in A LONG time. We adults chatted while Cathy, Hawks n my kids got to get to know each other, it was cool to see them wake up all groggy like and not exactly social and then as the day wore on, to get to know each other and become friends.

Cathy and her crew grabbed the raft and headed for the lake for a morning of fishing and Hawk and our boys headed off for a day of fishing on the lake.

I slept...

Later there was a quick lunch and more hanging out at the park that I missed cuz

I slept...

but I heard it was great fun too...

That evening Cathy an Hawk cooked up the most scumptious feast one could imagine. Deer stew, delicious homemade baked beans, lots of burgers and weenies too, smoores, watermelon, fudge brownies and a bit of impromptu guitar playing too!

The kids had a great time setting around the campfire like good children do, singing waytunes in their well pressed casual elegent clothes, listening to a leaching prepared by the grand poobah hisself for this momentious occasion followed by a bit of tent to tent witnessing


They acted like KIDS and had a fun chasing each other, talking, and getting to know each other as did us adults. The campfire added a bit of fun to the evening as we made smores and attempted to cook microwave popcorn in a skillet...lemme tell ya, that don't work so well but the smores were delicious as were the marshmellows.

Later Tess taught the kids how to play matchstick poker and Hawk took the boys back out on the lake for a bit of nightfishing (thanks Hawk, Cam rally enjoyed it!) and though the fish weren't biting they had a great time exploring the lake and hanging out.

The next morning we met up again for biscuits n gravy n some chat then we packed everything back up (I am amazed at how cool calm and collected Cathy was what with 7 kids n all, twi sure ain't got nothing on that lady when it comes to raising some happy healthy kids thats fer sure!). It was astounding how quickly and she got her van packed back up and that she could fit all those kids and gear in there so well

Well all good things must come to an end, we said our tearful goodbyes set a tenative date for the next Weenie roast and headed on back home. It was a good time and something I'd highly recommend folks doing every now n then.

Thanks guys!

I needed that

Next year I promise to stay awake the whole time


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Every event can be seen differently by any of the participants, but some folks in chat have asked how the weekend went, and this is my version. What a great time! Healing, loving, peaceful, entertaining, laughing,connecting, fulfilling, comfortable, sweet, restful,.......

The drive I thought would take 3 hours, turned into 4 (mostly because the remnants of hurrcane Lily rained on my city as I was leaving, which slowed traffic) I was first to arrive at the cabin - Hawk had already begun to set up his tent at the campsite. What a pleasant surprise! Hopefully the pictures we took will be clearly evident that the little cabin was pleasant, clean, light and comfortable. The lake was right outside the balcony. It was a bit too warm to light the fireplace, but just having it there, was nice. Around 10 pm, Friday night, we were standing outside and two deer jumped past us, maybe 15 yards away. They were close!

Saturday morning, Rascal arrived in her van with 7 beautiful little people. We all met, and the children didn't seem at all surprised that I had to repeatedly ask them their names over again. Little Aaron and I hit it off, instantly, since he loved to be to tickled. The adults drank coffee out on the balcony, the older kids got to watch cartoons like they ought to, on a vacation. We all (thirteen people) filled up on breakfast of scrambled eggs and biscuits 'n gravy that Rascal cooked using homemade sausage that Hawk supplied, and hazelnut coffee (Yummy!). I KNOW it might seem hard to believe that 4 adults, 3 teenagers, and 6 children, and 3 dogs might meet for the first time, gather together peaceably, and all get fed and satisfied -- but it happened. And clean-up didn't take long at all.

Just to show how the small wishes still get answered (and one of the funny things that we all laughed about) while breakfast was being prepared, 13 yr. old Jessie joined me on the balcony to drink in the view. She and I found common ground in that, we both love to swim. She said she couldn't wait to go swimming in the lake......

The kids went out to the boat dock to fish and play on Hawk's boat. I hung back and pondered what just happened, then took a nap. While the cabin was quiet, Mike caught up on much needed sleep, I went outside to retrieve something from my car. And not far away, two cabins down, 2 wild turkeys were gobbling and wandering around in the grass. I thought of snapping a photo for later posting here, in the forum, but my camera wouldn't have done them justice. Back inside, I played my Brubeck CD softly, and luxuriated in the closeness I felt to God, thankful for making the trip safely there, thankful for the pretty cabin and surroundings, thankful for the absence of egos & attitudes, thankful for .......Oh gosh, mere words just aren't big enough.

