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  1. LOL, Chockful! I think I can give you a two letter word answer to your quetion Leafytwiglet,
  2. I'm going to have to agree wholeheartedly with WG. wb
  3. Oh yeah. So, while I was trying to find out if everythingY.com was gone, I've gotten into worse trouble. Big sigh. EEEEEE! Thanks cman. Hope this ends soon.
  4. Yes, that's the one I downloaded again this morning. I'd deleted it yesterday after running it just to see if I could since the other one wouldn't go away. I'm running it again now. There could be a silver lining in all of this in that malwarebytes found LOTS of adware and got rid of it. I used to have a free program that I used along with spybot that got those, but it's not free any more. I think the name was ADaware or something like that. Should I assume that everythingy.com is gone? Still wonder about that. Thanks for following the geeks thread.
  5. It's removed! They told me how to do it. R-clicked on icon in bottom right toolbar and clicked exit. It stopped running. Then, I removed it. Glad that drama is over. Now, I'm going to run malwarebytes again.
  6. cmann, yes it was WHILE I was downloading from their site above that the other one appeared and didn't look like a pop up (I have pop ups blocked). But then after I downloaded it, I noticed it had a different name than malwarebytes. I then clicked out of it and malwarebytes download was still there so I downloaded it and ran it. MemTurbo is a free 15 day trial. I'm going to call them and then stop messing around with it. It took up my whole day yesterday and I solved nothing.
  7. I posted on the forum this afternoon. No one has answered. My thread is on page three, now.
  8. cman, I accidentally downloaded it when I went to the link you gave me to http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.ph It is somehow linked to malwarebytes. I don't think I have anymore time for it right now. Hopefully, it will go away when I delete malwarebytes after I do a full system scan tonight. No worries.
  9. Yes, thanks for all of your help. BTW, it's called MemTurbo4 - PC Optimizer. I accidentally downloaded it and when I went into add/remove, it said it is still running and it won't open up. It's also in my program files. Should I delete the Program file?
  10. cmann, I ran the free version of something, but it wasn't malwarebytes. Musta downloaded the wrong thing by accident. It said it wanted me to buy something, but I didn't. Supposedly it fixed 100 things for free. I don't know what it was, but I'm running malwarebytes now. How can I find out if everythingy is still in there? It doesn't show up in add/remove.
  11. Cman, thanks for the links. I went there but then fixed it by doing something really simple before getting started. I changed the homepage, which just added a tab and everythiny was still the homepage. BUT, THEN I deleted everythingy in my tabs section and they stayed deleted this time after I hit apply and ok. Whew. That was soooooo wierd. Thanks so much for your help. You are a fantastic friend to everyone here at gs :)
  12. This application took over internet explorer, set itself as my hompage, etc. Anyone know how to get rid of it? It's not in add/remove in my computer. Darn sneaky. THANKS!!!!!!!!
  13. All of VPs one liners, that I can think of at the moment, were from AA literature. Ever wonder where his definition of humility comes from? I searched high and low in residence and couldn't find that in any dictionary anywhere. It comes directly from The Big Book. Let me know if you want the page number. When studying AA/Al Anon literature, I am constantly running into things we learned in "the ministry." Now, back to the regularly scheduled program...(I have not read this thread to the end yet. It is not my intention to derail, merely to respond to Tazia's comment).
  14. Dreams are one of the ways God can speak to us. OF COURSE W. didn't want us to dream.
  15. waterbuffalo

    Woo Hoo!!!!

    Great! Glad you were accepted :)That's quite an honor.
  16. waterbuffalo


    Me neither or me too...lol...I liked the movie. The little Barbie/Ken characters were cute. Liked the newly famous short guy. Wouldn't have cast Weaver as the be atch simply b/c she's been over-used in Sci Fi, imo. Went for the special effects primarily. Hubs mentioned about 5 different movies that they borrowed things from...he's fast that way. I picked up some of the more obvious ones from Star Wars, but he listed other movies as well.
  17. Good point. I wouldn't be surprised if ex-way people have a higher level of anxiety immediately after they leave the group than what is considered normal.
  18. I was trying to figure out how to copy and paste for my students. Thanks for sharing cman!
  19. This one is easy for me...I was searching for "the truth." The way said they had it or The Bible had it and the class would teach me how to understand it for myself. I wound up meeting someone after praying on my knees the night b4 for God to teach me how to understand The Bible. He said he had taken part of the class and dropped out b/c he said he got all of his questions answered after session six or something. Oddly enough, that was my intention...to take the class to get the knowledge, but not continue an association with the way. Ah, yes, 15 yrs. later... When I met some of the "standing" believers, the answers that hooked me most were the ones when Herbie or Herbie's brother would say, "I don't know the answer to that question. The class will answer it better than I can." For some reason, I interpreted those answers as a sign of humility. That was what hooked me.
  20. Happily, I'm no longer...searching for the truth... How 'bout you?
  21. T-Bone, once again, you are amazing.
  22. Back in the day, all of my interactions with MF were positive. His stagnation in the way still ceases to amaze me. I always thought he would do something with his life.
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