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  1. Thanks JR my friend for the info. I thought I had it right on both tunes but was not real sure. Yes I recall about Right Now it was one of Helen's first songs she sang at The Crescent Theater. I asked you to do a Wes Montgomery lead and as usual you did a super job. I still am one of your biggest fans cause man you can play guitar like no one I've ever heard. Hey let' get a band together and go on the road. You me, Lepenski, Ellenwood,MCcaw and any other stray cats we can find.
  2. My Adorable Exie Yeah we always did get along pretty darn good and still do. Could it be because of you being a Jersey girl and me and old West Virginia hilbilly. I think I have your email addy if so I'll forward you a copy of There's A Place for us.I mean to tell you Carrie Underwood sings her heart out on it. Richie lives in NYC I think in the Bronx. Ken and Helen live about 90 minutes away from us we keep in touch and see one another from time to time. They are doing great. E i pray things are going good for you and all is well.Love you girl and always will. Your Hillbilly Friend Ted
  3. Thomas this last Sunday got by me also, my oh my ! The church mt wife and I attend did not mention it being Pentecost. There is a lot of newer gospel songs that I really like,for instance a song by Carrie Underwood titled There Is A Place For Us. So much of the new gospel songs I enjoy come from country gospel. Maybe that's because I'm still a hillbilly at heart. Socks I have a question for you do you recall who wrote the songs that Helen did one called Right Now and A Reason To Be Breathing ? i think Reason To Be Breathing was written by Richie. The reason I'm asking is because there is a fellow musician that has big church band and wants to record these two songs.He wants to give writers credits and obtain permission.I have asked Helen but her memory is about as bad as mine.Thanks for your help.
  4. Yes yes Stevie Kay was one of the best that ever come down the pike.In the late 80's she and I worked as a duo doing a lounge gig in Colorado Springs . We performed there five nights a week and stayed there for 18 months. The owner wanted us to stay forever. Stevie use to do New York New York with a top hat and cane.She always brought the house down with that number. These days she is a high school music teacher in Cos. and her students have won many awards. We talk often and are still the best of friends. She is just about ready to retire from the teaching profession. Far as twi holding people down.I don;t know about that because many of the musicians were on paid staff and today you won't find many ministries that pay anything at all.I know cause I attend a mega church and about all I get for my efforts is a thank you. Which Is fine .
  5. Hello Linda Nice to hear from you. I pray all is well with you up there in Ohio.Here in Florida it's starting to get warm but that comes with the territory If you ever want to come for a visi tyou are most welcome but let me know cause I'll have to clear out the alligators in the spare bed room. ha ha Sure would love to see you again someday.You will always have a special place in my heart. Your Friend Ted
  6. We sure had a lot of very talented musicians and songwriters come through those doors in New Knoxville. To this day I'm still amazed at the talent I had the privilege and pleasure of working with. Most of you have never seen or heard me doing my lounge and club routine.I pretty much do all styles of music rock and roll,country,and a lot of the old jazz standards.I do a lot of Frank Sinatra tunes, big band and etc.Yes I'm still at it doing gigs here in Fl. Be the good Lord willing I'll keep on a rockin' Far as singing gospel that is still a very important part of my life Mostly in that avenue I perform in nursing homes and assisted living places. There is very little pay if any but it's my way of giving. Sometimes I'm even asked to preach. Well anyways besides all the dog and pony show that some of us went through. A lot of the music and songs that were produced has a special place in my heart. And that's the name of that tune. God Bless All Ted
  7. Socks you got that right on. A good friend of mine that did contemporary praise and worship music for several years gave it up. One of the reasons was he said Ted I just got plain tired of belonging to the 7-11 club. I asked him what do you mean by 7-11 club? He replied well you do 7 verses with the same words and 11 chorus with the same words and each song lasts between 7 and 11 minutes. The church my wife and I attend pretty much follows that 7-11 format. I enjoy some of the tunes but wish the musicians could be a little more versatile.As they are playing I look around at the congregation and at least 60% are over fifty years old.It seems to me they don't count as to the type of music that's played in the service.I have spoken out on this but to no avail. I do some nursing home and assisted living gigs and always include some good old fashioned sing along's Sometimes I use Thank You Dorthy Thank You Rhoda tracks that I have and as I do so most everyone in the room knows every word by heart. One style of gospel music where there is still a strong message story line will be found in country gospel,new and old I perform several in that style and most seem to enjoy it. Contemporary praise and worship is the thing these days and far as I can see it's here to stay so likwe it or not Ted get used to it.Amen and Amen
  8. Clay Jay Yes I do have the Heartbeat album are these the songs you are thinking about 1.Easy To Love You (JN) 2.It's Gotta Be God (JN 3.Pioneer (pressed down) Putting Wings To Your Prayer (pressed down) 4.Brand New Way (Socks and JN) 5.Gospel Songs (pressed down) 6.Accidentally (JN) 7.Give A Listen (pressed down) 8.All The Love In Your Heart.(Claudetee and JN 9.He Was Quite A Man (JN) 10.You Rescued Me (JN) Here is the skinny on this album. I have a very good friend in Michigan that is a master of doing superb remixes from LP'S to CD. We are working together to persevere the oldies but goodies for our generation and the next ones should The Lord tarry. I will send Heartbeat in the next shipment to him. So if this is the album give me a shout by email with your mailing address and soon as the album is transferred I 'll send you a copy free of charge.My email address is ferrellsong@yahoo.com God Bless Ted
