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1/13 Ted Farrell and Friends Thankyouverymuch!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Kit, thank you for remembering with that meaningful song with notes that it was on Jan. 13, 1974 that I walked on the stage at The Crescent Theater in Minster Ohio and said ?God Bless You In The Name Of Jesus Christ and Welcome to Joyful Noise?. At that time most of the original musicians and singers were fourth corps. Through the years that followed many wonderful talented believers gave of their time and talent with the love of God in their hearts. Some I did not have the opportunity to work closely with, but to this day I love each and every one if them.

Wyteduv58, happy to know I may have brought a smile to you and your hubby?s face with my crazy antics ha ha.

Dot, ?Attic Of Your Mind? I'm still personally working on. But one of these days I may figure it out.

Lightside my friend, we still have much left to do, and by God's mercy and grace I will continue to say ?Hey think I'm good for one more song? just like we all are.

For Christmas dear friends of mine gave me a book Bill Gaither has out. Bill is probably the greatest gospel songwriter to come down the pike in the last hundred years. It's a marvelous book that touched and inspired my heart very much. So to sum up my life and many others who gave and are still giving I will borrow from the title of Bill Gaither's book ?It's More Than The Music?.

God Bless all of you and may this year be the very best for all of you.

Love To All

Ted Ferrell

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Hey Ted! It's me "Buck"! But now I go by "Jonny Lingo", the guy in the Mormon video that Dr. Wierwille used to have us watch...

At any rate, I am the the guy that used to communicate with you here when there was a thread about "old Way music". Remember that thread? It went on and on, and you gave a running commentary of the music in the ministry and the music of our times. That was a nice thread. No arguing, name calling, invective. Just sweet love of God nostalgia...

I am the guy that told you that I like the blues and play harmonica. In fact, I have an idea for a music project that I have had in my heart for a very long time. I have a name for the project, and it would be a collection of nice Sing Along The Way tunes like "In the Garden", "His Name Is Wonderful", "Got Any Rivers", and sweet songs like that where some talented person would play back up on electric piano (know anybody who does that?) in a bluesy/jazzy sort of manner, while I played the melody on my harmonicas. You know, very "tasty". I would simply call the CD, tape, whatever, "Bless Tones". I have always thought that Leon Hanson would be great to back me up on guitar, or, maybe someone who could play the part on the electric pie-anny.

Got any ideas? "Buck" aka Jonny Lingo

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Hi There Jonny Lingo (Buck)

That's a wondeful idea you have so please go for it.If I recall rightly you live on the west coast or Alaska.My thinking would be to share your idea with Socks (John R.) cause he would be the best you could get for that project

Let me know how it turns out and should I be able to add anything to the mix I'm here for ya!

Take care my brother and keep blowing that harp

God Bless

Ted F.

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Linda; Yepper I have moved to a small town close to Delaware Oh. Live out in the woods where on some mornings I see deer out the kitchen window. One drawback though are the hungry racoon's boy they sure are enjoying my garbage cans ha ha.

Linda if you can ever tear yourself out of Cleveland the door to my humble abode is wide open and there is an Applebee's close by.

See you soon I hope. I will call you later on this coming week and give you new address and phone number.

Stay sweet as you are


[This message was edited by TED Ferrell on January 24, 2004 at 19:16.]

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Yeah Ted, I am in Alaska. Pretty far removed from everybody. It seems pretty neat that you can say; "yeah, I moved away "out in the woods" yet still be close enough to visit with friends in Cleveland. When we visit friends, it's either a day and a half drive to Anchorage or Fairbanks, or a much closer five hour ferry ride to Juneau, where our believer pals live..

Ya know, I was wondering. Is it possible for someone like you, or Socks, or any musician really, to put down rythm, bass and drum tracks, on a CD (or some other recording device-zip drive, whatever) and then send it to me who could then add the lead track with my harmonicas. I am just wondering if this is in the realm of possibility is all..

Hey that's pretty funny about those coons in yer garbage cans. I used have a pet coon when I was a kid. One of these days I am going to have to move back down to America and enjoy all of those things again. My kids could dig all of that too: Snakes, turtles. frogs, night crickets, spring peepers, fireflies, etc..

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Look forward to hearing from ya, Ted! And yeah, I might be able to venture down that way, after the frozen tundra melts!! I don't think it's made it up to double digits yet today, and a big storm's supposed to be on it's way. Where is that groundhog?!?

Hah, raccoons are cute, but what a pain they can be. Good luck with that! icon_smile.gif:)-->

Talk to ya soon.



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Kit, thanks from me, too. icon_smile.gif:)--> As I've said before to the fine folks here, it honors the music that people like you heard it.