When they, Rascal, Hawk and all the kids came back to the cabin for lunch, I heard the report of how Jessie fell between the dock and the boat, into the lake. She thought it was funny (although, she was a bit embarrassed)...BUT she got to go into the water! The young boys were asking (politely) how soon they could go back fishing, as soon as their little feet hit the cabin floor. They had a great time and had caught some fish!

At dusk, driving from the boat dock to the campground area we saw several groups of deer. Four of them gently approached the road, we stopped our vehicles, and they scampered across to meet another group on the other side. Then later we saw quite a few deer in tall grass farther down the park road. We all met at Hawks tent-site where he had a big, blazing campfire burning as well as a couple of camp stoves. The venison stew cooked and was waiting for us. The children provided laughs and entertainment (just being themselves). And Always-Prepared-Rascal directed the children to tasks in preparation for dinner. All of the children had a purpose (whether setup, fetching, or counting heads to make sure no one wandered off). It was an amazing sight to see. And there was plenty of fun and laughter, teasing, hugging, and later....eating. Two year old 'Zee' occasionally got her feelings hurt and whimpered, but all in all she was easily consoled, and was adorable. ....and there were no bugs except for few chigger bites on my ankles.

Aaron and Ben took charge of cooking hotdogs on a stick in the campfire (Jessie admitted that she NEVER eats anything the boys cook, and I thought her advice was prudent, given their love for practical jokes- but they heartily ate what didn't fall on the ground) The charcoal-grilled hamburgers and the stew were delicious. S'mores were a big hit with the kids - almost as fascinating as the campfire. Hawk produced a treasure box of goodies including Hostess Twinkies and Cupcakes that were a big hit, and his son Cory broke open a sweet watermelon into chunks. And we headed back to the cabin for the night, leaving Hawk & Cory to a peaceful sleep in their beloved woods.

I didn't want the day to end, so I made a pot of coffee and put a pan of brownies into the oven. And the Family Machine went into precision action again (here, I must admit, I couldn't constantly watch how Rascal made things happen, I was too tempted to add my viewpoints or step in where I thought I might help - but their system was so finely tuned, that an extra hand could throw off their momentum - and result in the very chaos that were my fears. They didn't need my help, more often I needed theirs. So, I stayed out of their way.) I went to my room to take care of some personal things, and when I came out the living room was transformed into a makeshift dormitory. Every square inch of the living room floor space was utilized, but it was all contained within the living room boundaries leaving unobstructed the kitchen, dining alcove, foyer, and hallway to the bathroom and bedrooms .

The young children and toddlers were very tired but the older children were looking for more activity (I mean, I know at least 3 big bags of marshmallows were melted for s'mores) We just HAD to do something, we were driven to make the most of each remaining moments - but we had to do something relatively quiet, so I asked if we had playing cards. Ben, with a gleam in his eye, produced a full deck of cards. We all declined on playing Old Maid or Go Fish, so I offered to teach them how to play Poker. We diveyed out matchsticks for betting, and I explained the basic premise of draw poker as best I could remember (I haven't played often or recently). Then we launched into 7 Card Stud, while I explained ante, bidding, and risk. All in all, it was lots of fun, because the kids find humor in everything, and each of us won one game each. That's just the way the cards fell! It was pretty cool, but at 10:30pm, we were ready for sleep.

Sunday morning we all expressed a need to move on to other commitments that day, but resolved to get together again. Some ideas that were tossed around the dining table were: meet again in six months (making this a bi-annual event), possibly meeting in other locations, adding more people, staying longer....... it was SO hard to say goodbye. Rascal made biscuits. She couldn't find her sugar, so she substituted brownie mix to sweeten the biscuits. Then we "found' a plate of biscuits left from yesterday morning, and those of us who didn't have an appetite for "chocolate biscuits" had regular ones heaped with sausage gravy. But the chocolate biscuits were a hit to the kids. Everyone worked to get us all packed and cleaned and out of the cabin with intermittent moments of play and laughter.......did I mention that there were 3 dogs too?

