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    "Unforgiveness is like spiritual junk food - temporarily satisfying but really harmful in the long run." LOVE, LOVE, love this!! Love this topic, bowtwi. Many good insights. My mother was the most forgiving person I have ever known. When she passed away 6 weeks ago, many of my sibling's ex-spouses came to the visitation and the funeral. Several told me stories of how my mother was so kind to them after their divorces from my siblings. She would always admonish her children to 'overlook' things and go on with life. She didn't tell us to forget them, just overlook them. I have a brother who has held grudges against many in our family and others. He is so miserable. It is affecting his physical health now. He will not let go of the past. He ended up in ER the other nite but we are not supposed to even know about it. He doesn't want our help or our prayers. As for me, I'm gonna hold on to my precious mother's words: OVERLOOK IT!!
  2. How can I find the Facebook Greasespot? Thanks.
  3. act2


    Wow. Two grandbabies. Lucky you!! I am studying business administration. I have 18 credit hours with 4.0 so far. But my principles of management is about to get the best of me. I asked you to be my 'friend' and sent you a message so you will know it is me! I don't have grandkids but do have two great-nephews that are very special. I practically raised Isaiah from 4 months of age until his mommy quit work at the end of July. He is now 3 1/2 and his brother just turned 6. We kept them yesterday afternoon so their parents could have a 'DATE'!! Good luck with your degree. That is quite an accomplishment. Using a PC keyboard is much easier than my iPhone!!
  4. act2


    Congrats Cindy! !!!! Masters & a grandbaby. Good for u. I'm attending college too so I now how busy it makes u. Plus I have been seeing to my 84-yr old mom. So I have posted much lately either. I am on facebook more as my 'friends' are also mostly my family. I live seeing all the sweet pix of the little ones etc. Again CONGRATS! Forgive my typos!!!
  5. Thanks Tommy, Shellon, Bowtwi, & George. I'm still on cloud 9!!!
  6. For those following my associate degree process, I made 4.0 in both spring classes. So I now have 4.0 all the way, BABY!! 15 credit hours under my belt. Thanks to a couple of GSer's for looking over my profile essay and personal essay. I made 97.5 on profile and 100 on my personal essays!!
  7. I was thinking along these same lines this morning. I posted on FB yesterday about my college grade. A friend asked me what my plans were after graduating, etc. Hubby& I own a small business so I told her I just wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. Plus I am learning alot about business!! Then I thought about all the hours that I spent driving to meetings, meetings, and more meetings. That took so much of our time. Thank God that I had a good job after my WOW years but I could have made so much more money with a degree.
  8. act2


    Thanks, Paw. You will receive rewards in heaven for all you do !!!!
  9. We need a Greasespot Cafe presence on FB!!! Really!!! Cold chills came all over me when I saw that page. I had to look. It only took a couple of minutes and I quickly left the page. I am so thankful for GS and Waydale opening my eyes to the REAL THE WAY INTERNATIONAL. I feel sorry for most of the peons. I was one once. I truly believed that this was the one and only true ministry. I make myself remember what I told my sister when she told me about Martindale. Remember, I had been out of The Way for a number of years. I told her it was a trick of the adversary!!!! My heart goes out to these people who have spent their entire adult lives (some longer) in twi. They were and are tricked just like I was once. Shell, I thought about joining and putting my thoughts there. Thanks for saving me the hassle!!!
  10. Amen Belle. You hit the nail on the head!!
  11. OMG!! Shell, I am so sorry for what you've endured in the past & what you are enduring now. I second what everybody else said. The fear that the way international propounded & obviously continues to propound is so against the BIBLE. The only consolation that I have is that they are gonna answer for this someday!! God bless you & Kelly. Keep telling your story. Gen-2, I loved your reply.
  12. Isn't spring cleaning fun???

    1. solarbaby101


      Hi! I read your past comments. Do you still have the music from the old TWI? Joyful Noise, etc? I would love to hear from you!

    2. act2


      I sold most all of my music and all of my reading materials on ebay.

      You can order some music on the individuals' websites, I think. I 'friended' Joe Fair on Facebook. There are others on too that you can connect with.

      Keep in touch.

  13. YES!!! Why not!!! I'll be 1 of the 1st fans!!!!
  14. Shellon, Wow!!! I think you have found the end of a chapter here!! As we both realize, 'The End' is far off; at least, we hope it is!! (Unless you are talking about a certain book.) Your grandfather was indeed a wise man. I don't remember having conversations like that with my granddads, only with my paternal grandmother. Good luck with your classes. I've got about 5 weeks then I will have a short break before summer session. Becky
  15. Shellon, I originally signed up with GS Cafe to find out about the Martindale lawsuit, etc, even though I had been out for about 8 years at that time. I thought I escaped unscathed (after 19 years!!) but I realized time and again how The Way International ripped me off of my life, my time, my money, and many other things, including happiness!! But, guess what, I got all that back and more now!!! I stick around for the latest news about The Way International, to pray for those in need in the prayer forum, and many other reasons, actually. I haven't posted as much as I used to because my life has become more hectic in the past 3 years since my great-nephew bombarded my life with his presence, his beautiful smile, and his love. Not to mention working toward my college degree!!! I want to thank you publicly for your encouraging support in my English essays. You are a special blessing to many, and I certainly include my little ole self in that group!!! Edited to correct the number of years I had been 'out' : - ))
  16. Hey shellon. You've got my support. Don't know what's going on but you have my prayers. You've told your story & have done a tremendous job with it. Hold hour head high. Keep on keeping on. You are a tough cookie!! God bless you & your family.
  17. Words fail me, your story moves me, my heart aches for you. You will find the right ending to this. You are strong & courageous.
  18. Girl, I don't miss those days at all. Cringing just thinking about that crap. Sure do appreciate all u do here & other places!!!
  19. act2

    Snow Day in Memphis!

    we have 5" on the ground this morning!! Yes, snow cream. I luv it.
  20. act2

    Woo Hoo!!!!

    Good for you, Cindy !!
  21. Waysider, thanx for the laugh this morning. I am riding my exercise bike & reading this on my iPhone!! Helps pass the time!
  22. Polar Bear, I sold a holy spirit dove necklace on ebay. It was nothing special, not 14K gold or anything. I think I got $15.00 or so for it. I can't remember now, but if you have an ebay account, I would definitely try ebay if I were you. Be sure to put Wierwille holy spirit dove in the subject line. Just my opinion.
  23. Thanks, George & erkjohn!! (Yes, 4.0 is 100%, George.)
  24. Thanks to all of you who posted in this thread. I just got my grades for the two classes I took this semester. Microcomputer Applications and Computer Literacy were my classes and I made 4.0 in both classes!!! So I now have 9 credit hours under my belt and 4.0 all the way. I am taking Principles of Marketing and English 101 next semester. (My first class this past summer was Intro to Business.) It has taken me 35 years to start college but I am loving MOST every minute of it. I will probably ask for input again from you great Greasespotters. Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy New Year!!!!
  25. act2

    Pawtucket's 57th

    Happy belated birthday & happy thanksgiving to you!! Thanks for all you do for us!!
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