Ted and racoons? Sounds like fun! Sound like you're out by "Falling Rock". icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

Buckaroo, that's very doable. What kind of tunes are you interested in doing?

Couldn't I just tell you the way I feel? I can't keep it bottled up inside.

And couldn't we pretend that it's no big deal and there's really nothing left to hide?

Todd Rundgren

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Hi Socks,

I have always wanted to do a bunch of songs on my harmonicas (various keys-cross harp) such as Amazing Grace, In The Garden, His Name Is Wonderful, Believing's The Key To Heaven, Yes It Is Jesus, etc. You know, Nice sweet songs that we all used to sing. There'd be no vocals, just a nice background of guitar doing sweet jazz or slightly bluesy chords, while I would simply play the melodies. Maybe some bass and some light percussion. I would call it "Bless Tones". I always thought that would be a neat name for something like that.

I never did the "Way Prod" thing much. A little bit on the field in Oregon (we were terrible! But we had big hearts-haha!) and a little bit in residence (10th Corps). But really with my crowd in the Corps, there was alot of people that had been in "on the field bands" and were pretty good at their music. I was a bit intimidated, although I could play fairly well even back then. The first time the Way Productions coordinator put me in a band, this gal with a really nice voice from New York City blurts out at our first meeting; "What's "Jonny Lingo" doin heah? He plays hahmahnica! This isn't gonna be a blues or blooograss band! This is gonna be upbeat, pop! New Yawk!" Man, did I feel like a piece of crap. I did give her a piece of my mind concerning the love of God in contrast to her unbelievable ego, but I was a bit soured on the whole thing to say the least.

The first and only time we played for our Corps in the chapel at Emporia, we did a song that had no harmonica, and they gave me a couple of "rythm sticks" to clack together in time with the music. We were supposed to do a second tune after that where I was to also play, but John Lynn felt that "spiritually" one song was enough, so we all sat down. After that, numerous of my buddies came up and said; "Hey "Jonny"! I didn't know you could play the stick!" Yeah, that really made me want to continue with Way Prod. Hah!

At any rate, I'm rambling, sorry. I do tend to do that. But, that is kind of what I have been thinking over the years on that project. I can play those tunes in a sweet manner. Remember how the harmonica part that opens up the song "The Old Brownstone"? I can get that sound quite easily. Those surely were some sweet licks on that song, however brief...

I also play alot of the usual blues tunes and shuffles fairly hard core which is alot of fun, but I do like sweet and melodic sound alot, and those songs I mentioned could be nice with an electric piano, keyboards, or guitar. An electric guitar like a Gibson hollow body or something. Do you play keyboards or guitar, or what?

Jonny Lingo

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Stick players, they have soooooo much ego! : )

Well, I play guitar and bass, have a few guitars and a couple basses. (actually the latest addition, a fretless Fender Jazz, is my son's but he's got it at our place now, for "safe"keeping". My daughter has a sweeeet Fender Telecaster and an Epiphone 335 dot. So we got planks to spank all over the place. : )))

My main guitar is a Fernandes Dragonfly LE, sort of a hopped up Stratocaster style guitar if you're familiar with those. I also have an Ibanez RG560, which has been seriously abused but works for certain things. I've got an '84 Takamine archtop electric acoustic and a wonderfully old '57 Gretsch "Anniversary". It's got heavy flat wounds and has that classic "jazz" sound. The others are basically set up for rock/pop. I like to play all styles, blues based but I really enjoy just about everything.

I'm familiar with the sound you're describing I think. Sort of thinking out loud - and Ted may have a thought or two as I know he's familiar with this too-

-first thing would be to pick a couple songs.

-let me know the key you want to do them in.

-approximate feel, "slow", "elegant", that kind of thing.

I can work up an arrangement and record some basic tracks of guitar and bass, drums if it needs it, and burn those to CD so the intonation will be constant, ie my "Bb" will be your Bb when you listen to it. It will be mixed in stereo, left and right, somewhat "wide".

Then you could take that and see what you think. If it's close to what you want you could then take it over to tape or digital recorder and lay the harp over it, mixing it the you want the harp to sound. Bingo. It R Music. : )

I've done this some, long distance, and the results can be good.

The basic way I've come up with for this method is to mix the rhythm tracks leaving room for what's going to go on next - if the harp. So, the drums spread wide across the stereo mix and slightly back. Guitar one goes left and a little right, 80/20. Bass goes right and a little left, 80/20. 2nd, 3rd guitar parts get worked in the same way, working in and back. This leaves the

"dead center" spot open for a lead instrument.

Net result, the harp would go full stereo left and right. You'd just need to get the CD music in to a PC system or recording deck, and take it from there.