Oh, heck, there's no way to tell everything that happened, but it was all sweet and peaceful and fun. Aaron would often spontaneously come to me and wrap his little arms around my neck, which melted my heart and brought tears of joy. Abby's gentle smile and soft voice was a sweet pleasure. And even Steven, the oldest boy of Rascal's family, would make eye-contact with everyone, always checking to see where he might meet a need. Herbal's son, Cam and Hawk's son, Cory were both 14 years old (and both were over six feet tall!) and the most courteous, confident young men I've seen in a long time. I miss them all, already.

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LOl.....What more can I add...the weekend was fabulous!

I was deeply concerned that the noise and activity of my boisterous youngsters would be a problem...lol shouldn`t have worried, Hawk, mike n Tessa were saints!

Cam and Cory, were so patient with the younger children, who were quite the pests, at times. Bless their hearts, what decent, fine young men your boys are, Mike and Hawk.

They were so well mannered and helpfull, it was a genuine pleasure to get to know them, you Dads should be very proud.

We thoroughly enjoyed every miniute. When I needed to lay down with the younger children, Tessa took up the slack and took all of the older kiddoes to the rec center where it was reported there were ping pong n pool tables.

When I needed to put the babies down for the night, she took charge of the older kiddoes, and instucted them in the fine art of poker....lol they LOVED it!

Tessa amazed me with her gentle patience that she displayed with the children. They adored her,(Tessa...thanks for making their weekend special for them)

Tessa`s dear cocker spaniel *Zena* was so mellow, she allowed the babies to maul her the entire weekend ...without so much as a wimper.

Not to MENTION the poor dog having to deal with the two rat terriers (Tigger and Winnie)my son Benji brought with him....lol

Winnie is only 4 months old and less than two pounds, but never the less, insisted on grabbing Zena`s dragging leash at every occasion, lol and trying to drag Zena around the cabin......TOO funny!

Hawk took my older boys fishing, along with his, and Mike`s sons....this was a very special treat.

My boys had been very unsuccessful in their fishing attempts, because they did not know what kind of bait or tackle to use...Cory and his Dad were so kind to teach the boys the *secrets* of catching a big one! Thanks Hawk, it was a special treat......the boys will NEVER forget it....that was the highlight of the weekend for them.

Hawk even managed to find the time to rescue a family in distress...(they had missed their charter, so he ran the family around the lake till he found their party`s pontoon boat)

Hawk and his son Cory hosted the evening meal around their campfire.....We had such a wonderfull time!

Hawk n Cory fixed a wonderfull stew, and a huge pot of beans.....they also provided the buns n fixins for the burgers and hot dogs.

The homemade sausage that Hawk provided for breakfast was delicious.

Everyone was SO patient with me......

I was responsible for the burgers...and was agahst to find when I got ready to cook ...that the beef I had placed in the cooler the night before was still frozen rock solid !!...AUGH..not only that, the grill I had dragged all the way from home had lost it`s middle part in transit and was useless! I was just mortified at my ineptness.

Lol Hawk n Mike managed to get a local grill going and after much delay.....we finally got dinner on....(kids got tired of waiting, and ended up just sticking their hot dogs on sticks and cooking for themselves over the campfire).

Mike n Hawk play a mean guitar, (I played a little as well) it was a pleasure to sit back and listen as we quietly chatted.

It was great, Cory provided a home grown mellon that was delicious.

Mike, our benevolent dictator....without whom this weekend would never have been possible...lol

He was the one that made all of the executive decisions, and kept us all on track.

Mike was the one that remained unruffled when the rest of us became overwhelmed with the details....and started getting panicky.

He seemed to be the string that kept us all tied together, and made sure that everything went smoothly, and stayed peacefull...Thanks Buddy!

