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I thought some of you might enjoy this lovely choral music.  My choir is singing this piece (and others) at our concert in late March (the main piece is Faure Requiem). I find it hard to get this out of my head.  

The accompanying video is lots of shots inside various English cathedrals, some of which, or some parts of which, date back around 1000 years.  Those with an architectural eye will notice a wide variety of building styles.


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Thank you for posting that beautiful visual and auditory feast of awe.

Today's new (to me) book, is AWE: The New Science of Everyday Wonder and How it Can Transform Your Life.

There were times in my young adulthood (50 or so years ago) and during my early life in twi, when I experienced everyday wonder. Of course, at that time, I attributed it all to God, as defined by Victor Wierwille.

Anyway, in this book, I am encouraged to look for, seek out, awe in my everyday life. Beauty in cultural expression is one place to find it.

I was touched with a sense of awe listening to that choir.

No doubt, you and your fellow choir members singing that beautiful piece with a deep sense of love and awe will touch all of those who get to hear you. :love3: 

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