...? It's a neat idea for the songs, would be a nice sound with the harp I think.

Couldn't I just tell you the way I feel? I can't keep it bottled up inside.

And couldn't we pretend that it's no big deal and there's really nothing left to hide?

Todd Rundgren

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Whoa! Socks, you must be some guitar player with all of those guitars. Plus, you obviously know alot about recording and such. You would help me with this Socks? That would be way too cool of you.

I will have to re-read your post to get your instructions down, for as you know we "Stick Players" are a little slow.

Also, there was a guy who came to our little town last summer who did the "one man band thing" with his keyboards and all of this drum sound, bass, and song arrangements on disc and etc. He was actually very good, and he and I played up a storm all summer long in the local bars. But the funniest thing happened. I wrecked all of my harps! Blew out the reeds on almost all of them. One night I was drawing in hard on this one note in the middle of Mustang Sally, and I inhaled one of the brass reeds and it sunk itself into the roof of my mouth! My partner wasn't quite sure what was going on with me as I was gagging and sticking my fingers in my mouth the pluck out the intruder until I yanked it out and held it up in front of him. He was very cool too, he just said that he'd move up a key and I grabbed the next harp up, and all went well.

But I am rambling again. Point being, I will have to order some more harps from those musiciansfriend.com guys.

Hey, all right. I see you have a regular e-mail address also. I'll get back to you...

Jonny Lingo

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icon_smile.gif:)--> Happy to entertain the possibilities.

It's funny because I've owned a guitar since I was about 11, so that's going on 42 years now. Mostly I've always had one, an electric, maybe two counting an acoustic. It wasn't until I experienced the "true love" of the Way that I almost found myself without a guitar, having "donated" mine while there in the 70's. Then when I left the hallowed grounds of the Way in '80 for The Field I was told, uh, you gave that to us, leave it. Which was funny because the giving was primarily to accomodate insurance purposes at the time, no one wanted my beat up old guitar. They needed another guitar like a hole in the head, which actually might serve some purpose back there as it would release some of the hot air. But by then, Ted was gone and nearly all of the humanity had leaked out of Way Prod, being replaced by a Management technique that I swear to this day resembled flipping burgers, sort of a MacWay Productions if you will. icon_biggrin.gif:D-->(Hope will get that if she reads this...)

But you know, they were right...God did provide, no thanks to their sorry, selfish fat a$$es.

But I digress. Uh, what were we talking about? I never have been one to count talent by the number of instruments, but I'm blessed to have what I do. I've always tried to stay out of the current "what's hot" trends and get what suits my wallet and my ear. If you can play, you can play. If you can't, well, blame it on the equipment. icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

Anyhoo, yeah, maybe we can get this together, might be fun. Pick a song, pick a key, I'll see what I can come up with. Again, it's a great idea. Harmonica is a very soulful instrument.

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Dear Socks,

Leave it to TWI to stifle artists from doing what they do. Kinda sounds like the old Soviet Union or People's Republic of China, huh? Control it quick, 'cuz I don't understand it, and someone might say something bad against me.

In reality, they were telling the various parts of the body, "I have no need of you." Or telling the eye, "Okay, you can see, but let me put this big ol' beam in there while you try to do it!"

Glad that your art survived TWI,


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Ok Socks. Who are you? Reply to me in the private topics. I will probably know who you are once you say, because the music scene in The Way was one of the biggest deals to me when I was a FNG. My first twig invited me to spend the night with them during the first week of going there, and I brought a tape that had tunes from "Goose Creek Symphony" and one of the songs was very Gospel oriented, and it had really turned me on to Jesus Christ.

But of course they told me to; "put it away, and just listen to this! So me and two other guys lay on this double bed listening to a Joyful Noise album and some Good Seed album. And, I loved it deeply because of the Word that I heard in it. My absolute favorite at that time was "Give Christ A Try". I was on cloud nine listening to that stuff. I really like most of the stuff in The Way since that time. Well, we're On God's team was a bit different, but I really loved the stuff that was played live at PFAL 77. Pressed Down, Joyful Noise, et al..

Soo, I would bet that I know who you are if what Shazzdancer says is fact..Private topics?

So, The Way made off with one of your guitars? They got my old trombone also. I never really played trombone like I have the trumpet or harmonica though, so I figured they could keep it. It was just a student horn anyway. It would be cool to have it though, and for you, that old guitar may have had lots of sentimental value...

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Dear Ted, thank you for all you have done in the past and all that you continue to do for God Almighty and his son, Jesus Christ.

You have enriched my life with your singing words of truth and your vibrant voice.


Looking forward to the next CD!!!!

The decisions we make today form our future.

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