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1/13 Ted Farrell and Friends Thankyouverymuch!

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Yeah Ted, Socks and I are starting to cook one up. First off I'll send him a cd of some stuff that I did so he can hear how I sound, as well as a recording me on harmonica playing some of the particular songs that I want to do on the project so he can further figure out what is up. With his playing it will be an amazing sound for sure! That's the thing about playing harps. They are nice by themselves of course, but with a band of rythm, bass and drums, they sound better. And Socks was telling me that he can do all of that jazz with his equipment, and of course, his guitar..

It'll be fun. I am really thankful that Socks wants to do this long distance kind of a thing, but he's really into it. Sometime down the road we'll get you a copy...


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