Tessa...she did the coordinating of details ...making sure someone was bringing everything we would need....Most important of all, She remembered to bring the coffee...She even remembered the the toilet paper!!!! lol

Thankyou Mike and Tessa for letting the kids and I bunk down in the cabin with you.....it was much nicer than my plan to sleep in the van...(specially after the kids punctured the air mattress)

I guess what amazed me is what a special blessing each and every individual there was.

It seemed like each person brought something special and needed to the mix.

Even the kids.....it was such a treat to watch them all sitting around the campfire getting to know one another.

Mike, Tess, n Hawk, it was a privlege, and a real pleasure to meet you, in person.

There never seemed to be any awkwardness...almost like we have all been best friends forever, and that we got together every weekend.

Simply amazing for something so impromptu...you know?

The only dissapointment was that the weekend was WAY too short...lol It was a pleasure to meet you guys, Thankyou ALL for the help with the kids, everyone was so helpfull and saw to it that every single person there had a great time ...even down to the smallest child.


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First of all......I want to share a heartfelt thanks to all that were there...I really had a great time as did Cory. He says ya'll needs to bring the kido's up to Knob Creek and he'll show em' a real fishing hole...LOL

But most of all this weekend showed me once again how special the body of Christ is. We really are members in particular no matter what the name tag we wear and we really do have a calling. I realized once again that all we really have to look forward to is the return of Christ.

Tess......thanks for the planning and preparation you put into everything and bringing Xena......she was most assuredly a hit with the kido's.

Herb......Your the best buddy.....thanks for sharing your heart and life with Cory and I this weekend.......You needs to come visit us in the bluegrass sometime........I'll loan ya a pair of bibs......lol....but bring yer own straw hat ok

Cam........Cory says he will have a fishing pole fer ya to use......so be sure to come too.

Cathy......thanks for the splendid breakfast vitals.......and I volunteer you for the song leader at the next gathering of greasespotters....after all you did bring a guitar. And most importantly thanks for sharing those wonderful kido's wif me......they made me realize once again how special we all really are in God's eyes.

This weekend brought to life once again for me how exciting it is to be alive and live in a free country. Not to mention the wonderful people we have the privelge of getting to know as we travel through this world.

I would be tremendously blessed to be part of any future greasespot gatherings and look forward to it.

I think sometimes we here at Greasespot and cyber world in general forget that we are communicating with real live human beings and most importantly brothers and sisters in Christ. I know this place is not supposed to be a religious forum and I don't mean to sound like I'm trying to lead a twig fellowship. But I said it to someone this weekend......we can still shake hands and hug one another jus because we love one another and are genuinely thankfull fot the fun filled fellowship we enjoy with one another.

I think we as greasespotters should enjoy every opportunity we have to fellowhip with one another.

This weekend showed me that it does'nt really have to be structured, reserved, catered or paid for in advance lol. Just set a time and place.....show up do what you like to do.....and enjoy.

Once again........thanks to all that were there!

PS....Cathy.......Tell Benji.....I gots a whole box of hostess twinkies I'll trade him fer that puppy....rsvp...lol

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Jessie 14 : The smores and the fire were fun. I liked meeting Cam and Cory. Poker was cool, Thanks Lori!

Stephen 12 : Fishing was the most fun for me. Cooking the marshmellows was great! Thanks everyone for inviting us! I hope that we can do it again!

Abby 11 : The Mother deer and her two fawns that came so close were beautifull to see. The cookout was really good. I thought Jessie falling in the lake was the funniest part....

Benji 10 : I think riding fast in the boat was the most fun, thanks Mr. Hawk! (Ok I`ll swap the puppy, but the box of twinkies will have to be REALLY big, and you have to throw in another fishing expedition ;-)

Aaron 6 : The smores were the BEST! Camping was fun too.....I miss Lori, and the rest of my friends.

Hannah 4 : The smores an all the people, an the campfire, an cheetos an hotdogs an hamburgers an the twinkies an flashlights an water an......

Zoreta 2 : (Aka becca for those of you who remember waydale)...lol was particularly pleased to be able to watch Scooby Doo in the cabin with Mr Mike! She voted xena the most fun....and was especially crazy about lories brownies.

I thank you guys once again for making it such a memorable weekend for the kiddoes and myself:-)

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