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  1. 2life

    familiar names

    I LOVE The Power of Now!!! Check Ebay...... the book is also in audio form!!! Eckhart Tolle.
  2. Ha!! I spent the most part of 13 years in my sitting in my living room......(twig).... I NEVER NEVER NEVER want to be THAT right again!! EVER. But... I do remember the 'feeling' of being 'right'... and knowing THE answers... and therefore I am much more empathic/patient/ with those who hold those feelings/answers. ( this pertains to bible/koran/life stuff... not computers!) Was it Bernard Shaw that said... "I would never die for my beliefs.... I might be wrong'! I know THAT feeling also. (being wrong)... I have eaten so many words... it does not matter any more!!! And that's ok!!
  3. Edi...thank you for that post!! If you don't mind could you e mail any product information about glyconutrients?!! This is the first I have heard of them!!! And EFT... I love it!!! As Gary Craig says.... tap on/for anything!!!! and Chas.... you are my hero!! that was a magnificent post regarding alternative therapies! I realize that these posts are old.... but thanks!! Jdono44@hotmail.com Janet
  4. Dang...... I must have one heck of an immune system!!! But no longer... I will use ONLY one time plastic cups!!!! Thanks!!!!
  5. 2life

    Personal victory

    What a wonderful accomplishment!!! That is REALLY REALLY somthing to be proud of!!!! It takes a very special motivated person to reach that level. Congratulations!!!! (this is comming from a parent who SAT and watched while her son and daughter spent 10 years in martial arts!! I shoulda/coulda been out there!!) I saw people take that BB test..... (test..throw up...go out there and do some more....) ITs HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. 2life

    Help!! Once again...

    HI W G!! Thanks!! I would fly with her also! I am going to wait for a week or two.. then jump on one of her flights! After January I will have more 'buddy passes'... You can fly to CLT or Charleston...!! Janet
  7. 2life

    Life at College

    I had to look up ... Boda-bodas!! Dang... I don't know how to insert the link!! Congratulations again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Dmiller!! Ya like that?!!! it is a nice house.... . And now... for a mere $119/night I can stay in my old bedroom! I guess they put heat up there!
  9. 2life

    Help!! Once again...

    yep.... low low pay!! She is definitly questioning her career choice!! But.... ya never know what can happen! The pay rates change after the first year... or two. BUT... they will never get back to the money that was made years ago. The wild thing is that there are pilots making captain within 2 1/2 years........... there is definity a pilot shortage out there. I will pass on that info!! Thanks! Are you flying??!! Janet
  10. 2life

    Life at College

    Congratulations!!! THAT is wonderful!! What a great major !!! well.... sending your kid off to a third world country could be nerve racking! But... 99.99999% of them come back... with stories to tell!!! And your daughter ALREADY has great stories to tell!! What a great kid! Janet
  11. wow ...small towns. I lived in Bar Harbor Maine.........beautiful. In the summer lots of resturants and shops.. had a charm of its own. Totally different place in the winter!! If ya wanted to go to a movie... 20 miles. If you wanted a CHOICE of movies... over 100 miles! You could lay down and take a nap in the middle of the street (winter)! Of course.. this was over 30 yrs ago. Our old house is now a bed and breakfast. www.seacroftinn.com It looked a lot different when I lived there!!... See that porch on the third floor.... my room. great view. no heat. Actually ... at that time... the entire state of Maine was a small town!! I worked for my dad.. Seacroft Office Products ... and I traveled the state. What I did in Calais Maine... got back to my dad BEFORE I did.
  12. 2life

    Help!! Once again...

    Priscilla!! I just PM d you! (I am pretty sure it went through!!) Thanks!!!! If you did not get the message.... please let me know!!!! Janet
  13. 2life

    Help!! Once again...

    Thats right... WG!! DEEP BREATHS!!! She has been on the internet and phone all afternoon... they will fly up tomarrow. The more I see/hear about Knoxville I really like it! Shes laughing.......every phone inquirey she makes turns into a long conversation... Everyone is so friendly and helpful... and they love their city!!! She is also walking around the house muttering.. I can't believe they are letting me fly that plane... I can't belive they are letting me fly that plane........ Thanks Washingweather!! Its been a long time to this point.............she has really worked hard. When she tells people she is working for the airlines they usually assume that she is a flight attendant. She is very pretty, blond and petite. Its kinda fun to see the reactions when they find out she's the pilot!
  14. I LOVE GSC!! If anyone is familiar with Knoxville TN... any insight/help would be appreciated!!! Our daughter just got hired on with PSA Airlines as a First Officer (Dang... she is FLYING those airplanes... I'll bet ya all wonder how THAT happened!!). PSA flyes the regional jets for USAirlines.....) Anyway... she just finished their training... her domicile will be Knowxville Tn. . She found out this morning she has the next few days to find a place to live......then her first three day trip starts Sunday!!!! YIKES!! she thought she was going to have longer than that! So... any suggestions? We are all over the internet looking for apts...............proably near the airport would be a good ting.... I am sooooo freakin' proud of her.... !!!! Her brother is flying up there this afternoon with her to help! Any suggestions... any help.... anything insight?! Hey... I'm sure I will be up there off and on... I would LOVE to hoook up with fellow GSC'ers!!!! I love my kids!! Life changes in a heartbeat....!! Janet (yikes!! I can't edit the spelling of Knoxville.. in the topic post!!! Knoxvillle Knoxville Knoxville......!...dang... that dosent even look right!)
  15. Thanks for that info!! Hey....what is a Moose coder??!!!! Now THAT sounds like a interesting carreer choice!!!
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