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Scientology’s secrets spill into open in Danny Masterson rape case

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Please read this news story and let us know how familiar it sounds.


The Church of Scientology works hard to keep its inner workings out of the public eye.

It has hired private detectives to keep tabs on straying members, and experts say its lawyers vigorously defend against legal incursions, arguing to judges that Scientology’s beliefs are not courtroom fodder.

But at a hearing last week in the rape case against actor Danny Masterson, church officials were unable to stop their practices from being debated in open court.

Three women took the stand to recount violent sexual assaults allegedly committed by the celebrity Scientologist, and each told similar stories of how church officials tried to stop them from reporting Masterson to police. (continued at the link above)

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What we say:

"Church policy explicitly demands Scientologists abide by all laws of the land, including the reporting of crimes. This is blatantly clear in the documents we understand were put before the Court — and many others,” Pouw wrote, repeatedly noting the church is not a party in the criminal case. “The Court either did not read them in full or ignored them. It should have done neither. Interpretation of Church doctrine by the courts is prohibited and the ruling is evidence of why.”

What we do:

"the church document amounted to an admission by the woman that her encounter with Masterson had been consensual and driven by her promiscuity...

"...when she reported the alleged rape to church officials, she was told to read the chapter of “Introduction to Scientology Ethics” that instructs members not to go to police in such cases. In a one-on-one meeting, a church “ethics officer” told her “not to use the ‘R-word’” and said it would be a “high crime” to report another Scientologist to law enforcement, the woman testified."

Where have we met "victim blaming"  and "not bringing the ministry into disrepute" before?  Hmm.  Let me think.  Somewhere not too far away...

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