  9. Yep Socks this little fiasco is almost downright funny Guess she didn't know who she was trying to con. There are a few of us old fogies out there that have not lost our memory as yet. As for me I don't remember being absent minded. ha ha ha Love You My Friend Ted
  10. bowtwi Send me by email your home address and soon as I can will send you free of charge a CD copy of He Gave Me Love My email is ferrellsong@yahoo.com Have a great day and God Bless Ted
  11. Socks My Friend Yeah this gal is off her rocker and just trying to cover her butt. You know how the story goes when caught in a lie you make up another one. About the song The Price He Paid the copyrights are owned by Boskin Music out of Cinncy Oh. When Stevie did Love Child album that was not a in house Way Prod. venture. Far as He Gave Me Love you know and I know Stevie wrote it and that's that. Pray all is well with you Janet and family. Sure would love to see you someday Love You Brother Ted
  12. Stevie Kay wrote He Gave Me Love in 1975 and was recorded on the America Awakes album in 1976 Oh The Price He Paid is on Stevie's album Love Child recorded in 1977. The writers were Larry Panarello and Dean Ellenwood. This gal Donna says her age is 50 so if we deduct 33 years that would make her 17 years old when these tunes were written and recorded. More than likely she was involved with The Way and heard both of those songs as preformed by the original artists Far as Loretta Lynn wanting to record He Gave Me Love I know that did not happen. Bless You All Ted
  13. I listened to both songs as performed by Donna and her claiming she wrote both is not true. I will let Stevie Kay and Dean E know and they can take from there. My goodness you would think this woman should know better to claim she wrote those two songs. God Bless Ted
  14. Sorry to some of you folks for having posted some of my first hand knowlege about Way Productions and VP's involvement .When push comes to shove VP was Way Productions greatest supporter.I know that no matter what I say some reply's will be yeah but. With that said I will be moving along. Just one more truth to add, The Victors I put together beacuse VP asked me to do it for him. That's all folks have fun and God Bless Ted Ferrell
  15. Socks my man you got it. That's right a producer is the one or ones that puts up the bucks.If anyone has a Pressed Down album look on credits that reads produced by Steve Hefner.On Selah the credits read produced by Ted Ferrell .One more album that has my name listed is on Tom L's Glory News I decided that I or no one else were the producers ,only the board of trustes were the true producers.That was my decision Far as compensation is concerned let's say you make a recording for a major label. Before you recevie any monies the cost of studio time, musicians etc. and etc. must be met first. Way Productions never sold enough product to warrant any compensation.The Way even at it's peak only around 25% purchased our albums. In 1975 I had to convince VP.that I believed Joyful Noise was ready and that we should record and put out albums.I told him we will not be going to Cinn.Ohio to record and rack up thosand of dollars for studio time as we had done before,.but rather do it in house. My closing statment was let's think big but keep it simple. He said OK and that's how Joyful Noise 1,2,and 3 come into being. Everything after that was recorded in house with the excepation of America Awakes in 1976. That was Ken's baby and he did a wondeful job of directing.To this day the songs and lyrics of America Awakes hold true for our hurting country. There is much more that I could share but I'll call it a day, but before I head outI will add ,that my friend socks is still my favorite picker of all times .The man is the best all around musician,singer,and songwriter to ever come down the pike.
  16. Hey You All I don't post here much but will add a few things on this subject matter.Socks pretty well said it like it was. When I started Way Prod .back in 1971 it was never my intention that we would control any artist or their God given talent .Believe it or not VP gave us free reign and most of the time he stayed out of our way.Oh sure he would add his two cents worth from time to time but it was never this is the law thing. There is much that most of you have no idea about such as most of the pressure in the beginnings of Way Prod. came from leadership on the west and east coast. In 1974 I chose from the fouth way corps (not VP) the musicans and singers to become part of Joyful Noise,and I will say that to this very day I'm so proud of all that took part in our venture. Later on we were blessed by several new members of Way Prod. Some of you may think VP controlled Way Prod. but I'm here to say he did not and take it for what it's worth I have first hand knowledge on that issue. The things that happened after I made the choice to move on in 1984 I don't know about.The reason why I moved on was because I could see and feel the cold wind of change was blowing in,and that my work for The Way was finished. In my dealings with churches I have attended since that time,I have not found anyone that believes next to the greatness of God's taught or spoken Word the next greatest way to move God's Word is through music and song I heard VP make that statement many times Please be it known I will not get into a ruhbarb with any of you or defend my statements. God Bless All Of You And All That Good Stuff Ted Ferrell
  17. Hi Joe; There are several songs titled A Song In The Night .Was it a country gospel,contemporary gospel or was it a way prod.origanal ? God Bless You Brother Ted Ferrell
  18. Chatty Kat; Come on down so we can be neighbors again :)
  19. He has a new show on the Disney Channel called, Hannah Montana. On this one, he isn't the main charactor, but the dad. Moony (using Ted's puter)
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