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Indiana Mini-GS Reunion

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Keith -- great! icon_cool.gif I'll be there in town for the memorial day week-end (like I said), so we'll have to figure out where to meet, if you'll be there then.

Maybe be the sundial on IU campus? Then we could walk the two blocks to Nick's, and order a pound or two of brew! icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

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WB -- ratzzzzz. icon_frown.gif:(--> icon_frown.gif:(--> icon_frown.gif:(-->

I come down from Minnesota at least once a year to visit my folks in Bloomington. This year it will be that week-end, tho I will be trying to get there also over the Thanksgiving holiday too (this year).

750 miles doesn't come easy (time-wise).

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DMiller and Vickles,

We could do a Minnesota get together at the Spam museum in Austin!

Not really.

I am serious about at least the three of us getting together. Should we start a Minnesota get together thread to generate some other interest?

I was looking at the map. One of youse guys is heading from northeast of me, other from southeast of me. I could meet you east of here someplace in St. Paul if you want. My humble abode is all right as a meeting place as well.

Papa Murphys is around the corner. I like the gourmet veggie. What do you guys like?

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