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Originally posted by vickles:

Do you know who carol ryan is? That is her maiden name. I don't remember her married name. She was from annapolis. She has a mother that lived there that was also in twi. Carol was my wow sister in 1975. Thanks.

Ok!! I will not try to be a nice person...ok? I will not!!

woops, hope this is not a repeat;

I did know the Ryans. Never saw them after i left the 7th corp as i seperated myself from the way at that point. Shamefully i answered the call to come to hq to help build the auditorium. Actually happened at a good time....but after 2 years on staff, left in a HURRY!!!!

"There is no use trying" said Alice, "one can't believe impossible things".

"I dare say, you haven’t had much practice" said the Queen. "When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast".

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I gotta tell ya--- I LOVE your Alice quote!!

Since reading it there have been a few times that I have laid in bed-- before breakfast-- trying to come up with six impossible things to believe!! I LOVE it!!!!

(Please forgive this itsy bitsy derail of thread)

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yeah Click-n

I remember Dominic Ross but not from Maryland. He left right before I got here. I don't remember if is was from him being in F11 or other Family junior corps or just from mutual friends or what. But I remember he was a cool guy.

How do/did you know him?

OK then...Who's your mommy?

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Originally posted by sadie:

I'm looking for a very pretty black girl who I believe is named Cassandra (sp). She attended fellowship in the Baltimore area and is possibly still in twi. She dated a guy by the name of Skip Coleman who was once in the Baltimore area. I met them both at HQ's in 95-98. I believe that Skip was at HQ's and was put on TWI's spiritual probation during this time.

Can anyone help me in locating either one of these people? Thanks

Hi Sadie, I would be very interested in know the whereabouts of Skip Coleman as well. We were good friends during my TWI time in Towsend, MD. He attended out Twig. I was WOW there in 83, I think, then stayed on in a Way home for a year and did apprenctice Corps in Southern MD - Lexington Park.

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